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Code Geass: The Eternal Crusade

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1 Code Geass: The Eternal Crusade on Sun Jan 12, 2014 7:21 am



Join the World of Geass

War has known this world since the creation of humanity. There's war for many reasons territory, resources but there's thing that always prevail in war the glory of the victors and the suffering of the fallen.

The world is different from the world of Zero must knew the Black Knight have been dissolved. The former Empress Nunally has died and with her death the aristocracy has been formed again all previous nobles were restored and put back into power the Holy Britannian Empire is once again an absolute Monarchy.


The Holy Britannian Empire has settled on their homeland in the Americas where a new Pendragon stands as a beacon of the immense military power of the Holy Britannian Empire. Their  technology is still the best in the world. Their power is enough to wage war once again against the other superpowers of the world.

The Chinese Federation has become an absolute monarchy in which the emperor governs in absolute with a aristocracy of his own and a renewed federation with great industrial prowess the Chinese Federation is more than a match for a renewed war against Britannia.

The European Union remains the last democratic superpower in the world while their military is strong their bureaucracy with politics hinders their military might but they're still a force to be reckon with.

Player controlled Independant Nations

The Code Geass Eternal Crusade allows members to create and manage their own independent nation the world is yours to command!


- Player Controlled Nation
- Character Creation/Development/Progress/Combat
- Knightmare creation/Customization/Combat
- Player created Plot
- Geass
- Freedom

Will you join a new era of Geass?

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