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Hokage of the Leaf

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1 Hokage of the Leaf on Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:50 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin

"All my soft, leafy cherubs......."

Name: Ryuho Mikoto Nakata
Nickname: None
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Village: Konohagakure
Village Rank: Hokage
Skill Rank: S

Weight: 143 lbs
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Black
Looks Image:

Looks Description:
Ryuho is a middle aged man with a firm and handsome facial complexture, often described to be the mark of a strong man. He has flowing dark brown hair arranged in the style of the traditional Japanese ronin or samurai, with two long curls of his hair hanging down away besides his eyes, and a small ponytail tied by a blue-green band at the back of his neck to boot. He's got black eyes. Ryuho has scrabbles of hair on his chin spreading to his cheeks, and a thin hair lining for a moustache. He has a strong athletic build and a hairy chest. Ryuho has a peach-colored skin tone and muscular arms and legs.

For clothing, Ryuho wears a traditional Japanese black haori that extends to his ankles, tied around his waist with a blue-green sash. The sash is tightened around him to be able to hold his Takashi swords. Covering it is a white ninja robe  made from a durable fabric, and is soft to the touch. On top of that, Ryuho carries with him a pink kimono colored with flowers that can cover his chest, shoulders, arms, and hips. Ryuho typically wears a straw hat with two bells dangling from them. There's the Konohagakure insignia on his hat to symbolize his status as a Konoha shinobi. He carries the konoha headband on his arm; wrapped around his white kimono.

Personality Description: Ryuho is a pacifist and does not like war. Even typical fighting and sparring disturbs him. He would do all he can to avoid war, because all sides are evil in a war. He preaches peace not only for his village but for the entire world. He believes that if everyone just sat together, drank some tea and eat together, and listened to some music, then all of the world's problems will be solved. He likes to make conversations and talks a lot. He enjoys partying and drinking, taking in as much of his youth back as possible. He falls to pieces if people call him "old", even if he himself thinks so too. When intense conflicts between his people heat up, he will step in and break the fight up. He prefers not to kill or critically injure his enemies; rather talk them out of their hate and have them come with him, where they can talk and eat. He'll even offer to train them to show his gratitude. 

Ryuho is a flirt and a straight-up pervert. Peeping into the women's bath and springs is all amateur stuff, he wants the REAL thing. He'll directly go up to a girl he likes, ask her out, and hope she isn't already seeing someone. He won't let up unless he gets her, until her man comes, which is when he gets the hell out of there to avoid a fight. He'll stick up for a kunoichi if a guy looks at her the wrong way. He will much prefer talking with girls rather than men. Women are passive, while men are violent, bore the hell out of him, and 90% of the time he has to clean up after their mess.

As the Hokage, he is a strong believer in the Will of Fire and cherises all of the people in his village. It's okay for him to act as their father, if they don't have one or if the one they have is a dick. He's pretty lax and lazy. He's usually not serious or bloodlusted, and likes to joke around. Surprisingly, he takes his work seriously, working on reports and documents daily as his job description says. He knows that there are times that he has to step up and unsheathe his sword for battle, sometimes to kill. The sword is used to protect his people, rather than to kill evil. Ryuho is a modest guy, and does not like flaunting his position. He does not see himself as powerful, but rather skilled. Ryuho is a very cheerful and happy guy, spending time with his ninja and clansmen equally. 

Peace and Pacifism
Girls; Boobs and more
Konohagakure and the Will of Fire
Parties and Drinking
Working in his office and conversing with his assistants

War and Violence
Hot Springs with men
People who oppress others
People who bully girls

Catch Phrases: -
Nindo: Ryuho is a pacifist fighter. Killing another being is something that should be avoided.

Element Affinity: Wind
Sub Element Affinity: Fire

Born to the Nakata clan, Ryuho was different from the other children. For one, he did not pick up a sword at two years old like all other Nakatas have done. No, he didn't even pick up a wooden stick until he was 4. By then, all the children knew at least what it felt like to swing a weapon. His uncle taught Ryuho, who was reluctant to do so, fencing and Kenjutsu. Also different from the others was that he did not display the same anti-girly attitude other boys had. Rather, he was nice and kind to them; often playing with them rather than the boys. 
He didn't get out of the Academy until he was 9. By then, most of his family members couldn't even remember his name, because he had no acknowledgement. 
Often did he flirt and try to ask girls out on a date; sometimes he succeeded, sometimes he was just kicked in the nuts. He was tutored by a Jounin who employed the Summoning technique as part of his fighting style. It was then did Ryuho made a pact with falcons. As he was lifted into the skies by them, he felt the happiest joy of his childhood. Furthermore, he felt another rush. He was now serious about becoming a shinobi. He trained with a sword and learned the Shinshikata. From then, he started to display enormous potential and talent, far surpassing any known Nakata his age. Alas, he was recognized for the latent power he held. 
At the Chunin exams, Ryuho breezed through the examinations and showed an impressive work of swordsmanship that has never been seen in a Chunin. At 11, he was promoted to Chunin.

For Ryuho, he felt both despair and pride. Proud that he was moving up in the Ninja World. That he was not hopeless. Sad that now with his missions escalating in danger, the body count and the need to kill is also higher. Ryuho had never killed someone or had he felt the urge to kill.
He was trained in several Kenjutsu styles and had the precision, strength, reflexes, instincts, and speed of a swordsman, but he felt like he lacked something. On one A-rank mission, he found out what that was. On that day, Ryuho had killed someone. And not just someone. A kunoichi. It was all reflexive and self-defense, Ryuho reacted immediately as par his ninja instincts at the prospect of being killed in battle. He lost his cool, his mind went insane, and he and moved his sword accidently towards a critical point, and found a dead girl lying there. He lacked heart. He lacked endurance and perseverance. Because he lacked the mental capacity to handle a risky assignment of this scale, he was not able to spare anyone from death by fighting him. On the way home, he was broken; even though he was praised for his "good work". 

He vowed to never pick up his sword again. But his clansmen wouldn't let him. They forced him to train and spar so he would be a warrior. But Ryuho resisted. But then, an invasion on Konohagakure occured. Hundreds of people were killed and many of the girls that he knew and befriended died right in front of him. The sight was traumatic to Ryuho and he picked up his sword, in a fit of rage, and he charged towards the enemy. He saw several Chunin and cut them down, but without killing them. Right then, during the attack, he had the heart to spare them. As Konoha forces were able to drive them back, Ryuho reflected upon his actions and decided to become Hokage. He would become so great that there'd be no more wars against his village and his people. He'd protect them all. 

He trained on his own and developed the Shinshikata. He was able to develop his two natural elements and combined them into a flashy but deadly two-sword fighting style. His progress with the Shinshikata and just Kenjutsu in general was immense. He had the skill and talent of a genius swordsman, one seen only once a few decades in Konohagakure. He was able to develop 5 Shinshikata techniques, which was unprecendented for someone his age. he returned to missions and took a passive approach to battle.

For his mission record and reknown Kenjutsu prowess, Ryuho was promoted to Jounin at the age of 16. Wartime situation struck. And this time Konohagakure was on the offensive. Ryuho criticized and lashed out at the government for igniting the flames of war again. The Hokage explained that in order to secure their imperalist desires and to retaliate against aggressions made by the enemy, war was waged on Kusagakure. Ryuho would not relent, and he continued to argue against the government (first time in poltiics?). Eventually, he was jailed and offed from duty. Nine weeks had passed and the war was going well for Konoha. The ANBU issued an order to release Ryuho and have him enter in the fray as well. Knowing that it's fruitless to refuse, Ryuho flew into battle and landed on a major Kusagakure base. There, he incapacitated 50 people without killing them. This victory earned him praise as a war hero and Ryuho himself, disliking war, was proud that he did not kill anyone and was able to completely fulfill his mission. He realized that although there may not be a way out of war, there is a right and best way of fighting it. 
Two years later, Ryuho mastered the Shinshikata as well as various Kenjutsu styles. He was then chosen by the clan leader himself, Kanegawa Nakata, whose son was too young, to succeed the Takashi.

Elite Swordsman; The Training Has Begun
First of the training process was endurance. Ryuho was sent to various terrains in order to train; tundra, moss, oceans, deserts, and stonelands. He went through places that were too cold and too hot to build up his physical ability to endure. The point was for the master of Takashi to be able to fight in any environment, and to use it to their advantage. He needed to know how to respond and know how to survive and where all the traps are. After six months, Ryuho came back, having lost a lot of weight but clearly he had persevered.

Second was the three-key training; strength, speed, and durability. Ryuho required the rapid swiftness in attack, foot, and reaction speed. He needed to be able to perfectly control how hard and how powerful his slashes are. He also needed to amp his body up to no-sold and withstand an attack that would normally critically damage the average human. This training was the longest, and Ryuho worked his ass off in order to get his body to superhuman levels in all regards. After 5 years of irregretable training, Ryuho came back a new man. He had the greatest physical ability any swordsman could have hoped for.

Third was the mental training. Fighting in the dark with enemies, keeping one's cool while under severe pressure, and maintaining a steady pulse whilst in the midst of a violent struggle were part of his training to gain the mind of the perfect swordsman. After one year, Ryuho achieved enlightenment for a swordsman. Alas, most of the ideals that Ryuho developed currently sprung from this training to find himself and to train his mind.

Finally, the duel. To own Takashi, Ryuho must best Kanegawa. But not in a match of swordsmanship. No, Kanegawa was well aware that Ryuho was vastly superior to him in that aspect. But in a psychological battle. A match of aura and intimidation. Kanegawa was by far the scariest guy in the entire clan, if not the entire village. One who owns Takashi must be able to end a match without using it. A huge tiger was released before them. The tiger looked at Ryuho, particularly in the eyes, snorted, and then turned towards Kanegawa. After a few seconds, the tiger lunged at Kanegawa, who decapitated it in an instant. The clansmen cheered on, seeing that Kanegawa had won. The tiger took such pity on Ryuho, that it did not even see him as a threat. Whilst the tiger, from the moment he saw Kanegawa, was overcome with such fear and aggression that it lunged out at him to survive. But Kanegawa disagreed. He said that from the moment the tiger looked at Ryuho, it was overcome by such intimidation that it immediately knew that it stood no chance in fighting with him, and turned away from him with hopelessness. But when it studied Kanegawa, it saw a chance of winning and attacked. Kanegawa gave Ryuho Takashi and declared him the rightful owner of it.

Elite Swordsman; The Training Has Ended. The Time is Ripe.
Now 26, Ryuho began to perfect his Shinshikata with Takashi. By the time he was 28, he was able to wild a complete set of 12 Shinshikata techniques. Pretty much the most skilled Kenjutsu user in Konohagakure, he turned his attention to things like Fuuinjutsu and barrier Ninjutsu. All of this was to secure his dream to become Hokage. Once per month, he kindly requested the Hokage to step down so he'd be able to become it. Eventually, the Hokage got tired of this nonsense and had Ryuho move up the ranks to become a senior within the ninja council. That was the best he could get. 
Ryuho also began to have serious intimacy with a woman named Isane. One jealous rival who wanted Ryuho's spot used this to his advantage and kidnapped Isane right in front of him, ordering him to meet him in 20 minutes in the Valley of the End. When he got there, he was immediately ambushed and had to fight his rival for real. He held back at first, but then his rival realized that and saw it as pity. Enraged, he brought Isane out and tried to kill her. Ryuho went bad. He blocked the attempt and after a short scuffle, he ended his assailant's life with one blow. That was the last person that Ryuho killed. He ended his relation with Isane right there, not because she didn't love him anymore after seeing him kill someone, but because Ryuho could not forgive himself for killing a guy in front of his love.
Ryuho dedicated the next few years of his life to rigorous body and sword training to become the best ninja in the village. He made many friends and contacts. When he was 34, it was obvious that he was the one best suited to become the Hokage after the previous one stepped down.

Hokage of the Leaf:
Ryuho got rid of his serious demeanor and reverted back to his laid-back, careless, happy go lucky kind of personality, much to his joy. He loved the role, respect, and authority that the Hokage position had for him. He was not only loved by his village; citizens and ninja alike, but also ALL of the women in the heavenly Leaf Village! Ryuho focused more on having fun and partying on a weekly, maybe daily, basis. He held Konohagakure together and has never encountered a war in his regime.

RP Sample:
[Continung off of the Soul is Calling thread] Dordonii stopped walking, and glanced at Sato with a look. It was not a look of shock, but rather a look of reproach. It was sullen, and gave away Dordonii's emotional disappointment. The stab wounds all over the corpses were fatal, nothing he could do since they were already dead. He looked to see the crimson red blood spilling out from their guts, which quickly turned into a dark red color. Dordonii could feel the cold envelopping them as their sinful spirits left their body and flew to the Other World, to await judgement in the cycle. He recalled his tutelage back in the Temple, regarding the aspects of reincarnation. Some criminals reborn as animals. Some simply into a lower social caste. He fondly remembered one kid who raised his hand and brilliantly said, "Or maybe a potato!" The class laughed hard. He liked those days. The days when he was naive. Dordonii put his hands together for three seconds, but said no words of enlightenment. He did not want to keep Moyasu waiting, and so continued to walk backwards following after Moyasu. "It's their scent. Yes! The scent of a women!" he exclaimed. 

Two hours from arriving at the borders of the land, Dordonii addressed a previous question Moyasu asked. "Moyasu, you asked me to consider entering the ANBU. But ya know.... that's a shady life! Don't get me wrong, you guys are the best at what you do. But ANBU work is much too dirty for me. Remember, I am a holy man first and a ninja second. I work for God, not for the Raikage. This is just... where we depart" he said. He had thought long and hard about the proponents of Buddhism and where he stood in the Samsara cycle. 

[Arriving at The Land of Sound]:
They were now in the Land of the Sound, just meters away from its border gates. It was a trifling journey. Some obstacles in the way, but Dordonii's stamina had fully recovered. He liked to walk, but sometimes he found an alternate means of transportation useful. He thought about gaining a summon, but pondered whether captivating and taming an animal familiar would be a moral thing according to his world of ethics. Dordonii did not know, and what he did not know, he did not bother with. Just as they were approaching, an alarming realization came to Dordonii's mind. "Mo...! Mo...! Moyasu! We are at a seveerreee disadvantage aren't we? We don't know what the culprits look like, nor do we know where they are, or what they can do," he complained, pulling tuffles of his hair. "It's not like they're going to be waiting for us right around here, or trying to make a getaway through these exact borders at the same exact time that we're trying to get in. No no, karma is too kind to us." He talked with the guards, trying to get them to let them in. They were a real hassle. The security in the Land of Sound has heightened over the last few decades, transforming from a lax mechanism into a rigid powerhouse founded on defensive principles that surpassed that of Amegakure. Of course, since laziness tended to get through to some people, the guards that he was facing were only slightly better than the ones in Konohagakure, but still Dordonii had trouble getting in. Dordonii forgot his passport, and he was reluctant to show the mission papers to a bunch of Chunin-level ninja. He did not want information to leak out to a foreign nation, and convinced the guards to give them some kind of leaniness, which infuriated the guards. Then, he started talking about women. He asked if the men liked to look at them, which the guards relucantly nodded, almost blushing. Now he had his rope over them. "Women. Their hair. Lustrous. Provoking, " he preached, emphasizing each single-word phrase as if they were important. "Lips. Red. Tasty. Kissable." Now the guards started to giggle like schoolchildren. They started to take a liking to him. "Boobs! Ah I'm not even gonna get into that one!" he laughed, accompanied by the chuckles of the men. "Legs. Big. Fat. Long. Short. Fine. Doesn't matter. So long as they have a... GREAT... ASS!" he roared. He sighed. "And the final destination" he muttered, now looking up to the sky, referring to what's between dem legs and dat ass. "Stairway to Heaven." And that one really knocked them out. Dordonii had successfully passed on his earthly knowledge onto a group of prospecting admirers. This was his sermon. And knowledge was power. He only showed the seal of approval from the Raikage and a signature from an official from their country, and after asserting his alpha male intimidating dominance on them, did they finally let him in. At last, their mission could begin now, but where to start? Who knew? "Let's si gooooo!!"

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Kumo Anbu
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