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Naruto Nexus: Plotline

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1 Naruto Nexus: Plotline on Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:21 pm

Festival of peace.. or so it was meant to be. The festival of peace is a festival held every few or so years to celebrate the peace that Naruto Uzumaki created throughout the land. The festival is accompanied by ninja from all over the world and is a massive land mark for every village however a tragic event happened this year. Towards the end of the event a few jonin were found dead at the borders with something horrifying engraved into their bodies... they had the konoha symbol engraved into their bodies thus making Konoha a walking target for Suna and Kiri.

Madness had erupted through out the festival leaving Konoha to try and clear their names however they set out to find the true culprits. The trail lead them to the borders were a few konoha jonin en-counted a few people vanishing. They gained conformation that they were the true culprits behind the crime but they didn't get much information however one of the jonin noticed the cloak they were wearing... it was none other then the Akatsuki! These events left Suna and Kiri to be at war with Konoha and the Akatsuki to be expected sooner then later. What will be the next events? What will be left of Konoha after these tragedies?

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2 Re: Naruto Nexus: Plotline on Tue Jan 06, 2015 9:04 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Three Years Later

Akatsuki had come out the gates swinging, but they haven’t been seen for three years. It’s odd how the group has seemingly vanished of the face of the earth, but no one is really complaining. They have enjoyed three years without the looming threat that Akatsuki had posed to their villages, and not needing to worry about a rogue group have turned their attentions back to their respective village. Kiri has decreased the crime rate within Water Country as well as improve their economy significantly under the new administration run by Erwin Ekkehard. Konoha has increased the security around their borders, not wanting a repeat of what had occurred last time. And under the guidance of Tosen, Kumo has also improved their economy and security as well, though they had suffered blows to their population due to the return of Suna. Speaking of Suna, much to the surprise of the other villages, the country has managed to dig their economy out from the dirt, bringing it back to what it had been before the fall. Under the rule of a new administration that’s led by Akira Kaguya and her associates, Suna has returned to its former glory. There have been talks that Akatsuki have hidden themselves in the country, it being rather suspicious that Suna returned the moment Akatsuki disappeared off their radars, but with evidence that’s nothing more than talk. At least for now.

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