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Syndra Tobirama Senju

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1 Syndra Tobirama Senju on Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:31 am

"I'll be the key. . the key to a new world!"

Name: Syndra Tobirama Senju
Nickname: The Moon Blossom
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Village: Konohagakure
Village Rank: Jonin
Skill Rank: A

Weight: 145
Hair color: White
Eye Color: Light Blue
Looks Image:

Syndra Senju:

Looks Description:
Syndra Tobirama Senju is a fearsome human being with an unusual appearance. She is 29 years old and stands in at a height of 5'10 and weighs anywhere from about 145-155 at any given time. She has seemed to inherit the two recessive genes of the Senju's. Those being snow white hair and paper pale skin. Her silk like wet hair is in a very long pony tail that is held together by black hair rings. Going above her ears, letting two strands hang down the sides of her face, framing it. Her long pony tail is braided at the end and goes down her mid back. When down her snow white hair goes to about her waist and is very straight. Occasionally Syndra will wear her hair in a large top bun or in a giant braid. The braid normally when she is expected to be in tough situations or traveling for long distances.
To heighten her pale skin features, Syndra wears dark eye make up. Resembling that of battle paint. The make up starts on the inward corner of the upper and lower eye lid and then pans out into an upward and downward thin wing. The top wing stopping slightly pass her eye brown and the bottom at her cheek bone. These are replicated perfectly on each eye. Syndra also wears a light off skin toned lip color. Her skin is extremely clear as well.

Syndra has an un-usual marking on the center of forehead that she was born with. This marking was said to be the sign of Syndra accomplishing great things. The symbol is a pure white color and resembles a full moon with a crescent moon on the bottom of it, stopping in between her eye brows. This symbol is how she earned the nickname of, 'The Moon Blossom'. The moon referring to the symbol on her forehead and blossom to her Senju blood.
Syndra's attire varies based on her situation. She is known to be one that keeps on her villages uniform, dependent on her rank. Her personal attire consists of a black turtle neck like shirt that is rolled down so it doesn't cover her entire neck, with long sleeves. The shirt seems to be a button up all the way until right below her breast. She will normally either not have it buttoned up, revealing her pale stomach or have ti buttoned up all the way except for the last two bottom buttons. Wrapped around her waist is normally a white sash that dangles behind her when moving. The sash is made of a fine cloth as has multiple braids at the end of it. Her pants are normally a grey shinobi styled pants that stop at her shins, the gaps in between her shins and her black standard shinobi sandals being bandaged up by white bandages.

Strapped to her right thigh in a shuriken holster to carry tools in, while strapped to her back right hip on the rim of her pants is a tool carry pouch for carrying more tools in. Occasionally she will carry a large purple scroll on her back that has an emblem of a moon painted on the front of it.
When wearing her standard jounin attire, she will normally wear her black turtle neck like shirt under the flak jacket, and wear longer shinobi styled pants that stop at her ankles instead. She still keeps all of her same tools strapped to her though and will most of the time keep her jacket zipped up. She will wear her metal headband that indicated her origin on her forehead over her moon marking. Hiding her most notable feature.

Personality Description:
Curious|Power Hungry|Ruthless|Manipulative

Curious: At a young age, Syndra was always curious about things. Why do birds fly? How do bugs see? Why do we have chakra? Etc. At an early stage of her life, this curiosity was pure and innocent. Just wanting to know the answers to things in life. Although, after the death of her beloved and best friend Kouta in front of her eyes. Her curiosity took a demented path, she began to grow very curious about how human bodies react to certain poisons if limbs can regrow, if humans can be made into servants with some re-wiring, how to alter genetic codes, how many stabs can a human being survive and so on. She spends a large amount of her time studying and trying different experiments. Each of them in hopes to fullfill her goals. She tends to use human beings as subjects, some thing no one has noticed yet. She also has used living creatures. Which is a big change from when she was younger, she use to swear she could never hurt another living creature. Not even a fly or plant. Her curiosity also expands into battle, being curious on how strong people are how long they can hold out. She wants to know the answers to many things, which is a positive and negative thing.

Power Hungry: Syndra use to be very content with her self and where she was, until she realized how weak she use to be during the death of her lover and best friend. Because of this, Syndra put a lot of time into training and studying. Hoping to discover new jutsu and make her self stronger. She has made it a point to search for ways to gain power. Whether that be through items, jutsu, or altering her self. She is never pleased with her self and wishes to grow stronger. She has even put some research into the tailed beast, hoping to unravel their secrets. Born a Senju, their race are naturally powerful. But she feels the desire to surpass the already expectations of her clan. She hopes to one day be stronger than the first and second hokage. She thinks she needs power to accomplish her goals.

Ruthless: In battle, Syndra is extremely ruthless. Hardly ever showing mercy. Even towards kids. Whenever people beg for mercy, she often times thinks of how no one pities Kouta or her self in their childhood. She believes that they should die honorably, they is no grace to hand out as a ninja. She often times will put the enemy through more pain than what is needed. Her allies will often say that she scares them or tell her stop when doing so. Not only is she ruthless in battle, but she is as a human being. Saying what is on her mind and never sugar coating things. She is an upfront person. This also comes into play with her medical studies, when testing on someone she doesn't give breaks or things like that or feel slightly bad when they beg, she continues until she feels content. Telling the subject it's for the greater good.

Manipulative: Syndra normally gets what she wants, one way or another. She is extremely intelligent and because of this uses her intellect to trick people with just mere words to get what she wants. She has a way of saying things in the right way that make people believe her. She has also been known to lie to get what she wants, being the few situations where she won't say things how they are. Because of this, she has often times tricked people into trusting her just having people let things slide by. She has been doing it with the village when it comes to experiments for years. She is still viewed as a respected shinobi, even after all her 'bad'. Even though she doesn't see it as bad. She has became very hard, and doesn't let people in quite often. Or she'll pretend to let them in, only to gain what ever she truly wants at the moment.

Likes: Learning|The Night|Creating Things
Dislikes: Loud People|The Weak|People who don't appreciate things.
Catch Phrases: "It's humorous."
Nindo: "I'm going to use my power to create a new world!"

Element Affinity: Earth+Water= Wood Release
Sub Element Affinity:


|The Birth of The Moon Blossom|

The Senju family. A powerful and well known clan in Konohagakure. Their clan were one of the largest pieces in the creation of the Hidden Leaf village. Multiple Senju's have been kage, elites, hunter ninja, anbu, etc. Members of this clan were always destined to be great. Two beings would welcome yet another prophecy into the world. These two being named Kin and Aku. They were both fairly known Senju clan members. Kin worked in the sensory division of the village and Aku was an anbu black op. Since the formation of the Hidden Leaf, it has been extremely rare for a pure blood Senju to arise. Kin was barring one though, which put much of the village in excitement. More the clan than the village. She was suppose to be a child of prophecy.
When she was finally born, she fit all the requirements. She had the clans recessive gens of white hair, pale skin, and pale eyes. She also had an unusual marking on her body. Hers being a moon pattern on her forehead. The patter being a full moon surrounded by a crescent moon. Clan sensors were used to tell whether or not she had inherited the clans powerful life force, and she did. The whole clan was very pleased. They were excited to see what she might do. She would grow up with the clan and her parents. The clan planned on starting her early on her basic training of jutsu. She was a cherished jewel of the clan. Being one of the few complete pure blood Senju's. They decided to name her Syndra, a name the clan had taken a liken too. Her middle name was decided to be after the most famous Senju she shared similar traits with, being Tobirama Senju.

|A Prophecy|

Syndra grew up in a healthy situation, with loving parents and others who cared for her. In her child hood, she was a very loving and compassionate child. Who loathed harming other creatures. Refusing to kill insects, small animals, or even plants. This made the elders of the clan happy though, at the thought that she might be a extremely pure and kind hearted human being. She had the possibility of being an heir to the clan. As she grew up, her family began teaching her the basics of being a shinobi. Having her train her chakra control and using E-rank techniques, which she did a splendid job at. Mastering them quickly. Her clan, family, and village elders were all impressed. Word started to spread that she might be one of the most powerful Senju to date. Something that really interested people. Considering being just a Senju alone was extremely powerful. It took quite a bit to kill a Senju. The word of this started to get out around other villages as well.

|Childhood Best Friends|

When around the age of 8, Syndra made friends with a Senju boy. The boy's name was Kouta. The boy was very sweet and would train with Syndra, eat lunch with her, go on walks, and just spend free time with her. They became the best of friends in matter of fact. Syndra's parents thought it was good for her to befriend another Senju boy, they could train together and possibly even become long-term allies. Syndra's mom even made the comment to her husband saying, "The type of friends that stick by you are the one's met you at that age." Aku could only agree. They approved of him. Kouta's parents were both medics, although he was not a pure blood Senju like Syndra. His father was a normal shinobi with no clan while his mother was a Senju. Which meant his chakra was not nearly as powerful as Syndra's. He was still a Senju though. Because of this, they trained together. They stayed friends for many years. They seemed to always have a habit of breaking rules together and going outside the village gates with out anyone knowing. This would one day get them in trouble.

|Enemies of The Senju and A Loss|

It was around the age of 13 where, Syndra's life would change. She was still friends with Kouta, who was also 13. Both of them were fairly trained by this time and even started to pick up on some of the clans techniques. They weren't official genin of Konohagakure though, even though their skill level was slightly above regular genin. They both skipped going to the academy and trained under the Senju clan. Which is more intense than the academy and takes the apporoval of two village higher up and two Senju higher ups to become a classified shinobi. The four rank you on your ability and put you at a rank that is suiting. Which is why there are hardly ever any genin Senju's. Because most of them train with the Senju clan and skip the genin rank.

A couple days a week though, after training Syndra and Kouta would sneak out of the village into the woods outside the village. Even though, they were told hundreds of times not too. Syndra and Kouta began to even grow feelings for one another. Sometimes holding hands and have even kissed a couple times. Syndra's family approved of it though, due to the fact that they also trained together and were skilled together.
One day while sneaking out of the village into the woods outside the village. Syndra and Kouta would realize they were being followed by a group of shinobi that weren't of konoha. Through out the years, word has gotten out about Syndra being a child of prophecy and being a pure blooded Senju. It was suspected that this would attract attention from other villages. After all, it was much easier to kidnap a child than to take a full grown trained Senju. With Senju cells, somethings that were counted as impossible could be done.
Syndra still had the personality of not wanting to hurt another living creature. She could kill animals or plants with her training. She always refused to use her wood style techniques unless the plants would stay there forever.

As they were pursued, Kouta told Syndra to keep an calm mind and act as if they didn't notice them. Kouta told her they would try to get as close to the village as possible and then sprint for it. They were both strong, but they didn't think they were strong enough to take on a group of at least eight. Not to mention Kouta knew Syndra wouldn't be able to hurt them if she tried. She was too kind. Which is why she was going to be trained to be a medic and sensory type.
They kept trying to get closer to the village, but they were quite a far way out. After a couple moments of being pursued, a shuriken dashed by Kouta and landed on the tree in front of them. A man wearing the Sunagakure flak jacket would appear on a branch a couple feet above them on the same tree. Then seven men and woman wearing the same attire with minor differences appeared in a wide circle around them.

"Lovely day for a stroll, eh kids?" The man on the branch said. Who appeared to be the leader.
Syndra and Kouta looked around them. Syndra's heart beating extremely fast. She went to grasp Kouta's hand to seek confront. He held it firmly and spoke.

"Let us be. The guard team should be passing by any moment now!" He claimed. Hoping to scare them away.
Another voice laughed and explained they waited to make their move until after the guard team passed by. Kouta just bit his bottom lip, angry and some what scared. Syndra still quite terrified. This being their first dangerous encounter outside of training.
"Hey boss, why don't we just kill the boy? He's of no use to us." A woman said out loud in the group of Sand ninja.
The man on the tree just looked at Kouta for a moment and then at the fact that his shirt had a Senju emblem on it. He then smirked and spoke.
"True, he isn't what we came here for. But, he is a Senju. The more the merrier. . He won't be a pure blood like this pretty little girl. But, oh well."
The man then jumped down on the ground. A couple feet away from Syndra and Kouta. "Just come quietly." He said, while pulling out a kunai knife from his shuriken holster. Kouta caught on to it, and questioned why they wanted Syndra. He quickly reached in his back pocked before glancing at Syndra and threw a smoke bomb on the ground that he had from training earlier.

"Do not let them get away!" A voice yelled. But, when the smoke cleared. Syndra and Kouta were gone. Although, not far. They just managed to get a bit away and hid behind a tree.

"Kouta, I'm scared." Syndra said while hiding with Kouta.
"I know, but I won't let them hurt you." He said, smiling at her. Trying to keep Syndra calm. Syndra smiled slightly, although she was still very worried.
After a slight silence, Kouta and Syndra began to get up, in hopes to make a dash to the village and to alert them. Or to run into the guard team that surveys the land every hour or so. Right as they began running, about 5 shuriken stopped them in their tracks, landing in front of them. Making Kouta and Syndra stop. Syndra's eyes widened. "These guys are out of our league." She thought to her self. She didn't even know they were near by. A voice from behind them then spoke loudly to them.
"You won't get away. You're smoke trick is amateur at best." They then turned to look at the Sand ninja.
Each of them had a weapon in their hands. Two of them holding an actual sword. Kouta thought to him self. . "They won't kill Syndra. . But I'm not that important to them." He then glanced at Syndra, who was shaking and clasping his hand tightly.

He then took a deep breath and quickly let go of Syndra's hand and formed hand seals. He was very grateful for training in the Senju program at this moment.
"Wood Style: Cutting Technique"  Kouta yelled as his hands fired large wooden spikes at the line of men and women. Syndra watched, Kouta hoping it would land and being impressed with his actions. Even if they could slow them down, it would work out well. A cloud of dust from the tree's being stricken by the projectile spikes covered the area. Not letting them see if the spikes landed. "Did you get them?" Syndra asked softly. Still somewhat scared. Kouta didn't reply. He waited for the smoke to clear. To his shock, the attacks didn't land. A woman in the group had her hands up and it seemed to create some type of barrier that protected them all from the attacks. When she lowered her hand, the shield vanished and Kouta felt his heart drop.

"Now, now. I guess we will have to rough you up a bit, before we take you. You're a bit more trained than we thought." The leader said. At that moment, one of the sand shinobi appeared in front of Kouta and launched a heavy kick at him. Sending him backwards. Kouta, would smack into a tree, coughing up blood a bit from the impact. "So fast. ." Kouta thought. Kouta tried to get up, but he couldn't. "How weak." The sand shinobi said that launched Kouta.
Syndra was standing only arms length away from the man who kicked Kouta. Thoughts ran though her head. She had a kunai in her pocket. "I could kill him. ." She thought. She went to grab it, but just couldn't. Her hands trembling to much and tears rushing down her face from Kouta. As she thought, another sand ninja appeared behind Syndra, with a blade pointed at her back, barely touching her. "Get on your knee's and don't move, brat." the manly voice said. Syndra began to cry even more. She couldn't believe this was happening all because they went out to the woods. Syndra began to kneel down, until she glanced at Kouta again. She felt, like she had to do something. Kouta put his life on the line to save her, she had to do the same. As she knelled down, she would reach in her pocket and side spin quickly, slashing at the mans right thigh. Causing him to fall backwards and drop his sword. Yelling curse words at the girl. Syndra began to feel sick, seeing the blood of the man that she hurt.

The rest of the sand ninja then jumped down and surrounded Syndra. Syndra felt frozen. Like she couldn't move. The one who standing arms length out from Syndra and kicked Kouta, readied a long blade to slice at Syndra.
Kouta saw him grab for it and instantly reacted, charging at Syndra. Just as the blade went down to slice at Syndra's back, Syndra turned to look at it. Instead of the blade slicing Syndra though, it ripped through Kouta's stomach. He was a human shield for Syndra. Syndra's felt frozen in place again, she couldn't believe what she saw. The blood of Kouta flying across the area. His body landed right in front of Syndra who was knelled down in front of him. She had some of the blood spatted on her.

"You kids are troublesome. Better him than you though." the leader said. Syndra went to grab Kouta and look at him. He was bleeding out fast. Although he had a smile on his face. Looking back at Syndra. Syndra had tears rolling down her cheeks. For a split moment, it seemed like no one was around. None of the sand ninja, no sounds, nothing. Just Syndra and Kouta.

"W. .W. .Why Kouta?" Syndra asked.
Kouta breathing heavily smiled and spoke faintly.
"I think. . Because I was meant to protect you." Kouta grabbed Syndra's hand as tight as he could with his little strength.
"You're going to change this world. I'm a pillar that is making sure this change happens." Kouta's eyes began to fade close. His vision growing blurry. As he did so, a smile stayed on his face. He was gone.

Syndra began to scream loudly and crying harshly. "Kouta! No Kouta!" She began to think, "If only I took my medical classes earlier!" She felt guilty. She didn't know Kouta would do such a thing. She lost her best friend and her lover.

All the sand ninja watched as she cried, the one in front of her still holding his sword. "Just grab her." The leader said. The swordsmen stuck his blade in the ground and went to grab Syndra, as he did. Syndra looked up at him. The mark on her forehead glowing some what. Her chakra became dense in the area. The man let go of her shoulder and took a step back. "Grab her you fool." The guy looked at the leader who was yelling at him. Just as he did, some of the roots in the ground began to wrap around the feet of the man in front of her. "I'll kill you. . Every last one of you." Syndra said, as if the little girl who was afraid to kill was no more. The roots grew bigger and the man began to scream, as they tightened they began to break his legs. The other sand shinobi then rushed to go grab him, but just as they did, more roots emerged. Although, they seemed much more aggresieve. Smacking them into the ground and strangling them. The leader began to back up some as it happened. Readying his blade to cut anything he needed too.

"W. . What are you?" He asked aloud to Syndra. Although she didn't hear him. Blood began spraying across the area as she smacked, crushed, pierced, and strangled all the sand ninja. Still knelling down in front of the dead Kouta.
The one man who was slashed earlier tried to crawl away, but Syndra glanced at him and wrapped multiple roots around him. Crushing his body in them. After all of them were killed except for the leader. The leader turned to run away, but was caught on his ankle by a root. Syndra turned her face to look at him as he tried to cut the root. "Spare me!" He screamed and begged. More roots would wrap around the man's hand stopping his blade. "You didn't spare, Kouta." Syndra said aloud.
The man began to cry and thought to himself. . "This a pure blooded Senju. ." Just as he thought that. More roots began to wrap around the man's neck. Choking the life out of him.

Syndra would lay in the center, looking at Kouta with the tears still in her eyes. Surrounded by the corpses of all the sand ninja and Kouta. With heavy roots laying all around.

Shortly after, a group of Senju and other shinobi found her sitting in the woods in the same spot. They were in aw at what they saw. Syndra single handledly killed 8 suna ninja. Although they did realize Kouta was dead. He was far pass being able to heal. The Senju's took Syndra with the police force to be questioned, and took Kouta to be prepared for a funeral and too inform his parents and Syndra's. The Anbu's took the sand ninja.  

As she was taken away, she thought to her self. . "I will change this world. ." The girl she once was had died in the woods that day. Even the other ninja who found her knew she was different.

Shortly after, the village discovered that Syndra was targeted for a kidnapping, Kouta died protecting her, and Syndra tapped into her natural Senju power, which is how she was able to kill all the ninja. A funeral was arranged for Kouta shortly after. Syndra attended it, but didn't cry one tear. After wards, she became really heavy in her training and was supervised by the village due to her past events with the sand ninja. She became very powerful quite fast. She kept telling her self she had a promise to keep. A promise to change the world. She began setting up goals on her own.
She was going to create a new world and grow powerful, to where no one could ever make her feel that way again. She also began to grow cold towards people, and began to keep to her self more often.

After the tramuatic events that happened to her around the age of 13, Syndra became a new person with her own goals. Although, she was still valued in the clan as a child of prophecy. What every one else didn't know is that she was quite power hungry and didn't plan on letting the world stomp all over her. About three years after the whole event and extreme training, Syndra applied to the Senju council and Leaf to be a registered shinobi of the village. She was approved and given the rank of Chunin. Although, her own personal elders felt she was a higher rank than that. She felt like it was just a title, no need to get too upset over it. It was during this time she also was given access to the secrets of the Senju. She learned all about the strength of their blood and DNA. The past Senju's, wars, hidden and extremely secret jutsu, and so on. This strengthened her. Her relationship with her parents had grown dim since the events with Kouta though. Her relationship with just about everyone had grown dim. She focused mostly on herself. Carrying out task for the village and furthering her knowledge. While the whole time she kept her personal ideas hidden. She was well respected in the village, but didn't think much of it. The Senju's began to become worried about her personality. The powers of a pure blooded Senju can be dangerous in the hands of a dark heart.
She no longer had no hesitations about killing, she killed many shinobi on mission. She tended to be extremely violent with Suna ninja. Most likely due to the past with them. She carried out the role of Chunin for quite some time. About four years. During this time she was a guard for elites in the village and aided in the medical division. She was about 19 when she became the rank of jounin.
|Bloody Hands|

Syndra became extremely interested in how Senju cells bonded with people. She wanted to know if she could create life with out having to give birth. She imagined that if she wanted to create the world, she would need soldiers. She figured that real human beings would turn against her at some point. She had a luck of trust in them. She then imagined she might be able to reconstruct a human beings genetic make up with her own cells as a enzyme. Working as the powerhouse for it. She couldn't really think of anyone to work on though. She of course would have to do this in secrecy too. She was determinded to make her dreams a reality though. She then appealed to the idea that someone with Senju cells already might bond easier. She thought of her parents. Sick, to most she thought. But, parents want their children's dreams to come true, and they would be a stepping stone for this.
Late one night, around the age of 20, she killed her mother and father in their sleep. They woke up right before she killed them, she just simply said. "You're helping me." Before their lives ended.
She then turned her basement into a science lab of sorts, taking materials from the villages medical unit. Mixing her own Senju cells that were enforced with chakra into the beings of her parents. She began to alter their genetic make up. Their body began to change shape and mold itself into a wood like humanoid. The two were in a tank. Syndra was thrilled. She thought it might be working. Although, when she went to release them from the tanks they were kept in. Their bodies fell apart in the matters of minutes. Syndra made tree's out of the bodies and reported her parents missing. They were later classified as killed. The village assumed some people in search of the Senju cells took them. Syndra pretended to be very upset, but kept her eyes open for new subjects. No one ever suspected her for anything though.  

Currently Syndra is 29 and is still in hopes to fullfill her dreams. Working in Secrecy about them though until everything is perfect. She is counted as a respected and powerful shinobi and even stronger Senju by her clan. The day of Kouta's death haunts her but also gives her inspiration to make the world hers and create it anew.

RP Sample:

|Gathering Intel -Made up mission|
The sky was a canvas this day, different shades of reds,oranges, and yellows brushed across the sky. It was a perfect sunset in the summer days of the Land of Fire. Birds continued to chirp as the waterfall near by crashed into the water. A couple deer and doe made the flat and lower end of the water fall their watering hole. This historical area was a divide for the land of Fire. With two huge statues placed on each end. The in between space was filled by the huge waterfall. This could be nothing other than the infamous, 'Valley of The End.' A famous area where Madara and Hashirama Senju clashed. Leaving a mark on the earth.
Syndra was running away from another group of shinobi towards the Land of Fire. As she traveled, she found her self at this Valley of End. She would stop at the fingers of the Senju statue. Fitting, considering she was a Senju. She would then turn to face the following shinobi who stopped at the head of the Madara statue. They were Rain ninja. How long have they been in pursuit.

"Give us the scroll back! You're out numbered." The middle male said who was wearing a type of armor. He was the leader of the team. He seemed irritated. A scroll Syndra was carrying on her back belonged to the rain ninja apparently. Syndra chuckled slightly and smiled.
"If you want it so bad, come and get it." She claimed, scratching her neck a tad. Looking some what smug. She had no fear of the others.
A boy standing to the right of the leader then unsheathed a blade and went to swing the blade, using a chakra saber technique, the blade released a wave of chakra that could slice through about anything. Syndra smirked and jumped down below towards the waterfall to avoid the attack. The leader and the other two followed her down the waterfall head first. Moving at great speeds. Syndra would land on the water using her chakra to walk on the water. She looked up to see the same boy coming down at her head with his blade, Syndra quickly readied a kunai and clashed against the boy. Him pushing down on her kunai. The third member who was a female would be standing on the water a couple feet away and formed hand seals and then touched the waters surface, a eletrical current would then flow through the water, the boy would smirk at Syndra. Thinking she was stuck.
Syndra quickly pushed the boy off with her kunai and began doing back flips until landing on a rock, stopping the lightning current from reaching her. She would look down at the current zapping the water below her as fish rose to the surface, fried.
"Is that all?" Syndra said, taunting the pair. A voice from behind her then spoke.
"Take this!" A wave of powerful water then rose towards Syndra, with the lightning flowing through it. Syndra's eyes widened. "Clever." She thought to her self. She would quickly form hand seals. "Wood Style: Great Dome" A dome of wood arose from the water and formed around Syndra, protecting her from the wave. After the wave stopped. The dome lowered, the roots then dashed towards all three of the Rain ninja. Wrapping around their bodies and holding them a feet off the ground.
"How boring, is that all? I thought maybe you guys would have fought a little harder." Syndra said, laughing a tad. The roots then tightened as the life began to slowly squeeze out of the three.

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"Some pawns have to fall to be victorious."
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6 Re: Syndra Tobirama Senju on Sat Mar 08, 2014 4:57 am





Stamp of Approval!


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7 Re: Syndra Tobirama Senju on Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:12 pm


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin


Failed to post in AC. Thus archiving. PM admin to unarchive.

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8 Re: Syndra Tobirama Senju on Sun Dec 28, 2014 6:58 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Moved back to the approved section. Welcome back Saya.

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