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Creativity of the week.

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1 Creativity of the week. on Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:24 pm

Okay so as you know there is a contest going on for Misson 2 & 3 for the Festival of Peace. The person that has the most creativity in their missions will get a special reward and when i say special i mean Special these prizes wont be some old rugged socks or something lulz it will be something worth while so if you want to participate then i suggest you do them missions. The first round will end in three days from this post.

In order to vote, all you have to do is fill in this template to cast your vote. ONE VOTE EACH ROUND.


[b]Link to Topic:[/b]
[b]Members in the topic:[/b]
[b]Mission:[/b] Is it Mission 2 or 3?
[b]Summary:[/b] Give a short summary on what happened and why you think its creative and why you like it.

Il start it off

Link to Topic: Here
Members in the topic: Sato Inzuka
Mission: 2
Summary: Basically Sato performed a short rap that got the crowd up and bouncing around showing off his talents at rapping. I liked it because its meh and im meh and your you so yeah lulz


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2 Re: Creativity of the week. on Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:40 am

Well thats it for Round ONE! and the winner is me being the only one to enter! Too bad, i told you guys that the prizes were not stupid.

Prize: 1 Skill point and 500 Ryo.

Next Round will start soon.


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