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Affiliation - Hurricane Chronicles: A Naruto RPG

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Name: Hurricane Chronicles RPG

Description: A fledgling, text-based roleplay based on the series! Though all players begin as greenhorn genin, HC still needs members to play NPC roles as Kage, Anbu leaders, and one of the nine Jinchuriki!

Link: http://hurricanechronicles2.forumotion.com/


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Sexy new banner and overall layout :)

The seat of Hokage has thus far been claimed! That leaves Raikage (Kumogakure), Mizukage (Kirigakure), and Kazekage (Sunagakure) available!

Stop by a message me if you're interested in running one of the five great villages!

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The seats of Hokage, Tsuchikage, and Mizukage have been claimed!

We're still looking for people who would like to create the Raikage and Kazekage to take charge of when necessary alongside their own PC genin.

As an aside, I'm also looking for people to create jutsus for the different elemental releases. These are general techniques that all players have access to. If you've got ideas, stop by the site and throw one at us in chatango or the chatbox!

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To Sato or any admin/mod, I have the Nexus button up for my affiliates.

Return the favor, por favor!

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Suna no Kai

D-rank missing ninja
D-rank missing ninja
Your button is up.

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