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Haruna's Template Collection

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1 Haruna's Template Collection on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:42 am



Name: Haruna Oshiro

Song: I Was Waiting For This Moment

Word Count: 359

Kirigakure, a village that resided in water country, a country mostly made of small islands with the hidden village being settled on the largest of the islands. The one known as Haruna Oshiro found herself upon the island that hosted the major village, having crossed the Great Naruto Bridge in order to get there, a very large bridge that connect the island to the mainland. She had been sent, along with her uncle, to the lands ahead of her mother. She had not known the reason why her mother had decided to stay behind in Konoha, but she would not question the woman. Besides, it gave her plenty of time to bond even more with her uncle.

Her blue eyes glanced up at her uncle, staring at his red hair and shaking her head slightly. If one were to see the duo, they would not believe them to be related in anyway. Add in her mother, and it looks like a team of Shinobi rather than a family. Why? Because none of them looked alike, not in the slightest. Her mother had brown hair, her uncle red hair, and she had blonde hair. It should had been impossible for such a phenomena to happen, but it did. Though, Haruna would guess that it was alright for one could not tell who was an Oshiro just by looking at their physical traits.

She sighed deeply, growing rather bored. She could begin making some origami for her collection, but she had no where to store them. Her mother would normally place them in some generic scroll, but Haruna did not have that scroll in hand, and her mother was back in Konoha wrapping up some business. Thus that option was out of the question. Though…. she did have an uncle. A smiled crossed her face as she looked up at Ichirou. “Do you know the Mizukage? The Mizukage, The Mizukage. Do you know the Mizukage, who lives in Kiri?” She would sing. Her smile not leaving her face, as she awaited the response, as well as waited to see if her uncle would sing his reply, just as she had sung her question.