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A lesson for the ages | Mission | Completed

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1 A lesson for the ages | Mission | Completed on Sat Apr 26, 2014 12:32 pm

Name: Picking a Fight
Rank: B
Type: Normal
Mission given by: Various
Rewards: 250 Ryo
Participants: Chunin+
Daily: Repeatable
Description: On the outskirts of the village, there has been just a bit more violence than usual. It seems a couple of Genin from a minor country have taken it to causing trouble in the area. They will usually fight, beat, and steal from passing individuals. The threat is too little to involve the Anbu but it must be dealt with either way. Disguise yourself as a simple civilian, and once approach, teach them a lesson.

Kirigakure... commonly known as the village hidden in the bloody mist. 'Blood mist' the name fits Kirigakure very very well. At night they say you can hear the screams of all the people that Zabuza killed back when they used to do the Chunin exams death match brawl... something really reckless, lucky it became forbidden way before Sato's time, who knows maybe Sato wouldn't be here today if it still existed.

Today was just a normal day for the young jonin, Sato. It consisted of his normal, daily routine which he did every day. He didn't have much work because he hadn't acquired a Genin squad yet so in the mean time he would just slack off mainly because he had too much time on his hands. Every time he would check the job bulletin located in the middle of the village there was no jobs. The Job bulletin is a board located in the middle of the village where ninja can take requests from the villagers and help them whether it be cleaning up, talking dogs for walks and some times even baby sitting. Sato was getting bored of the village really quick and when he finally decided he would go out of the village he would receive a message from the Mizukage which he would soon find out that he was assigned to a mission just on the outskirts of the village. Full with joy, Sato quickly packed his equipment and would then head out to Kirigakure's outskirts to complete his mission.  

Sato would finally reach the great Naruto Bridge where he would have to cross to leave the village. Unlike the other villages, Kirigakure doesn't have village gates, instead they have a huge bridge connecting Kirigakure to the outer lands. It is a huge bridge apparently named after Naruto Uzumaki from the hidden leaf village.. weird right? Naming something after another person from another village? he must of done something really extraordinary to receive such a ,land mark.
The crossing would take a few minutes but nothing to long for Sato to finally reach the other side of the bridge. "Ah so i have finally left the village grounds... think its been two months since the last time i left the village.. i really need to find me a genin squad and take some of this time off my hands because sooner or later im going to turn into a fat cow that does nothing but sit at home on the couch and watch plain, old television." These were the words that Sato would speak before setting off for the outskirts.

Several hours later, Sato would reach the outskirts and spot what looks to be 5 genin from one of the sister countries... this would irritate him more then he would know. "Why doesn't that village keep a closer eye on their youth... i bet i could kill them and they wouldn't even notice.. argh.. it disgusts me." Sato would say as he would put down a backpack that he carried to the scene. He had to disguise himself from the genin because the reports said they ONLY pick on travelers/civilians so they wouldn't pick a fight with Sato if he was in his ninja gear. For this exact reason, Sato had brought a nice, long, dark brown cloak with a hood that would cover his entire body in conceal his entire appearance but to finish off the costume he also brought a walking stick. With his back crouched down showing off his new found hunch back, he would slowly walk towards the group of genin acting as if he was a elderly man. After a few steps, Sato was then surrounded by the group of rascals having them demand Sato to hand over all his valuables. "Look....kids im just an old man.. please let me be..." Sato would say in the best tone to suit his disguise which happened to work and threw the genin off. They didn't accept that excuse and instead one of the 5 genin tried to cheap shot Sato but rushing in and sending a flying knee to Sato's back. Sato wasn't that skilled at Taijutsu but he had seen his fair share of deals growing up and developing into a Jonin. With ease Sato would quickly turn and point the stick up sending it directly into the stomach of the flying kid. The kid would take a sharp, blunt poke to the stomach wounding him and taking his air away, leaving him to collapse on the ground grasping for air. This would only anger the rest of the squad which now consisted of four.. less but still uneven... not for Sato but for the squad. The next attack would be a earth jutsu(Unknown Custom Jutsu) that created a rolling boulder to be sent towards Sato. The boulder was huge and since Sato wasn't skilled enough in Taijutsu to even think about punching it, he had to think of another plan so he swiftly jumped up onto the boulder running his legs with the boulder and riding it with a uneasy balance. One of the genins would see he wasn't balanced so he would throw a few kunai towards Sato however by the time the kunai's would even reach Sato, Sato used his all time favorite jutsu... the body flicker technique and appear behind the genin that threw the weapons. "That wasn't nice... not nice at all.. that coulda killed me you know?" Sato would say sending a hard chop to the back of the neck. Since he had studied some Ijutsu he had a basic idea of the body and how it works allowing him to strike in the right place.

These left three more genin to take care of but by this time, they had realized that Sato wasn't any ordinary old man so Sato would remove his disguise and reveal himself. "Wait i know you! Your Sato of the body flicker!" One of the genin would yell shaking in fear. This cause Sato to smirk before using the body flicker three times. Appearing in front of genin 1 and kicking his chin sending him flying about 10 feet into the sky. He would then appear on the right side of genin 2 kicking his right rib, sending him flying a few feet to the right and getting extra damage from the roll that the genin would encounter. His last flicker, he would appear in front of genin 3, giving him a sharp elbow to the stomach then grabbing both his legs. By this time the genin in the air would be close to the ground however Sato would rush the wait by slamming Genin 3 into the stomach of genin 1 sending them both crashing hard into the ground causing a gush of smoke to erupt from bodys. All the genin's were taken down but not killed. They would soon have enough energy to get up and go home and never return.

"Ah i guess im done? time to head home." Sato would say softly as he would dust off his body, grab his equipment and head off back to Kirigakure. I hoped nobody seen that... because it would look awfully rude having a young adult beat the pulp out of a few kids..... Were Sato's last thoughts before exiting the area.

WC Required: 800
WC: 1222


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Name: The More The Merrier
Rank: B
Type: Normal
Mission given by: Various
Rewards: 300 Ryo
Participants: Chunin+
Daily: Repetable
Description: You must have completed the mission, "Picking a Fight" before you are able to take on this mission. It must be done every time, so you cannot do this mission a second time without successfully completing "Picking a Fight" a second time as well. It seems there were actually a bit more enemies than first thought. The two Genin you had dispatched seemingly got the word out to another couple of Genin accomplices. These however, are somewhat stronger than those you faced before. Furthermore, having enough days to prepare ever since you beat up their friends, they will likely have some traps set out. Beware, and get the job done.

Learning... a must for all youth whether you like it or not, you are bound to learn something everyday. It may be blatant or indirectly but you are still bound to learn. Sometimes it takes something to come around twice before you even click about learning and sadly this was the case with a few genin that Sato had dealt with the other week. Their were a few genin causing some ruckus on the boarders of Kiri scaring away merchants, travelers and mere civilians. At first it didn't seem like a problem and it was nothing more then a few youngins mucking about until the businesses in Kiri started to complain because they were losing out on stock, customers and reputation all because of a few genin from a sister country. Word got out to the Mizukage so she sent Sato on the mission to teach the kids a lesson however it seemed that the kids skipped class and didn't learn the lesson the first time. When Sato received the scroll about the mission he was quite irritated and annoyed. He had much more important things to do rather then dealing with a few genin he messed with not so long ago. "Darn kids..." He would say softly in his casual attire. This time he wasn't about to put on his ninja gear as this was his day off however he was the only ninja available for the mission. He would then grab a long, black cloak coated with bear fur since it was more chily outside then ever.

He would leave his apartment and head towards the village gates. On the way he would stop and enjoy some of the more impressive landmarks in kiri. They were not impressive because of the architectural structure... more along the lines of memories. Each place Sato stopped at, he would have a small flashback of a specific time in his life. Each flashback meant something to him as they represented a arc within his life. After he had finished visiting the landmarks he would then continue his journey towards the gates.

Several minutes later he would reach the gate with his casual attire still in vision. This contained long, black cargo pants. Slick, Black on black chucks with a brown belt with a Cross emblem. On his upper half under his black cloak he would wear a black V neck with a thin gold chain. This was Sato's casual appearance. "Here we go again....." He would say walking out of the village towards his destination.

On his way to the destination Sato would get surprised by a few things being traps. The first trap was just a lousy oak log being the size of half a bus. It was amazing.. how did they even manage to set this up... they really are creative Genin. The second trap was a camouflaged trapped that rested on the ground. It had been cover with green leaves and bushes trying to make it look natural. Under the trap hole was a deep fall that went 20m below the earth. If someone was to fall they would get badly injured.. Sato wasn't happy with this. "Are these kids trying to kill me.... holy crap.." He would say looking down the hole. Another question that zoomed through his mind was how the fuck did they escape from this trap hole... they can't use any elemental jutsu so how did they escape... The third and last trap was a death trap. It was a trip wire. When activated, Kunai would get shoot at the center of the location from all directions. If it wasn't for Sato's Sharingan, he may of been dead. By this time, Sato knew that these kids would become very dangerous when they grow up so thoughts of killing them came to his mind but in the end they are only kids which soon prevented their deaths. After Sato had passed all the traps he would then continue onto meet the group of Genin that he dealt with a couple of weeks ago.

Several more minutes later, the Genin were now in Sato's sights but at the time he didn't know how to limit them down since they had obviously got more reinforcements so he decided to use what hes known for... the body flicker technique. He would flicker in and out grabbing one genin at a time and knocking them out with a quick jab to the neck until only the leader was left. He would then confront the leader of the genin pack and punish him with several punches and kicks teaching him some manners. They didn't want to learn the easy way so he would teach them the hard way. "Now that you have learn't you lesson. Take your group and scram from the lands! I don't want to see you making trouble in Kiri ever again alright! Next time you come back please be 18 years or older so i can kill you..." Sato would say to the young genin leader only scaring him so he wouldn't return to the lands and make trouble. This was nothing but scaring tactics to prevent anymore trouble from the young genin squad.

WC Required: 800
WC: 864


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