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NN General Forum Rules

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1 NN General Forum Rules on Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:48 am

  1. Respect
    Do not Curse or Troll, make fun or argue intensively with other members at anytime. NN is a community Forum and like any other community, respect can and will get you places. Same thing goes to Staff members. Sometimes, the reason of the actions NN Staff may take, may not be very clear to you. If so, please simply send a PM to him/her, asking the motives. Don't go around cursing. We all make mistakes even staff so please cut us some slack will ya. If you want Respect earn it, don't go asking for it.
  2. Patience
    Do not bother the Moderators or Administrators all the time asking them to check your app. Just be Patient and wait, sooner or later a staff member will check your app. Keep in mind that mods and admins have a life of their own outside this forum and characters of their own. Also we are not all located in one area of the world. Due to this, we ask people to be open-minded. If you are bored waiting for a staff to do something for you then make a Spam topic, that is what its there for.
  3. Language
    NN is a English formatted forum where you may only talk,Chat and Role-Play in English. Just like staff we write all the rules in English we expect the same from our members. We do recommend to properly check you're spelling, grammar, the proper use of a word, etc before posting.
  4. Maturity & Plagiarism
    NN is an all age Forum. We allow all ages to join us so please do not post any kind of Nude picture or Videos on the site. You might be old but that does not mean everyone else is the same age as you. When it comes to discussions, Mature topics we ask our members to show some pride and responsibility. Next Plagiarism, Nobody likes when their work is stolen so please get permission and give credit to the owner of the work you are taking.
  5. Back-Seat Modding
    Members, please refrain from back-seat modding. If you don't know what that is, it is correcting someones application/creation when said corrector has no authority to correct an application/creation. So please do refrain from correcting applications/creations since that is a job limited to staff only.

Punishments will be decided by the Administrators. Admins also reserve the right to change the rules at any given time without warning. You, the player, by signing up for this forum agree to follow the rules and the Staff's decision.

The Administrators reserve the right to kick and or ban any individual that they feel jeopardize the progression of the site.

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2 Re: NN General Forum Rules on Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:57 am

Godmoding, Meta-gaming, Auto-hitting

First, lets explain what God modding is, shall we?

God modding is the controlling and describing the actions of someone or something beyond you and your character's control. This means you are essentially playing the role of god in a role play in which you do not have the power to do so, no one has that power during the Role play. If you plan on taking control ( in any fashion ) of someone Else's character, you must PM and contact them for permission to do so. If you see ANYONE god modding ANYONE, please send an admin a note and we WILL resolve it as soon as possible. God modding isn't fun for anyone, neither is meta-gaming.

An example on how to properly control another persons character: A puppet master (Character A) attaches chakra strings to another person (character B) to control them and make them - basically, a puppet. Character A can only do this with character B's permission, be it in the c-box or in RP itself. This would allow Character A to move, control, and take over character B's body so long as the strings are attached,  giving A full control of the body. Remember, things like this can only happen with (in this example) Character B's permission.

Your character is not immortal, he is not God/, not a invincible tank, nor is he as good as you might think. Someone is always better, and by always I mean it. You may think you can beat anyone, anything, and all of the above, and can pull the moon down from space and whatnot, but really, and this is where the truth comes in, You can't. You'll never be able to, not in this forum anyway. Now, for the most part, we try to catch the people who think they're the bad ass of the forum and think they are unbeatable, then again a few will get by thinking they are being slippery: Just to point this out, there will be no use of loopholes when making character sheets or Jutsu, if a jutsu says you can do one specific thing, for an example: A jutsu says you can create small tremors in the ground the unbalance an opponent, im not gonna let somebody using the same jutsu - simply because its similar to an earthquake - rip the ground open and make a huge fissure along the ground to down a whole village. The jutsu said you can only shake the ground and knock people off balance, thus that's ALL it can do!!  If someone's abusing their powers to such a degree that it is interfering with RP, tell us and it WILL be resolved.

Remember, every time you use a jutsu you WILL loose chakra, I don't want to see a long six paged thread where two people are fighting, blasting jutsu every post and not be exhausted...or dead, from wasting all their chakra. Your character will loose chakra faster and faster with bigger and bigger jutsu - no way around this, its gonna happen, get over it. Remember to add this to your character's experience as they are RPed, as they will get tired.

Moving on to Auto-hitting. Auto-hitting is also considered God modding, not just on this site, but almost every other one on the web. You think your character's attacks are always going to hit and cause damage to the enemy? Highly unlikely. Your character may be faster and stronger than the person you're fighting, but you're probably just going to run into a trap, even the simplest ninja tool can bring down the baddest dude: Even the Immortal Hidan got blown to bits by a trap set by Shikamaru. Your character won't be able to make every hit or be unbeatable, its amazing what a few strands of ninja wire and exploding tags can do. Everyone has their off days. Your posts cannot end with your attack connecting, killing the enemy, or doing any damage to them themselves, describing you're attack doing damage to the surroundings? Thats fine. Since Auto-hitting is not allowed on ANY level, There must be an opportunity for the other character or characters to respond and react to your actions. Sasuke might enjoy running head on and getting blown up, hit, punched, and owned by several random people, but not everyone likes to be owned six-ways from sunday and then back to next year like he does.

Moving on to Meta-gaming. Meta gaming is gaming about gaming. It's abusing the knowledge that you yourself have out-of-character in an in-character scene. Your character does not, and will not know everything someone Else's character has. Even the Sharingan can't see everything. Your character must be role played as your character, not you. Kakashi, shikamaru, or any of the other overly smart and detailed characters dont know everything. He sees, watches, and notes every little detail, and then makes an appropriate move based on logical deduction. You're character WILL show surprise, get caught off guard, and eventually die, this is part of role play. You're character WILL die at some point. The best example I can think of is Kakashi vs Zabuza.

Kakashi, being an already experienced Jounin from the leaf village was surprised, caught off guard, and almost beaten by Zabuzas tactics during the first encounter, having being distracted by Water clone feints and trapped in a water prison, after Naruto and Sasuke managed to help break him free, Zabuza was "defeated". After this, Zabuza came up with a counter to the sharingan after Already fighting against it, with the help of Haku, and developed the mist strategy. Kakashi was on the verge of losing on the bridge before kakashi found - after a long battle within the mist, taking constant damage from Zabuza along the way - a weakness in the mist, and summoned his dogs.

This is how you're character should act in RP, they get surprised, sometimes get caught if they dont have a logical or believable reason for not, and so on. You're character does not, should not, and WILL NOT have a counter for EVERYTHING the other player does, we should not see somebody start a fight and instantly know the weakness to another persons special jutsu, unless its obvious.  Please, be honest and detailed when you're role playing. Some more experienced role players will be able to find loop-holes or flaws in your posts and use those weaknesses to their advantages. Try to cover all your bases. Use logic -- people aren't going to stab at a spine from the front, they're going to do that from the back. In all honesty, we want this to be as realistic as possible. A person can only do Five actions within a post, casting a jutsu, dodging, blocking, running around, throwing something, etc, all of these count as one action and one only. This is to also keep it realistic as possible, you don't see people in the manga casting tens of jutsu at one on the enemy, not unless there are multiple people then that's a different story, each character can only do five per post. These can all be used to respond to the enemy post and set up a counter, its up to you.

Genjutsu and replacement techniques...hmmm

Genjutsu is a special form of fighting that utilizes illusions. However, the use of genjutsu walks a fine line between role playing and god modding. Its tricky to play off right during rp and it is difficult to decide when a genjutsu is appropriate to use and when it is not. Most of these uses will be situational, depending on the fight and how it is going, as well as the interactions between characters. Genjutsu warp reality and can warp the situation, tilting the favor of battle to either side and are probably the most effective means of winning a fight. But you must be VERY careful when using genjutsu. Don't use a genjutsu that will god-mod, its hard I know...but things like Tsukuyomi and such are not allowed. Communication is key with the genjutsu you might use, talk with each other about the battle, pre-plan with each other and work it out during the battle.

If you make note that a warp reality genjutsuie:Tsukuyomi has been activated, your turn (post) will end there and it will count as your attack. Try your best to explain the effects of the genjutsu, as well as what the other person will see, hear, smell, etc. DO NOT CONTROL THEIR CHARACTER. If you are using a genjutsu that causes their body to become numb, you must ask if you can do something like that however if the attack is logical and you land it fair then you may continue. These status affects can easily be seen as auto-attacking and godmoding.

BE SURE TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING IN REALITY AND IN THE GENJUTSU. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME. If your opponent is under the effects of genjutsu and you are making an attack, the genjutsu MUST be broken before your attack is finished: this is to prevent you from auto-hitting them and gaining an easy kill, not everything in this forum will be super easy jack. It can be on its way to them, but the genjutsu must be broken, giving them the time to react to their situation. You cannot break the genjutsu seconds before the attack hits, cause they would not have time to react.

If Your Genjutsu creates a simple illusion on the battlefield or basically doesn't send the target into another reality, dimension, etc, then you Genjutsu will be treated similar to a Ninjutsu in terms of you may continue your turn.

Breaking Genjutsu: There are two options in which to counter the effects of a genjutsu. First, there is the option for the ninja under the effects to stop the flow of chakra in their body, and then apply an even greater power to disrupt the flow of the caster's chakra. Characters with poor chakra control probably cannot do this, if they can the may not be able to break higher level genjutsu above their own rank, so they may be forced to rely on the second method. The second way to break a genjutsu is to feel an imense amount of pain, deep stabs, deep cuts etc..

Moving on the replacement techniques. You may use the replacement technique 3 times in total for EACH topic.

Plotting, Pre-planning, character stories.

Though your characters may be very competitive, want to do missions, grow stronger with each jutsu you learn, and may want to test it out on someone, this RPG itself is completely NON competitive... The idea is not to always have your character win, but to concentrate on the extreme elements of a Naruto roleplay. Naruto, the manga and Anime (though we only count the manga) has Drama, Action, and mystery to it, we want to keep that feeling in this forum. To this end you are allowed to discuss, plan out and even agree upon a winner in upcoming fights with whoever you will be playing with (Make sure you do this over PMs or email, others might want to read your match and not know who's gonna win it), but you can also do this in the c-box as well if you want everyone to know the outcome. In fact I've played on a few forums and have done this and it works out really, really well, its also more fun for both players and cuts back on the in-fighting and on forum drama of "oh, well, he killed my character so i quit", if yer gonna do this when your character dies, dont even bother joining.  

This is called pre-planning, planning out how both characters are going to react to each other, this doesn't mean each person will know what the other will make their character say or think, but it will help with the actual fights better. This can be used to set up relationships with other players, have a fun fight with another person, and over-all develop a story line that is unique to you're character.


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