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Travel System

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1 Travel System on Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:02 pm

Click map for larger size.

Here on NN we have a few rules about traveling and interventions between topics.

Traveling Rules:

  • If you are Genin and below you must travel with a B-rank+ shinobi. If you fail to do so you will be classed as a Missing Ninja or become tracked down by your village Anbu.
  • After you post at the village gates then you must make a topic in the travel thread (Click Here).
  • Must have permission from you Kage (IC or OOC) but if your Kage is inactive or you do got one then you must get permission from you Anbu Captain.

Intervention System:

  • A person has 12 Hours to invade a travel topic, after the 12 hours then the person has successfully made it to their destination.
  • The person you are invading must be B-rank+ but if a B-rank and below ninja is with another ninja or group then they are able to get invaded.
  • Once the Thread is successfully invaded, none of the parties can run from the thread for another 8 Posts starting from the Invaders first post.
  • Intervention can also be used to prevent people from leaving threads, if it's their most recent one. When an exit is interrupted the same 8 post counter starts.
  • Dead people are able to get looted in these threads.
  • The invader party can only have the same amount of the people traveling. (If there is 1 traveler then there can only be 1 invader and so forth.)

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