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Truth behind the Uchiha Masssacre

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1 Truth behind the Uchiha Masssacre on Sun Jun 01, 2014 11:33 pm


Kumo Chunin
Kumo Chunin
So THIS is driving me crazy! I have been trying to find answers but apparently NOBODY has spoke about this. It is surprising too, but the only thing I found was some forum that spoke about children surviving the Uchiha Massacre for whatever reason [LINK]. Everyone else I guess just thinks they are all dead. Let me know what you all think about this, and if you guys have noticed it, and if you had any idea WHAT it could mean? Because like I said, it is driving me crazy and Kishimoto loves plot twists.

Its in Spanish, but you can find it anywhere and in the original episode the dialogue is this:
Random Anbu: Lord Danzo, the body count doesn't match up...
Danzo: What?
Itachi: I saw and heard everything.
Itachi: *turns on sharingan* If you tell the truth to anyone or lay one hand on Sasuke Uchiha...
Itachi: *turns on MS* I will leak all of Konoha's intel to enemy nations.
Itachi: *Turns into crows and goes away*
Danzo: Damn you...

The Uchiha Clan Massacre is definitely Danzos plan SO WHY would Itachi say that he will tell the truth on himself. Since the world already knew Itachi as the mass murdered, that CLEARLY wasnt the truth he spoke of. My thing is, Danzo was surprised to see that the body count didnt match up, so Itachi thought this was the truth that needed to be kept secret. Makes since does it not?

Now how would Itachi get all those people out in what the Random ANBU is quoted as saying by disappearing. YOU got it, by the ally he had in this mission and his marvelous Space Time Ninjutsu. So it makes since for the survivors to be the children of the Uchiha Clan seeing as no children were being stacked up while they were doing so. But why?

Maybe... Just Maybe... So that the Uchiha Clan can still survive. Who's plan this could be? I want to say Itachi. But oddly enough it can be any of their plans [Madara/Obito/Itachi]. I say Madara because he is a boss and could have been controlling Obitos actions as the masked man [w/ philosophy of his dojutsu]. So he could have been thought this through, having the Uchiha Clan survive the infinite Tsukuyomi [not only children], thus why Obito at the moment told Itachi to keep his "eyes closed" when his plans come to fruit [So he won't get caught in it] then have the Uchiha clan be God in this new world. But I also say Obito because he has no true ill will toward the Uchiha clan, only the Konoha village. So he could have killed off the older people in the clan but left the children to live for the very least in some random part in the Naruto world until the plan comes to fruit so they can also keep their eyes closed in the ordeal and AGAINST Madaras wishes, have the Uchiha clan be God in this New World.

AND it can be Itachi because obviously he is a Good guy underneath and he probably threatened/black mailed Obito into teleporting some survivors to an unknown area where they can survive. Thus why he threatened Danzo if he told anybody about this survivors.

P.S. Itachi can also have another motive as well. Maybe he is truly trying to test his brother capabilities. If he believes himself to be THAT powerful, then like any powerful person, he probably believes he can raise someone with even more power but without the defects [I.E. Wasnt the man sick lol]. So he purposely left the survivors out of the picture for a set amount of time to see how far Sasuke can take this pain. Maybe open the Rinnegan on the way there? Because Itachi did know ALL of the secrets to the Sharingan. And maybe.. just maybe.. he didnt think he had it in him [pain, will to lead, will to fight for the clan] to activate the Rinnegan so he left it for his test subject. Sasuke Uchiha. With this new found power, Sasuke will be able to lead the clan out of the abyss.

I mention this because Kishimoto will NOT kill off the Uchiha clan. Seeing as they are a HUGE part of the series and most notably his favorite characters clan, and a whole race cannot be created with one person, so why is this "survival of the race" thing still a subject with Sasuke. Last time I checked, when there is only one member of a species, that species is as good as extinct. Nevertheless, the subject exists. Can the Uchiha come back?

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2 Re: Truth behind the Uchiha Masssacre on Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:30 am


Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu
I remember that scene, I always though it was suspicious. Since Uchiha does play a large role in the entire storyline, it's a possible situation. I'm pretty sure Masashi Kishimoto wouldn't get rid of the Uchiha clan, especially in the way it's developed with Sasuke and Itachi. I'm just wondering if it's actually true. Well, we'll see eventually.


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3 Re: Truth behind the Uchiha Masssacre on Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:25 am

Sad part about this, if there were Uchiha survivors, this could most definitely explain how Danzo came to acquire the vast amount of Sharingan that were embedded in his arm . . .


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4 Re: Truth behind the Uchiha Masssacre on Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:35 am


Kumo Chunin
Kumo Chunin
Story behind those sharingans were that he got it from the Uchihas that were massacred. Sasuke points it out when he fights him. Although, Danzo does meet with Tobi for unknown reasons at some point.

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