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Franken Stein

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1 Franken Stein on Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:09 am

"Let's see, how should I begin my experiment?"

Name: Franken Stein
Nickname: Dr. Stein, The Boogie Man
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Village: Suna
Village Rank: Jonin
Skill Rank: A

Weight: 155 iLbs
Hair color: Silver
Eye Color: Gold
Looks Image:
Looks Description: Dr. Stein is a tall man with silver-gray hair and big, round glasses. Dr. Stein likes to wear a black top underneath his lab coat which was stitch imprints on it. He has a large screw/bolt going through his head, which he turns, often as a means to focus his thoughts. A signature hallmark of Stein's is his trademark zig-zag stitches. He has sewn stitches all over his body and clothing (his house is even covered in stitches). His most notable piece of clothing is his doctor's lab coat. He is also surprisingly well built for a man his age, due to a large portion of his time being devoted to taijutsu combat training. He is often seen with a caster-wheel chair. A running gag is despite his coordination; he often hits a ledge or frame and ends up falling backwards. He is always seen with a cig in his mouth as he loves to smoke, even when relaxed and stressed out his mind.

Personality Description: Being a man of science, Dr. Stein sees everything in the world, including himself, as an experiment. This is the personality that he had as a child, as he often wanted to dissect the people around him. He was often stopped by parents. This personality trait made all those around him afraid of him. This strange hobby of wanting to dissect anything he thinks is interesting was still present, even when Stein became an adult, and once as part of a lesson, tried to have his class dissect an endangered animal, claiming that it would be bad if he did not find out anything from it before it became extinct. Stitching across his face suggests that he had worked on himself at one point.

--Stein's crazed side of his personality--
He also exhibits a sadistic and intimidating personality. His smiles are normally filled with sadistic intentions. Stein seems to have dormant madness. He has even admitted that he is especially sensitive to it. Stein ultimately did go insane and struggled to maintain it. He even quit smoking as a way to convince himself. Emotionally, Stein had always been alone and that he has no love in him. He has admitted that he can't understand Simple social emotion like asking him to go out shopping or relaxing. This shows he can't feel deep emotions other than the need to dissect whatever interests or irritates him. This tendency likely seems to be more destructive or psychotic, which explains his dormant madness. He is depicted as morally bankrupt, at least back in his youth. Despite this cruel and twisted personality, Stein does have a kind and compassionate side that worries for his friends and students and he feels the need to protect them. He also exhibits a rather paternal demeanor towards his students.

Likes: Dissecting, Corpses, Experiments, World history, Kinjutsu, Coffee, Hidden madness.
Dislikes: Children, Sweet Foods, Village Life.
Catch Phrases:--
Nindo: "Experiment on everything... Even Gods..."

Element Affinity:-
Sub Element Affinity:-

History: Stein was born in Sunagakure. He lived with his mother who absolutly adored him but tragically she had subcombed to a vary rare disease when Stein joined the academy at the age of 8. Stein became somewhat of an odd child after his mother had died. He would often like to play with sharp objects and like to dissect things. Everyone thought that this might have been caused by his mothers death, but even so many of the people in the village were frightened of him by his actoins and this made the people want to not get near him. In the academy all but two students in his class made fun of him and called him names for being weird freak, and those two were Spirit Albarn and Marie Mjolnir.

They instead tried to get to know Stein and try to befriend him and get the other academy students to stop making fun of him. Stein slowly over the months began to take a liking to both of them and eventually became friends. Them becoming friends seemed to have made his love for dissecting things to disappear. This seemed to have made Stein appreciate life more and began to focus more of his time on studying to become a genin. A few months later Stein, Spirit, and Marie became the top three students in the academy and they all graduated early from the academy. Since those three were so good together and they kept Stein from going back to his old ways of wanting to dissect everything he puts them in the same 4-man cell together. The three of them were happy to be in the same group and to have accomplished so much together.

After they are told that they will be in the same group they are told to go to the training grounds tomorrow to meet their group leader. The next the three of them met at the training grounds to meet their new Sensei. As soon as they arrived a cloud of smoke appeared in the middle of the field. Once the smoke clears they see a woman appear from it. She has short black hair and small glass and wears a black jounin outfit instead of the green one. She walks over to them and introduces herself as Yumi Azusa. After Yumi had introduced herself the three of them did the same, and after all of that was done and over with they began the first lesson of the day, teamwork. About 15 minutes later the teamwork training was complete and Yumi was very surprised at how talented her new students were. They really knew how to work well together and to come up such perfect stratagies. Since they did so well she decides that they should call it a day and that they would begin their first mission the next day.

A few months have gone by and their team has completed countless number of mission ranking from D to B rank. Though, during some of these mission that they have done there was some killing in them, and all that killing had start to courpted Stein's mind slowly turning him back to his old ways. Eventhough this was happening he didn't show it so no one really knew he was drifting back to his oldself. Finally at the end of the month they were told that the chuunin exams were going to begin the next day. Today was the first day of the chuunin exams. The first part was the written exam. The three of them finished flawlessly and they moved on to the second part of the exams which was the forest of death. Their group was given the heaven scroll and they were told that they have to get the other scroll from another group and meet at the center of the forest in 3 days. If they failed to do so or if they opened either of the scrolls before getting to the destination the would be disqualified and would remain genins.

The instructor of the second part of the exams blows the whistle to begin. The sound flows through the air letting all the participants know that the exam has begun. All the genin race into the forest heading to the middle and looking for the scrolls that they need. Stein, Spirit, and Marie dash through the forest from branch to branch as they try to make it towards their destination, but 5 minutes into the exam they come across another team. It's a group from the Hidden Rain village. As soon as both teams make eye contact the battle begins immediately. As the fight begins one of the Rain ninjas put Marie under a genjutsu paralyzing her. Once that happened the ninja dashes to her with a kunai aiming it at her stomache. Stein and Spirit looked over and saw what was about to happen so they turned around and tried to head over to her and help her before she was stabbed, but the other two Rain ninjas kept getting in their way preventing them from getting to her.

Stein and Spirit yell out to her hoping she could break free of the genjutsu but they were to late. The kunai pierced her stomache and she fell to the ground. As the happened Stein's eyes widened and so did Spirit's. Marie let out painful screams as she fell to the ground which rattled both of Stein's and Spirit's heads. After hearing that Stein began to lose it he dropped to the ground and started grabbing his head. The sound of the screams began to crowd his head just like back when he was in the academy dissecting animals and hearing them let out there screams. After a few moments Stein stands up and looks at the enemy ninja with a very sadistic look on his face, and he lets out a evil laugh as he quickly dashes to the ninja standing over Marie. By the time the ninja could react Stein had already stabbed 3 kunai into his chest. The ninja immidiately fell to the ground next to Marie. After he fell Stein turned his head and looked over at the other two remaining ninjas.

3 years have past and it was now the begining of the high ranked missions. Both Stein and Spirit have become jounins and have been put in a special squad to head out and discover the location of the enemies whereabouts. Hours have past since they were given the mission and headed out to complete it. They decided to make spot to campout and rest until they could think of what to do next, but as they were coming up to a spot near the river to make camp they noticed a group of Hidden Mist ninjas at the river. Stein and Spirit's group stopped in the trees to see what they were doing down there. They move in closer without making any noise as they do Spirit notices one of the Hidden Mist ninja making a handseal. Before he could even realize why he made the handseal the trees they are on begin to explode. They had fallen into a trap. The enemy had concealed explosive traps all over the trees in the area surrounding the river. Their group was knock to the ground by the explosions; although, they weren't strong enough to kill them. As soon as they fell to the ground other Mist ninja appear from within the woods and attack them.

Half of Stein's and Spirit's group was killed but the rest managed to recover before they were attacked as well. Now an all out fight has begun. Both of them manage to kill most of the Mist ninja but they have lost all of the rest of their group and they were out numbered. Stein and Spirit have no choice but to try and escape from the area. Both of them quickly toss two smoke bombs between them. They go off covering the where they are at in smoke allowing them to escape. Stein and Spirit dash through the forest as fast as they can and head back to their village, but before they could even get far enough the Mist Ninjas managed to somehow catch up to them and get infront blocking their path. They had no choice but to fight them and hope they make it out of this alive. Which was what they did and because of of these missions stein was fragile in the mind so he was made to live in the laboratory to gain more knowledge on his Ijutsu before returning to the light.

After 5 years locked away gaining knowledge, Now Stein being 23 his skills shown to be a master in taijutsu and medical jutsu as well. He was made Captain of the Medical corps by the kazekage and this gave him the chance to dissect to his wild less dreams. His true intention are not known as his personality shows both sides. He continues his work as he would soon be a sensei to 3 new experiments.

RP Sample: [See Hordy & Selah Posts]

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2 Re: Franken Stein on Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:14 am

Suna no Kai

D-rank missing ninja
D-rank missing ninja


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3 Re: Franken Stein on Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:17 pm


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4 Re: Franken Stein on Sun Dec 28, 2014 7:01 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Moving back to the approved section. Welcome back Franken.

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