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An Idea for Kinjutsu ( Place for Creativity)

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1 An Idea for Kinjutsu ( Place for Creativity) on Sat Jun 14, 2014 11:09 am

Kain Tatsuke

Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin
Name: Reflection Clone
Rank: S
Type: Medical
Used For: Offensive/ Supplementary
Element: None
Range: Same as in Clone Rule
Duration: Maintainable
Hand Seals/Charge up: Snake, Ram, Snake
Description: The user must have some sort of DNA from the target (or of their own) to use this technique, such as a strand of hair or a teardrop or blood from the enemy at least the same amount as like when Hidan took Asuma's blood and it will takes a moment to be formed since the user will need to make the seal on the ground( much like Hidan). Using the genetic makeup as a blueprint, the user creates a clone of the target that is difficult to discern from the original. These clones are capable of using their same combat skills and can use jutsus of the one the copied  apartfrom having the same element as the one they resemble and also having the same chakra pool as the one they resemble. They not only look exactly like the target they are made in the image of but they also have the same chakra signature and genetics, and thus cannot be recognized as a clone unless by use of a sensory technique of A-Rank or higher, making this technique's primary use to deceive other people. The clone will not dissipates if hit by a jutsu/strike of A-Rank or higher but rather died as like a real body of that person. Alternatively, the user can use the organ or the clone or any body parts as a use in medical except they cannot take the kenkai genkai of the clone, if the clone has one from the one they copied. The jutsu has been deemed a Kijutsu as its use can brought up many war between village, as the user can easily use it to copied anyone who he has got their DNA from and use it against other villages.
Weakness:  Have less endurance than the real person. Cannot be create more than one, have same travel rule as any other clone. Master in Sensory may be able to detect the fake in clone. One DNA type thing can only be used once ( The user has to gain the DNA of the said person again if he wants to make a clone of that person again).

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