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Senjin Akumazoku WIP

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1 Senjin Akumazoku WIP on Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:34 pm

" analyze existence and release be gone worm"

Name: Senjin Akumazoku
Nickname: Death Dealer
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Village: Kiri
Village Rank: Jounin
Skill Rank: A

Weight: 220
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: emerald green
Looks Image: See Picture at the top
Looks Description: Although his clan is nearly extinct and is feared in the village hidden in the mist he still wears his red kimono with upsteam on both sides of the front of it for more free motion for his legs. Unlike most kimono that utilizes a sash to keep it closes his has buttons on the side of it. He has his clans crest decorated all around his kimono in black. His pants are black and also has his clans crest decorated on them. He is normally wearing either black shinobi scandals or some black boots. He has long black hair that flows to the center of his back with emerald green eyes. His skin was slightly pale but surprising flawless if you knew about his past.

Personality Description: He himself had two distinct manifestations that were called his own. His outer frame( persona more commonly seen) Was in a sense very direct, cunning, sweet, and a bit devious depending on most situations. He tends to keep to himself due to his isolation as a child because of his clans curse. He is a man build from the bloody mist past, so his attitude correlates with the past mind frame. He doesn't trust to many people and surely won't rely on someone else in battle. He's calculated a bit cold at times. His lighter side isn't that big of a difference then him on a normal day. He does enjoy kids though perhaps it from his own abandonment issues or the fact he never was able to interact with kids prior or the fact he wants to train them to be killers who could really say.

Depth into insanity
His inner frame ( Inner Demon) is the incarnation of his insanity over the years. His clans curse hit him the hardest it has now gotten to the point where he doesn't require his clans ability to communicate with his inner frame. It has now grow its own plane in the depths of his mind. Once awoken to this frame he is more cutthroat, savage, disrespectful. He is called the incarnation of the devil himself. Even his tone changes you can feel death around him when he speaks or walks near you. He will kill without the slightest hesitation weather your ally or foe if you try to stop his fun. Killing is an art and a game to him. He is narcissistic, self absorbed, blunt, careless. An engineered killing machines without a stop button.

Likes: Children, Death, Power, Pork ramen, dango meat, training, studying
Dislikes: Lazy people, idiots( People he believe to be idiots), Weaklings
Catch Phrases: " Run where you will, but only the void awaits", " I create nothing,forgive nothing, save nothing... I just erase completely"
Nindo: The eradication of all who opposed his right to kill

Element Affinity: Katon, Raiton
Sub Element Affinity:

History: A life of death, misery, betrayal, cruelty everything that formulated the man that will soon exist in this world

Senjin was born the age of the bloody mist era. Thus as a child he was born on the battle field. His life was kill or be killed. Nothing more nothing less his clan during this time was one of the most revered clans to exist in the mist. Due to there lust for battle and the mentality of a true killer. The clans curse seemed more like a gift during this age. Senjin was said to be the reincarnation of there first leader. His first kill was at the age of two and hundreds of thousand will fall by his blade as he grew order. He was taught the ways of battle and the, strategical side of battle at an earlier age. He read books and scrolls. Learning not only about his clan and villages but other clans and villages as well. His knowledge was only surpassed by his blood lust.

Around the age of 8 or 9 where most kids would enter the academy he learn the way of the ninja. He himself had already been consider as skilled as any genin or chuunin for that matter. Due to him being put into that life at birth. But after the fall of the mizukage of that time. The bloody mist had started changing. Retracting from the way they were known for. The new mizukage deemed it wrong and unjust how the kids were being trained to slaughter each others the kage wanted the shed there past, what they were known for which was killing, and become a village of peace and prosperity like the other great nations.

Thus senjin now at the age of 12, had to watch as his clansmen were hunted down and slaughtered. Due to them being unfit for the new era that befell the village. This was the night senjin waking his clans secret abilities killing any and everyone who had saw him that night. He learned later on in his life that it was the mizukage who ordered the genocide of his clans men. Senjin was spared for only twi reason. The first being that the people sent to kill him and his clans men were killed by his own hands. Secondly senjin was one of the few clans men who never met the mizukage or any high ranking shinobi in the village. Thus his life was spare.

Senjin awoke in what he believed to be a cave. He didn't truly know due to it being completely dark in the cave. Senjin didn't know how he arrived there. All he could remember is killinh the people who were hurting his clan but after that everything was hazy. Senjin soon found out that it was a cage. One that pit him up against other people, the catch was they fought in complete darkness. There was no light so his eyes were useless. He had to rely on his other senses. He stay in that cave for over 10 years fighting everyday sometimes even twice a day. The only times he was removed from the cage is when they allowed him to use the bathroom and even then he was blind folded to prevent him fro knowing his location.

10 years of killing allowed senjin to master the art of the silent kill and,moreover used his clans abilities throughly, so much in fact that his insanity manifested into a inner being the first record appearance of this in his clan. One eventful night brought senjin his freedom. Word had gotten to the village hidden in the mist of what was going on and they sent the anbu to go investigate. Once confirmed the people that were running the show were either killed or arrested. Senjin was freed but however had no place to go. The mizukage learning of this and actually meeting senjin believed he could use senjin for his own personal gain.

Thus senjin was allowed to join the mist shinobi ranks his age at the time was 23. His skills and art of silent killing put him into the anbu squad which was under the direct order of the current kage. For 5 years he was in the anbu core his skills unmatched by any other anbu in his division. Senjin remembering his past and how the village hated his clan for the first 3 years in the anbu core he tried to his the fact that he wasn't in that clan. But an event during a mission forced him to come clean of his past. The kage not to familiar with his clan decided it wasn't an issue currently. Thus granted senjin to freely state he was of the Akumazoku clan.

With no hesitation senjin attire changed and he started wearing clothing that showed off his clan. Due to past events senjin does not know where his other clans men are, but he would surely bring them back to there glory days. At the age of 28 senjin after the fall of the mizukage, he thought it best thar he left the anbu core. Due to his ranking in the core when he left he was given the rank of jounin... It has been a year since then and now he is 29 he longs for the day where he can return his clan back to the pinnacle of the mist village. Like his clans men of old...............
RP Sample: " Death is all around you...." Senjin
inner self spoke. As the young lad stood still
looking at the dead bodies that surrounded him. A
sea of crimson red flowed under his feet. The sticky
substance stuck to the bottom of his boots like
gum. The smell of burning flesh filled his nostrils. It
made him want to throw up slightly. He could hear
the screams of men, women, and even children in
the distance. " Where am I??" He stated as he
looked around seeing a group of men heading
towards him. Holding two bodies in there hands.

The bodies looked familiar to the boy even though
he couldn't guess there names. He knew they held
some importance in the boys life. Senjin wanted to
run but his body refused to let him. paralyzed in
fear one would call it. The men now counted were
six in total. All wearing red with silver helmets, only
one was wearing a red helmet and as the others
seem to flock behind him senjin could only semis
he was the leader. The group stopped about 15
meters away from senjin. Holding the two bodies
so that senjin was able to see them. There faces
were blacked out for some reason. But still senjin
knew he cared for those two. " Please stop" Senjin
muttered as the leader of the group walked up to
him and grabbed him by his hair. " Where's the fight
in you boy, show us that trick of yours". The leader
exclaimed as he pulled the hair of the boy. " Or
haven't you realized these are the only two left... We
killed everyone else".

Senjin eyes widened as he heard though words "
Everyone is dead?". He whispered as the leader
nodded to the group as they started beating on the
two they held captive. " ..... But it doesn't matter
does it...." Said his inner voice " Your wrong..."
Senjin stated. " Am I??" His inner voice said. " Your
Wrong!!" Exclaimed senjin. " The world is yours to
take.. All you have to do is open it up... Release
me... And kill.." His inner voice commanded.
"ahhhhh" senjin screamed. And everything fell
silent as a sinister laugh filled the confines of senjin
mind. All this played out in senjin mind as his body
just stood there almost lifeless.

Another one of the men walked up to senjin.
Looking him over up and down. " What's wrong
with this one? Is he asleep?". The man stated as he
bent over to look senjin in the face. As soon as he
did the left side of his head blew off vanishing
instantly. " Weakling your molecules will scatter like
sand". As the mans body slowly vanished. The
leader now letting go of senjin hair as his body fell
lifelessly to the ground. His eyes glowing red. "
What did you do..." The leader said in slight fear. "
Monster, devil, god, hero call me what you will" A
voice echoed in the area followed by a sinister
laugh. As the leader looked around for the source
as he now returned his attention back to the body
of senjin. " Monster I'll finish you". As the group
now threw the bodies they were holding to the
ground. " Fire style: Fire ball jutsu". They all stated
as 5 massive fireballs headed towards senjins body
as he now placed one hand infront of his eye. As
the balls of flame hit a smoke cloud filled the air
around the area where senjin body was laying. The
men stood there waiting to see if it had killed him.

As the clouds of smoke faded senjin was now
standing up his hand now glowing red. " analyze
existence and release". Senjin stated as a red beam
formed from his hand and shot out killing three of
the remaining men taking there heads right off
there bodies. " Break, shatter, and disappear" Were
the words that came out of senjin mouth as a,
sadistic smile appeared over his face......

Senjin awoke in his bed which was now drenched
in sweat. His body shaking slightly as he looked
into the palm of his hand as he saw his clans crest
in them glowing red " Not again..." Senjin
whispered to himself. As he once again was forced
to relive that day in his past he had wished had
never happened or moreover he could jusr forget. "
You will release me again senjin... It is only a
matter of time".. Stated his inner demon. As a
maniacal laugh rang in the confines of his mind.....

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