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CHIBI CUTIES [come get some!]

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26 Re: CHIBI CUTIES [come get some!] on Sat Jul 19, 2014 10:51 am

Sketh Matamune

Kiri Anbu Captain
Kiri Anbu Captain
Oh my god that is epic!

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27 Re: CHIBI CUTIES [come get some!] on Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:10 am

username: Expression of Will

character name: Kirite Sencha

link to app/picture: Link Link Link (He's Grimmjow) Hope those are enough/count.

background: Bed/bedroom if you can.

stance: Sexy. Laying in bed preferably, sheets covering his legs and naughty bits if possible. Maybe make him look like he just woke up? After a night... out, in, whatever. ;)

how many: This might sound weird but... in like the background could you put and octopus? So like, Kirite is maybe sitting up kind of looking into the distance and in the background/over his shoulder/behind him is an octopus? You can put its tentacles wherever you feel too.

(These are octopi! They can be quite colorful, so go wild!)

other: Paint me like one of your French girls... But seriously, do that. Just give him enough sheet coverings to make it not porn... unless you don't want to. Up to you really. (But don't do that cuz then I can display it!) ^_^

P.S. You can omit the sword/bone thing on the side of Grimmjow's face if you'd like! But you don't have to.


And no complaints from my body, so fluorescent under these lights.

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* Crono loves all these unwritten rules that contradict other unwritten rules

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@ Junpei : tis the price you pay for being a fuq boi around here

@ Kotesu : Jabo over here
@ Kotesu : Is Janitor's spokesperson

Ryuji : I think he just got confussed after reading a few posts? That's it right Pride? I mean, it has to be that, you can't be stupid enough to think you can vag manip them when everything's been stated marvelously. Right?
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