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Shinobi Revelations: A Naruto RPG

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1 Shinobi Revelations: A Naruto RPG on Wed Jul 02, 2014 5:48 pm

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Over Konoha some hundred years ago, black clouds stretched for miles and the sun was nowhere to be seen. Below, the shadows of destruction lingered over the now-obliterated village of the leaves. Barren, gone, thousands dead and more dying by the moment from the aftermath of the great Shinra Tensei. Nagato and his Six Paths of Pain beset upon the remaining battle-capable survivors and interrogated them all until he finally received word of Naruto's true location.

Unfortunately, Naruto's appearance was too late. Pain was prepared for his appearance, and quickly dispatched of the Toad Sages and all of their warriors. Konoha's legacy ended in ruins, and those few who could escape went far off towards the coast. Nagato spent the next year collecting Bee and the Eight-Tails, to which Ay and the people of Kumogakure were unable to prevent despite all of their best efforts. Nagato's plans came to fruition, and he gathered the sealed bijuu in their new homeplace: Sunagakure. Not taking the risk of unleashing this weapon in Amegakure, Nagato sought to kickstart the destruction elsewhere.

With all of Akatsuki gathered at the summoned Gedo Mazo statue, they began the sealing ritual for the Eight Tails. Upon its completion, Gedo Mazo remained still, its mouth open as it gawked at those who fed it. Its carved stone began to twitch with a dark chakra, and the statue itself began to reshape. A grotesque and unnerving process, the stone transformed into what soon appeared to be a much darker, much more intimidating Rashomon Gate. The true appearance of it would be lost in that moment. Its gate sprung open in an instant, something far faster than any of the Akatsuki were prepared for.

A blinding light shattered the silence of the desert, soon encompassing even all of Sunagakure, some fifty miles away from the origin of the Demon Gate. As the light faded, a swirling vortex of red and purple remained within the gate's mouth. Unidentifiable creatures began to spill forth from this door, and the recovering Akatsuki were forced to engage them. It was not long before they came out in the hundreds by the second, quickly overwhelming those powerful fighters. The hoards encroached out upon the sands after consuming the masses of chakra that were Kisame and Nagato, soon leaving their corpses behind.

Sunagakure was the first to be consumed by the invasion. Gaara and all of the forces he could muster spent their final days holed up inside the village, continuously killing all those who managed to scale the walls or breach the gates. It did not help that he was in grief from the loss of Konoha. The final stand was a futile effort to last longer than they did, but this was not Pain. This was unlike anything that have ever experienced. After a month of attrition, the fighters of Sunagakure finally fell. Demons did not rest. People did.

By this point, the masses had grown to innumerable levels. They branched out in all directions, devastating the minor countries and plunging the world into chaos. Much history passed as Amegakure became one massive, steel home and Konoha's ruins were filled to the brim with a glob of chakra. In their final stand, the Akatsuki had managed to damage the gate itself. It was some three months after its opening that it finally crumbled from the pressue of eschewing thousands of unspeakable horros from another place.

A darkness fell over the planet, but those major villages and the Land of Iron seemed to coexist. Kumogakure was naturally unscathed, as was a majority of Kirigakure's outlying islands and peoples. Iwagakure has moved and is now once again rebuilding, and the Land of Iron continues to hold out against those rabid forms which threaten their daily lives. Konoha has rebuilt its legacy and now exists in the Land of Waves, making its stand on the island where Uzushiogakure once was. How long it will be until something much darker emerges into view is unknown even to today's strongest peoples. The bijuu have vanished since their sealing. The weapons of the seven swordsmen and the three jewels are all but a myth now.

Can humanity overcome this insurmountable crisis?

    Update: 7/2
  • All Kage Ranks are taken.
  • All Village Jounin are Open.
  • Hiring new members of Staff.
  • Site is now ready for an official Opening.
  • Any Questions please direct to Sasme Raiki, or Zevas.
  • Admins are online every single day, no matter what.

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