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The Path to Power [Training]

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1 The Path to Power [Training] on Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:03 pm



Name: Find Yourself
Rank: C-rank
Type: Normal
Mission given by: Raikage
Rewards: 250 Ryo
Participants: 1 Only [any rank]
Daily: Can only be done once per Character
Description: The Raikage has created a special mission for all shinobi who are element deficient. The mission objective is to learn your first element. This mission is created in order to strengthen the Kumogakure army which is already one of the largest in the shinobi world.

-1st Element cost 200 Ryo plus 600 Words, meaning that this mission will increase the word count of the first element by 100 AND only reward 50 Ryo.

Learning an element had not been on Hakai’s to do list, nor did she believe it would had ever made the list. So why was she here, at Kumogakure’s training grounds attempting to learn an element she did not want? Simple really, she was only here at the behest of the Raikage, you know the person who ruled over Kumo, he not wanting his Shinobi to be elementally deficient. And since she was apart of the Anbu corps, well learning her first element seemed to be rather important even though she was not a Ninjutsu enthusiast, but a Kenjutsu one. Either way, her opinion of how an utter waste of her time elemental training would be had fallen upon deaf ears, and thus she had sourly made her way to where she was standing now.

She huffed, quite irritated with this entire thing, though she would not voice it. Who would even listen? No one was around last she had checked, and she had checked the area thoroughly per her Anbu training. Instead, she took out a piece of blank paper, paper she had retrieved on her way to the training grounds though not without difficulty. Apparently chakra paper was hard to come by within the lands that Kumo was saturated in. How could that possibly be, she hadn’t known. But what she did know was that the Raikage, or whoever was in charge of ordering the special pieces of paper, needed to fix it. The very reminder of having wasted a precious twenty minutes of her life looking for a shop that carried the damn things was enough to irritate her further. And since she hadn’t wanted to go through that again, for the Raikage could always request her to learn another elemental affinity, she had stocked up on the paper.

It had cost her quite some money, but she had barely noticed for money really was never an issue for her, nor had it ever or will ever be. It was one of the various perks of being born into a prestigious family of wealth and influence. It certainly overshadowed the con of having to keep up appearances for the sake of the family, though she really hadn’t had a hard time doing such a thing, having learned and gotten use to it when she was a child.

She sighed deeply, eyes staring at the paper she held in-between her fingers, seemingly studying the thing. Hakai had bought enough to guess whatever elements she had, as well as having enough to screw up when ever she damn pleased, but she would not waste them. If anything, the remaining sheets of paper would be going to those who needed them, or whenever she retired from Anbu and became a Jounin with a team of her own, she would use them then. But until such a day would arrive, she needed to complete this task, she did have other things to do today besides learn an elemental affinity. Though, now that she thought about it, perhaps this task was far better than the one that would happen later on today.

She contemplated taking her time with the task, if only to avoid the party her parents would be hosting in the afternoon. Though after thinking about the two options, listing the pros and cons of both, she decided that getting this task over with so that she may go home and prepare would be the better choice. So, without further ado, she maneuvered the paper from between her fingers to the palm of her hand. With a single deep breath, she channeled chakra into the palm of her hand, her eyes fixated on the paper that would determine her elemental affinity.

She, despite not wanting one, was hoping for an element that would be useful. For if she must have one, she very much wanted the element to have the capability to be used in conjunction with her Kenjutsu. And as if the Gods were listening to her silent request, the paper within her hand split in two, a sign that her element was Fuuton. A smile spread across Hakai’s face, for an element such as Fuuton could definitely be used in conjunction with her Kenjutsu. And thus, without further ado, and having completed the task, she left the training grounds. Her destination, home, so that she may prepare for the extravagant party that would commence this evening.

[738 - Fuuton Attained | Mission Complete]

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