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Shattered Eclipse

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1 Shattered Eclipse on Fri Jul 25, 2014 7:52 am


It has been a hundred years since the Volturi came and left unsatisfied. The Cullens knew they would come back, but when?
The Cullens, minus Renesmee, left Forks soon after for a bit. People where beginning to question Carlisle's age, so they had to leave a while, heading to New York. It wasn't as good as Forks, but it would do...for the time being.
Not long after the Cullens left Renesmee had a daughter, Alexis. The pack and the Cullens all loved and spoiled her. She was unique and truly one of a kind with a hybrid mother and a shifter father, no one knew how she would end up.

Renesmee missed her mom, but she loved Jacob. Over time, Sam's pack quit shifting, seeing no point to have a huge pack with the Cullens gone and everything. Yet, Leah, Seth, and Jacob did not. They could not leave the town unprotected with the Volturi out there, no matter what. Even though they pained over the death's of their friends, who died from old age, they knew they had a job to do and would not fail.

When the Cullens did come back, new werewolves joined Jacob's pack. Andrew, Deven, Legion, Michael, and Damien. They were a rowdy bunch of teenagers, but they respected their Alpha, Jacob, and his second-in-command Leah. Though Leah did not get along well with them and no one can guess why. The newcomers are disturbed by her cold shoulder but they still respect her, no matter how harsh she is.

Life in Forks is never easy however. The Volturi is still unhappy with the Cullens for making them look bad that day a hundred years ago. They decided to send Dimitri and one of their newer coven members, Lucas, to Forks for a while to see how things with the Cullens are going.
It is not long before Jacob and Renesmees daughter Alexis meets Lucas and an instant attraction starts between them. Though they have tried to hide their feelings you can't pick who you love.
Can Her family and his coven learn to co-exist or will the Volturi see this as a threat and start a war?

Only Time will Tell.

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