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42 42 564 Redux: Soul Eater RP

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1 42 42 564 Redux: Soul Eater RP on Sat Aug 23, 2014 5:17 am

42 Admin


Witches. Werewolves. Demons. Angels. Humans - and human weapons. The world of Soul Eater is a grand, magical, and dangerous place, where any friend or foe may be lurking around the corner. Endless power struggles ravage the inhabitants of this strange world, with two of the main battlers being the Witch's Coven and Shibusen, an elite school for meisters and weapons to learn, fight, and work together. These bonds between partners are arguably the main driving force of Soul Eater - and disputably of Shibusen. And these meister-weapon teams - among some outside help - has done much to help the world around it.

Since the battle on the moon, things have been relatively calm for the students of Shibusen. With the Kishin defeated, and the Witches now on their side, there’s simply been less evil to worry about. But now a new and enigmatic foe looms over Shibusen called the Malenculi. Who are these new magic wielders? Where do they come from and what do they want? And what of the Forge? Have we heard the last from the organization and its weapon stealing ways, or have they simply retreated to regroup and strike again at the right moment? Will our heroes be able to balance schoolwork with kicking butt?! Click the banner above to join the fight!

Will you help bring about justice, or fuel the chaos?


42 42 564 REDUX is the sequel to the original 42 42 564: an OC-based Soul Eater RP set in canon timelines. But that doesn't mean that Soul and Maka are the only students that get to shine! Here at 42, we put emphasis on our own plot. Canon characters are not assigned to specific members, and are instead used as NPCs when necessary. Instead, members are encouraged to think outside the box to fully enjoy the fun, creative (and a little bit scary) world of the Soul Eater-verse, and to come up with as many weird and wonderful ideas as their hearts desire. Who is your character? An evil Witch using magic to fight students? A Demon Weapon of powerful form? A brawling Golem Tech? A cautious, but successful Demon Tool Tech? Or something new entirely! The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. We have a friendly community with admins and moderators that are more than happy to help with and hear out new ideas and suggestions. We focus on fun and character development while retaining a strong sense of community. Come join us!

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