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Sabure Hyuuga {Complete}

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1 Sabure Hyuuga {Complete} on Tue Sep 09, 2014 8:16 pm


Suna Genin
Suna Genin

"Only the strong may live forever."

Name: Sebastian Hyuuga
Nickname: Sabure
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Village: Sunagakure
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: D-Rank

Weight: 175lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: White
Looks Image: See Above
Looks Description: Sabure is easily seen as a kid that holds himself, as well as all the things he does, in high regard. He has a very proud posture whenever he stands and even something as simple as walking simply shows that the man is someone of high stature. He stands at 5'8 and has particularly broad shoulders. He weighs 135lbs and has the build of a individual that obviously stays in shape just by looking at his toned body. His skin tone is slightly tanned making him just a shade darker than the average Japanese male. His hair is black and fairly long easily reaching the center of his back, thus he will always keep it tied back leaving only the front most part of his hair untied. His eyes are almost like the moon in appearance due to them being a shade of white, this added with his natural fierce look may make him appear intimidating to some. His teeth are white and the canine teeth are slightly longer than the average person giving him a more animalistic side to his natural appearance. 

In terms of attire, Sabure has very simple tastes in fashion since he does see himself as "the perfect shinobi", so he will normally dress in clothes that reflect as such. He has three layers of upper body attire that are both comfortable and do not hinder his movements in any way at all. The first layer is a simple long sleeved white shirt that fits perfectly to his body and the length of the shirt stops just at the waist area, this shirt is always tucked in. Over the first layer he wears a fairly larger black shirt that fits a bit more loosely than the first layer shirt. The sleeves are very large and have secret pockets in them that may hold minor things such as letters or none pointy objects. This shirt too is always tucked in and it allows only slight visibility of the first layer shirt just at the neck area. The final layer is an all white vest that stretches down to the knees and is the most loose article of clothing on his body. The vest has several little pockets on the inside where actual small weapons can be put such as senbon or darts. On the back of this vest is his family symbol of the Hyuuga.

His lower body attire matches the second layer and third layer in terms of color scheme. The pants are made of the same fabric as the second layer and are black. The belt of the of the pants is black and made of the same fabric as the third layer. The pants themselves go all the way down and folds so that they can tuck into the all black socks that are on the feet. In terms of foot wear, Sabure technically has none though his socks are extremely durable and made to be able to walk even on glass without it cutting into his foot.


Personality Description:

A very observant individual, Sebastian is almost always reserved or calm in any situation. Being more of a thinker, he prefers to simply sit in the background while quietly chasing his ambitions. He isn't so much distrustful as he is aware. He doesn't put much past anyone, always feeling that under the right circumstances anyone is capable of anything. Which isn't something he holds against people, being that he is fully aware he is capable of the same. He simply comes off more guarded at a first meeting than he would with someone he has known for a long while. Sizing up a person to see if they are as genuine as they claim to be. This sometimes makes him give off a inquisitive air about him, not necessarily pumping people for info but rather allowing them simply talk to much. With a sort of "gift of gab", its rather easy to get on people's good side; a trait he is known for. He knows how to remain aloof and yet show subtle signs of interest. Often giving him a mysterious and unpredictable appeal air about him. He doesn't make himself unapproachable, in fact, he enjoys the company of others and isn't shy around new people. Just a bit more cautious about what he says and does mostly.

Though he is very emphatic, he is a firm believer in letting one learn from their mistakes. He feels that always helping someone from their problems cripples them. His philosophy is that one cannot truly grow unless they learn to overcome the obstacles life throws at them. This in mind, he will almost never assist someone if he deems the person capable of handling it. So long as a life isn't immediately in danger, he is the sort to see how things play out; feeling he is doing the person in question a service rather than being callous. In truth, he cares deeply for any one he calls friend or comrade. With his troubled past, Sebastian has seen and lived in a dog eat dog world. In order to not only survive, but to thrive in the world one must be mentally built for it. And lessons learned firsthand always show just exactly where one stands in the world. To cheat someone out of something of the magnitude, in Sebastian's mind, is just as bad as killing them. Because if someone who isn't cut for a task is chosen to see it done, others could be effected in the worst ways. A harsh philosophy, but one Sebastian believes wholeheartedly to be true and thus almost always acts accordingly.

Though he is not easily angered, he does not take kindly to threats. He will gladly face any sort of thread face to face, regardless of circumstances and will not waver. Sebastian is far from fearless but where most would freeze from the feeling as they try to fight it, Sebastian accepts the feeling as a normal reaction and copes. He will never admit he needs help, due to his philosophy, and meet his problems head on. A weakness, some would say, since Sebastian is quite indiscriminate when it comes to dealing with his problems. However, he will not turn down help if it doesn't jeopardize a mission or if it is of the person's own volition. Sebastian knows the value of teamwork thus he will never simply let someone he cares for or allied with die. If he can tell by the situation at hand that the task is to difficult, without question Sebastian would interfere. Because the dead can't learn from dying.

Sebastian is a very driven and ambitious young man, always eager to showcase his skill and ability in any competition. Despite his normally calm demeanor, he shows more emotion when in any contest. Simply put the young man can't resist a challenge, mostly out of sheer pride and the feeling of being victorious. There is also a sense of "testing ones merit" as he would say, to see whose path had benefited whom the most. Combat or politics, Sebastian takes joy in both as it keeps his mind sharp and aware. Under the ideals that a weak body makes a poor warrior and dull mind makes poor scholar, Sebastian is a well-read and physically fit individual. One of the few ways to actually get under the young man's skin is to interrupt his training or studying. A task not easily done due to the sheer amount of focus and determination he pours into both tasks.

A Good Fight
Older Women
Friends & Family

Traitors (Pending on the Situation)
Any Hyuuga (Initially Anyway)
Pointless Killing

Catch Phrases: "Imperius Rex"
Nindo: "Your path is your own. Conquer it."

Element Affinity: N/A
Sub Element Affinity: N/A

Born just before sunrise on a warm summers morning, Sebastian Hyuuga was born into the main branch of the Hyuuga clan. To a foreign mother and the Hyuuga Clan leader's youngest brother, Senbure Hyuuga. Being that the mother was a foreigner to the land, the union was exactly accepted by the entirety of the clan. Few ever grew to vocal about it, however, due to Senbure's swift temper and renowned skill as a shinobi. Despite this, some still treated the foreign woman with indifference to the point that few would even spare words to the woman. By the time Sebastian was able to be aware of the world around him, all he was met with harsh expressions and cold stares. His father, being the shinobi he was, left little room for love and affection one would expect from a father. Senbure was extremely strict and tolerated nothing short of success. He instilled in his son the values that not only a shinobi, but a man must live by. Failure to measure up was met with the harshest punishment one might do to child without striking them, the striking was always saved for physical training. At that age, Sebastian saw his father as nothing more than a cruel tyrant. Living up to his father's expectations had ultimately forced the young Sebastian to pay no heed to the opinions of others. Especially if it went against his father's teachings.

It was his mother Lady Claudia, a blonde with green eyes, that served as the boys refuge away from his father and the clan. He would confide in her all the thoughts of hatred and disdain for the clan and his father's treatment towards him, and she would quiet her sons rage with logic. For it was she that taught him how to deal with even the nastiest of foes calmly and swiftly. Rather than seek a way around the life that was given to him, embrace and thrive in it. One did not have to be loved in order to become great, and the world was filled with those that want nothing more than to see someone struggle. She directed Sebastian to see people for what they are and allow them to be just that. Focus only on his path and allow none to diminish his resolve.

The years leading up to his arrival in the academy continued to be a major obstacle, being under the militaristic upbringing of his father. By the time he was allowed entrance into the academy at the age of 10, he was quite the knowledgeable young boy. Like a living trophy, Senbure displayed his son to his peers. While most would grow tired of that sort of life, Sebastian had come to accept the behavior of his father. In the young boys mind, all the blood, sweat, and tears deserved to be acknowledged. If being the best earned him the respect and acknowledgement of his peers then he was fine with it. Sadly, before he could officially join the academy, tragedy struck the family in the form of his father's betrayal of the clan leader.

Senbure Hyuuga, along with a few of his followers, made an attempt take leadership by force. Before doing so, he sent Sebastian and his mother to Sunagakure until the task was done. The result being that his father was captured and tossed into prison. None know exactly why Senbure had gone so far as to stage a coup, but the result was the same regardless. However, Sebastian himself was left with his father's intentions. Before being sent away, Senbure explained to Sebastian that he had been so hard on the boy because he was the man's legacy. The Hyuuga clan had declined in power due to the Uchiha rise to power. For many centuries, the Hyuuga remained on the sidelines during the war between the Senju and Uchiha. It was time for a change. Senbure only offered a side glance and nod as a show of affection, which was more than the father had ever shown his son. Sebastian, fighting back his tears, nodded with a straight face; just as his father had taught.

Upon arriving to Sunagakure, word of the betrayal had already spread. Painful as it was to hear the news, Sebastian overcame the pain and continued on the path his life had set before him. In order to avoid unwanted attention, Sebastian began the ninja academy a year later at the age of 11 and graduated by the age of 13. The 3 years to follow were filled with missions being done, though the village itself had feel into disarray around the same time. The village itself had fallen under the rule of Kumogakure, who insisted all shinobi in Suna bow before its might. Like the rest, Sebastian and his mother both gave their allegiance to the villages new ruler. It wasn't until only recently that Suna had regained its independence again and Sebastian viewed this as a time to make his own mark on the world. Having spent 3 years as a genin, he was more than ready to show off his skill to the world. In the name of the Hyuuga, his father, and most importantly in his own name.

RP Sample:

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2 Re: Sabure Hyuuga {Complete} on Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:12 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

This has been here longer than two weeks. Thusly so, this shall be archived. PM an Admin if you want it back.

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3 Re: Sabure Hyuuga {Complete} on Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:41 am


Suna Genin
Suna Genin


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4 Re: Sabure Hyuuga {Complete} on Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:09 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin


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