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One Piece: New World

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1 One Piece: New World on Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:41 am



One Piece - New World is a newly formed RP forum with it's storyline taking place in the far future of the CANON plot of One Piece, during a time of a grand conqueror having caused great war, working together with the marines to end up taking control of a great part of the world. Now, the marines and the conqueror hold the authority over the most of the world, while a rivaling Yonkou rises to oppose and rebel against them. Which side will you choose, to rebel and liberate, to conquer and fight, or perhaps something else?

Join us for our featured system including:

  • A solid weapon system
  • The Traits System
  • Player immersion into the setting of the forum
  • A decent, not too complicated stats system
  • Innovative and fun Grand Line system
  • New World locations

Interested? Take a look on the forum!

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