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A new way to play Naruto

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1 A new way to play Naruto on Sun Oct 05, 2014 5:53 pm



- Played on a Program called OpenRpg live, with other players.
- Allows for opposed dice roll to determine success and map awareness.
- Played using a homebrewed system with many custom ways of building your character!
- Largely text-based roleplaying, with no wait.
- Persistant Events, stories and player interactions.
- Go from Genin to Kage in ranks!
- Permadeath, with 'new character' benefits.
- Far, far more.

(Below is a persistant storyline of the various NW storylines, each time skip represents a playing period.)

The end of the Fourth Shinobi World War allowed the entire world to breathe a collective sigh of relief. The five great shinobi villages had allied for the first time in history emerged victorious despite staggering casualties. New bonds were formed and stances relaxed, it speaks wonders of the integrity of those shinobi that there were no betrayals in the aftermath and recovery. Nobody used the weakened state of their allies for gain, nobody used it as an opportunity to fulfill an old vendetta. Wearied and victorious, the shinobi returned to their home countries to mourn their dead.

Though there's no exact death toll, more than half the ninja population on the face of the planet were eradicated in that single conflict and mostly in the final battles. Most historians now put the death toll on the lower end; closer to three quarters after discovering some Shinobi had fled or survived impossible injuries. Medical & Battle reports are sloppy at best, indicating the immediate danger to even distant command & control.

It was no surprise when the ensuing decades were some of the most peaceful the continent had ever seen. Villages were more occupied with meeting the needs of their home countries, repairing infrastructure and the like, while training the next generation of shinobi. As opposed to finding ways to outmaneuver and backstab one another as in the past. The first use of shinobi in actual warfare after the Great War came thirty years later, when ninja from the Cloud Village were hired to harass the supply lines of a feudal lord massing troops along a neighbor's border.

Eighty Years later, Tensions would rise once again.

Now far more recovered their Shinobi would once again begin contracts anew, competing with the other villages where they felt they had strength once again. That, in turn, led to natural escalations; Cloud sends Genin to harass supply lines, so Mist sends Chuunin to interfere, so Cloud sends Special Jounin to provide 'tactical advice', so Mist sends a squad of Jounin to chase them away. This back and forth happens time and time again, with no real gain or loss outside of the original mission.

Eventually and a cycle of resentment starts anew, more focused on outer influences than inter-village ones. Border skirmishes between minor lords turned into open skirmishes between ninja. For the most part - an unspoken code of conduct was followed, given the previous cooperation: Shinobi avoided out-right killing other Shinobi and when defeated would surrender gracefully and be allowed to return to their home village, usually for a sum of money out of appreciation of holding this agreement. This was a cocky generation that had never known the horrors of true war or real loss --there were still Chuunin and even Jounin who've never had to end a human life.

But with every accident that occurs, tensions have been rising with each village becoming just a bit more wary of its neighbors and the missions they undertake, a little more distrusting of strangers and that much less hesitant to say no when someone needs a political rival assassinated.

A period known as the Downward Spiral continued from the previous tensions. As time passed, a different shade of reality became apparent. Ninja villages are not self-sufficient: they rely on a steady stream of income from their country's feudal lords and clients across the continent. Without the constant web of spying, assassinations and agendas, the perpetual ebbing of conflicts, ninja were suddenly not so necessary.

As the villages finished mending their wounds, they turned to the world as a whole seeking work - ignoring boundries and territories... And found barely any, as if they had been outgrown. Tasks for ninja became fewer and further between, the villages pursued the few that were around more competitively, fighting for work against the other Villages, lowering prices and lowering the value of their art.

This had an adverse side-effect of strangling work from the minor villages across the globe, forcing them to focus inwardly in self-sufficience, take risks like work against the larger villages and more uniquely, change their business model all-together...

A New Paradigm: paradigm (n) A typical example or pattern of something; a model

A minor village, Takigakure the Hidden Waterfall Village, had never been particularly significant. It was near border crossings of four of the five great nations --all but Water Country-- and a shoreline to the ocean. It had just enough territory that it wasn't ravaged by the superior forces of the borders that surrounded it and Shinobi from Takigakure had learnt how to particularly avoid conflict. This diplomacy would help greatly, when they changed things up.

They started doing something that no village had in the past: selling missions. Taking contracts from other places and marking them up on bullitin boards for others to collect. While other village's shinobi were off fulfilling requests that had been brought to them by people in dire need of services done, Waterfall dispatched their Shinobi to actively gather requests, to find nobles and merchants and villages in need of rivals bullied or bandits dispatched. A new kind of service was created.

Then, they took those tasks and offered them to any other village who would take them. At first, the great villages were reluctant to accept - viewing it as an affront to their dignity and old ways, however when Leaf was the first village to overcome their pride and see what was going on, other Villages were Unwilling to lose their competitive edge and soon followed suit.

Within two years, every major village and most remaining minor ones, had semi-permanent 'embassies' in Waterfall Village, hiring the land in order to make this arrangement acceptable. And while none of the villages are dependant upon Waterfall's services, none are willing to give up that economic advantage without their rivals doing the same thing first.

But the rubbing of elbows between opposing ninja gave way to many problems and many connections that led to problems for at least a decade. They knew it would lead to fighting and general antagonism, but breaking the sanctions that kept not just the ninja, but the village secrets safe was just enough to start a small war.

The first war that occured was between two major villages; Mist and Leaf, flexed their muscles and postured, after a Mist Chuunin was violated by the hand of a Special Jounin 'acting without orders' - he had stolen her blood for her Kekkei Genkai. There was outrage and Takigakure penalized Leaf for violating their borders, but ultimately the war was a showing of will. Suprisingly losses on both sides were low. It ended when Bear Country errupted in heated war, allowing the major villages a new method of indirectly attacking one another.

Three different minor villages were fighting over the territory that was open for dispute. The long forgotten Hidden Moon village had reappeared after vanishing for a century, contesting the lands the Star ninja now claimed. Another minor village, Snow, saw this as an opportunity to come in and expand onto new land, making it a three-way war.

The Minor Villages would hire ninja from other places to constantly try to get an edge on each other. Fifteen years before the start of our story, the ongoing war between Snow, Star, and Moon ended in a terrible mutual destruction as the proxy forces from other villages launched a multi-prong attack against each other. For the first time in a few generations the ninja world had known destruction. Fuelled by the selfish and competitive backing of the Major Villages.

Takigakure had risen up as a powerful hidden village as a result of the significant strategy of searching actively for missions wherever they could be found and selling them to the other villages. It has developed quite a power as a neutral sovereign by refining this system and regulating it by enforcing penalties on villages which do not follow the code of conduct within their borders or while on their missions. And though just one of the other Major Villages likely could stomp out Takigakure, no doubt losing an easy to moderate economic source would lead the other Major Villages to turn on the lone Village - giving Takigakure a symbiotic relationship with the rest of the Shinobi world.

The Samurai of Iron country are almost a relic of the past and remained largely isolated culturally, focusing inwardly on themselves and ignoring the world around them politically. The country has grown to rival Rain as a developed nation - focusing on their economic power and development of scholarly pursuits. They tend to develop and produce most products other nations use currently, exporting finely crafted weapons and other interesting goods.

Astrology was a very popular pursuit in this country, the study of things beyond the world. It was a respected study, observing and theorising on celestial spirit bodies in the night sky. As telescopes allowed for closer views, minds began to open to more possibility. This scholaryly activity was suddenly thrust into importance though, as their discovery was chilling.

For the second time in recorded history, the country of Iron called a Summit Among the Kages. This of course, made everyone understandable nervous; the last time this nation called such a meeting was the Great War over ninty five years ago. Each country's Leaders and Representatives headed there, expectant of bad news.

Three years. That was how long until destruction upon a level the world had never experienced was coming. A comet, known as the Onidama for its red color and twin tails, was on a direct course to impact the world. But not all was lost to the revelation of this terrible news. Iron was already developing a counter measure - they had resurfaced a weapon from the ancient past, which is only missing a key component - massive amounts of chakra conductive metal. With this weapon, they believe they can prevent this comet from arriving. Despite concerns this was a false red flag and some even doubting evidence, a pact was formed. Each nation would gather as much chakra conductive metal as possible for the deployment of this weapon to save all their mutual hides.


Thanks for reading so far! If you like what you've read so far, check us out. OpenRPG is great for tabletop games, such as D&D, Star Wars D20 and various Home-made games like Bleach, Naruto and Dragonball Z.

You can get OpenRPG 1.8.0 here, by following the instructions on the page: OpenRPG. And meet us on the server by running the program and clicking on 'Game Server', then select the Naruto server. Make sure to set a name for yourself with the /name (text) or by going into the OpenRPG settings.

Our forums are located here, with Dozens of players already waiting to play and help you learn the program.

As for Naruto, it's a highly customizable game based around Leaf, Mist and Sand. Featuring Hundreds of Jutsu, Dozens of Clans, Hundreds of abilities to specialise yourself with, dozens of Uniques to design your character and Talents, for unlocking special abilities like Sage Mode, Gates or Summoning Contracts.

Even if you're not big on dice, come and say hello. You might be suprised and like what you see. :)

2 Note on Sun Oct 05, 2014 8:03 pm


Just a note; the forum is just a formality. The game is exclusively played on Openrpg.

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