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A Squad In The Making (Private/Katashi/Chikara/Aiko)

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Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

He wasn’t there, and with eyes slightly narrowed she came to the conclusion that Erwin had managed to retrieve Katashi before she got to him. She had been prepared to turn upon her heel and search for Akio, but a hand upon her shoulder and the voice of her sensei had halted those actions. Her homunculus head snapped to the figure who had rested his hand upon the shoulder, those crimson eyes devoid of life stared at him but it didn’t do anything. Chikara herself didn’t say anything either nor did she do anything, though every muscle in her body wanted to lash out at Erwin out of pure instinct and she may had done so if her mind hadn’t been as fast as her body. Sheer willpower was keeping Chikara still and when her senses had calmed down and her body relax she would adjust her head so that she was looking up at the man’s face.

She prevented a scowl from crossing her face as her eyes landed on the still unconscious Katashi. Eyes shifted back to Erwin, looking over his face for a moment before a grin crossed her face, purging the cold and calculating persona from her psyche as she shifted to the one that people had come to expect of her. “That was fun,” Chikara chirped, eyes glancing at the homunculus as she waved her hand dismissively at the creature. With the test over, and thus its duties fulfilled, the homunculus would liquefy, splashing upon the ground and tainting the grass red. “I should had brought her out sooner,” Chikara stated, staring at the remains of her servant before closing her eyes, her mind dismissing the crimson mist that had been she had worked quite hard to summon. It would be gone within moments, the white blanket that was the normal Kiri mist visible now that it was no longer tainted red.

With the blood mist gone, and her sensei satisfied, she wasn’t sure, Chikara would follow the man to where Akio was. She skipped behind him, humming a seemingly merry tune to nobody but herself as her head bobbed up and down to the beat. She would only stop upon reaching Akio’s location in which case she would kindly hand over the whip whilst thanking him for allowing her to utilize it before turning those crimson eyes upon Erwin. “Did we do good?”

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Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin
”Stand down, the test is over.” Akio would hear to his disappointment as he retracted all the bones he had formed back into his body. Grunting in disappointment he would look over to Chikara, the direction Erwin's voice came from. Just as he looked Akio would notice the red mist fall to the ground before noticing a clone made out of blood collapse as well. To his surprise Chikara's powers were more useful then he had thought not only could she mold it and attack she had the defensive cloud and even a clone she could utilize if need be.

As Chikara began to follow Erwin over to Akio. The furry in the Chunin's eyes began to dissipate before he went to meet them in the middle of the field. “Did we do good?” Chikara would ask, supposedly to Erwin as the two meant up with Akio. Accepting the whip back Akio would inspect it, noticing it was barely used before pressing his palm against the base of the whip and adsorbing it as well. Turning to focus on Erwin the blue haired shinobi would be panting softly as he waited for the man to tell them if they were in the green for the test. Then not to mention the matter of Katashi who was still unconscious from being strangled with his own scarf. Rolling his eyes Akio looked at Katashi then back at Erwin. "I guess we know who out of this group should be here and who shouldn't."

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A-Rank Jutsu: 50 Chakra Cost
S-Rank Jutsu: Cannot Use
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”That was fun.” It seemed Chikara had switched back to her more bubbly facade now that the fighting was over, dismissing her clone made of blood in the process. ”I should had brought her out sooner.” ”That’s what these exercises are for, to learn and adapt.” Erwin responded in a polite but professional tone as Chikara dismissed the mist, walking towards Akio with Katashi strung over his left shoulder. He could tell Akio was a bit disappointed that the test was over, even though the Chuunin had already used up the majority of his chakra, the grunt Erwin had heard made that clear enough. Both students could stand to learn how to conserve their energy and when to retreat should they run low on chakra, but that was a lesson for another day. Erwin also noticed that Chikara switched to her facade rather well, even going as far as humming and skipping along behind him.

”Did we do good?” ”Hmm…” Erwin thought it over while Chikara returned Akio’s spine/whip, which he then absorbed into his palm. Things didn’t exactly go as planned but they did prove themselves capable of both combat and thinking outside the box. ”I’d say you did just fine, even if things didn’t exactly go as planned.” Erwin responded in a professional tone as he shifted his gaze between the two of them. Usually he was the one pulling the unknown stunts to throw in the reality of just how little of a real mission you can predict but this time his students changed the rules on him, with the opportunity these two could be capable of great things. ”I guess we know who out of this group should be here and who shouldn’t” ”Yes, he isn’t quite ready yet.”

The Chuunin may or may not have been surprised of the fact that Erwin was agreeing with him rather than scolding him for bad mouthing a comrade but that didn’t change the truth, Katashi wasn’t ready for this squad. ”That concludes this meeting, you are dismissed.” Erwin would say in a professional tone as he nodded farewell to his two new students before walking towards the exit of the training grounds. ”I’ll be calling upon you in the days to come, be ready.” He said in a loud enough voice for them to hear him over his shoulder as he made his way towards the exit. First he would need to pick up his officer’s jacket and trench coat from the restaurant where they met then he could drop Katashi off at the hospital.


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[Total: 11445]
[Chakra: 182.5/250]


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Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Chikara eyes would gaze at Akio for a while upon the departure of Erwin, before her back was turned with her hands held behind her back. “He said we did a good job Akio, but I don’t think we did,” she stated, those eyes attempting to pierce the veil of mist before closing, “neither of us landed a blood drawing hit on him, which is sad, but something that we can fix. But for the moment, how about we have some lunch?” She said as she headed for the exit to the training grounds so that she may eat at one of those shops on the populated streets of Kirigakure, with or without Akio, all the while analyzing what could be done next time.

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