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Sukochi Kazan

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1 Sukochi Kazan on Tue Oct 21, 2014 3:43 pm

"Without strength, you wont be able to save anyone"

Name: Sukochi(Scorch) Kazan
Nickname: "Kizaru"
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Village: Ex-Konoha | Akatsuki
Village Rank: A
Skill Rank: A

Weight: 75kg
Hair color: Pure Black
Eye Color: Pure Black
Looks Image: Top / Avi
Looks Description: Kizaru is an incredibly tall man. Kizaru is a middle aged man but due to his moderate amount of wrinkles on his face, black hair, and a very thin beard. He looks a lot older then his real age. His standard outfit consists of a red striped suit with a Akatsuki coat draped over his shoulders like a cape, his arms not in its sleeves. Kizaru also wears pure white shoes, lava-red tinted sunglasses, and a dark green shirt with a mauve tie under his red suit. There is a tiny wristwatch on his left wrist, underneath the sleeve of his suit. He is generally seen wearing a relaxed grin on his face no matter the situation. As a child he wore a large red striped hat, much like his older self's suit, a red vest and he still had his grin that he maintained through out his life. In his youth, he wore a white skull cap and he had no facial hair.

Personality Description: Kizaru seems to be very laid-back and easygoing, speaking rather slowly and occasionally drawing out the last word of his sentences, which is strange to everyone around him. He takes everything lightly regardless of the severity of the moment. In surprising, perilous and unexpected situations, he is apparently never shocked. He is also completely calm and cool-headed, even in tense situations. He speaks in a politely sarcastic manner and is very mocking towards his enemies. He often taunts and belittles his foes in and out of battle. He can be quite absent-minded and irresponsible. He also seems to prefer his own name, Kizaru, rather than his alias. If nothing else, Sukochi appears to be more lax than his peers and everybody he meets giving the feeling of a pushover dude. However, he has shown his ruthlessness. While he never has expressed any sympathy for or against the philosophy of Absolute Justice, Sukochi's careless behavior shows very little mercy towards his enemies, particularly whom he has targeted. Sukochi often comments that some of the abilities of his opponents are quite frightening. Since Sukochi always delivers such admissions of fear with a deadpan expression on his face and his usual lackadaisical tone of voice, it is never clear if he is mocking his opponents or if he is being serious.


  • Red
  • Quiet
  • Unclear Justice
  • Killing enemies
  • Seeing abilities of others


  • Blue
  • Loud
  • Enemies
  • Criminals in his eyes
  • Corrupted systems, laws and forces
  • Villages

Catch Phrases:

  • "What power, what a monster... so terrifying."
  • "Victory or defeat can be determined in a single moments misstep."
  • "Without strength, you won't be able to save anyone."


  • Strength is the key to success.

Element Affinity: Yoton
Sub Element Affinity: Doton

Pre birth - Birth:

31 Years ago, a young boy with a bright future ahead of him was born in the hospital of Konohagakure - the village hidden in the leaves. The boy was a small baby and born into a middle class family - being not too rich and not too poor however they still struggled financially. The young boy wasn't the most handsome baby and surely wasn't the loudest since he didn't make a sound until he was about the age of 5... they had no idea what they were going to call him until they found a reason to give him his name. His mother told the doctors and her husband that she felt a burning feeling inside her stomach when she was pushing thus giving him the name Sukochi(Scorch) and being from the Kazan clan made a lot of sense not only to the family but to the doctors and his future peers. His parents were delighted with their new gift and took him home as soon as they could to start raising the loving, caring, person they wanted him to become.

Baby - Academy:

For the first few years, Sukochi was taught nothing but manners, rules and guidelines to follow in life - although he wouldn't remember all of them, his parents still continued to teach him. They believed that it was best to start young so they can grow up practicing the teachings until it become somewhat like a passive. He wasn't the brightest kid but he knew right from wrong and he soon started to brighten up as he grew older. His parents always thought that Sukochi had a disorder because he hadn't made a single sound ever since his birth and took him to several doctors but none of them knew the problem and claimed that he was just a slow developer. They couldn't believe this and wanted to help him but they didn't know how until finally at the age of 6 he finally said a word.... "Scaaaaaaary..." was the word he said well pointing at a bug on a tree. His parents were happy and wanted to celebrate and so they did. As he grew up into a young boy with a passion for fighting and unlike other Kazan members, he was able to utilize the Yoton element at a very young age and learn his first jutsu at 9. His parents were proud of him and so they decided to put him into the Ninja Academy of Konohagakure.

Academy - Genin:

On his first day of the academy, Sukochi meet a few friends and some early enemies that liked to bully him for his ugly appearance. He couldn't help the fact that he wasn't good looking but he planned to make it up with his skills and strength as a ninja. Sukochi wanted to improve his general skills as a ninja to protect himself and stop the bullies that liked to pick on him.. at the moment he wasn't strong enough but everyday after the academy, he would go home and practice his skills. The bullying kept going until it started getting worse. Sukochi didn't know what to do or even who to tell! he didn't want to tell his parents because he thought it would show his father that he was weak and he didn't want that so he decided to just take the bullying until finally one day, he snapped and brutally assaulted the bullies putting them into hospital and getting himself in trouble with the academy and his parents. He tried to explain the bullying but he couldn't get it out so they decided to get a Anbu Yamanaka ninja to read his mind and see the past events. The Yamanaka confirmed the events thus saving him from getting kicked out of the academy. During these events, Sukochi learn't a lot from these and took more then enough knowledge for somebody his age. Sukochi continued to attend and train at the academy until finally graduating several years later becoming a full genin of Konohagakure.

Genin - Chunin:

After graduating from the academy, Sukochi found himself a good sensei and a ninja squad they he easily connected with. They continued to go on missions and complete tasks as a ninja squad forming unbreakable bonds or so it seemed until finally the day came to take the chunin exams. Sukochi's sensei didn't allow them to take the first chunin exams and also the second until allowing them to take the third year ones. Since they got three years of extra training, they were more then ready to take the exams and hopefully pass however one night before the exams, Sukochi couldn't get any sleep which made things a lot worse for his situation. During the exams, him and his squad would all make it to the final rounds where Sukochi fell a sleep during his fight but still managed to win and graduate from the academy as a Chunin but he couldn't say the same for his partners. They both lost their fights and remained as Genin. This lowered their morale but that didn't stop them from becoming a ninja and they used Sukochi's passing as fuel to help them become a better person. Sukochi received his Chunin gear and remained in the squad for several more years to come.

Chunin - Jonin:

Sukochi was a Chunin for several years, remaining in the same squad with the same peers. Although his partners failed the same exam as Sukochi, they passed the next year making the entire squad Chunin except for their sensei. They were all Chunin so the race to Jonin was now on.. who would win? After completing missions on end, tasks, favors and other strange activities, Sukochi's sensei thought it was time for the squad to take the Jonin test however once again, only Sukochi passed leaving his team in the dust also staying as Chunin. They were getting annoyed at Sukochi always passing them but they couldn't let their anger get the best of them because Sukochi was leaving them.... he was now a Jonin and assigned by the Hokage to take his own team which mean't he hadn't any time left to remain on the squad so they decided to take one final outing as a squad and give him a memory to hold forever. Not only was his squad proud of him but his parents were too however the happy times only lasted for a short period of time. During the same night, Sukochi's parents were killed in cold blood well walking to meet Sukochi at the restaurant. This caused Sukochi to go into a frenzy and become mentally and emotionally unstable for several months. Just when he was about to get his own squad, he left and abandoned his village because of his emotionally, mental disorder he got from the death of his parents.

During his rogue years, Sukochi met a stranger that invited him to a organization known as Akatsuki. In hopes to bring his own justice, Sukochi joined Akatsuki and searched for his new world living his new lifestyle that he called 'Unclear Justice'.



RP Sample: Kabooom. Off with you're head.


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