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1 Ninjavilla on Wed Oct 22, 2014 6:24 pm




INDIVIDUALITYMany years back, each shinobi country lived independently not caring about the affairs of any other shinobi country. They were quick to attack whenever they thought other little villages were standing up to them or occupying some of their land. This atmosphere of independency made it easier for bandits to attack civilains not minding the village they belonged to. This lifestyle rose in ranks to the extent that a shinobi could be relaxing in a tree watching another shinobi stabbed to death.
THE WARFinally, a mighty villain emerged. He had studied this shinobi system for years, planing his every move from the very beginning. He began gathering up a group of warriors consisting of skilled/non-skilled ninjas, bandits, missing nins, wanderers, etc. based on the fact that they had a tiny bit of hatred lurking in their hearts.What do warriors do? They go to WAR!. The evil villain declared war on all shinobi counties and villages. These warriors were so brutal that they killed everything in sight. Dwelling in hatred led them to eating the remains of dead ninjas. They evolved from warriors. They became human beasts.
The villain had everything going his way. After destroying each country, he would then create a new era. An era of darkness, an era where he was a king.An era where he would be a god.
UNISONAfter much thoughts and delibrations from leaders of each shinobi country, they decided that they only way to overcome this nightmare was to stand united. The respective leaders of each country met together and pledged loyalty to each other. Together, they fought day and night, in the rain and in the sun. Finally, they overcame the nightmare.
NINJAVILLAMany years later, after learning the legend of their ancestors, a group of shinobis from all five countries arose and decided to re-create the shinobi system that almost cost their ancestor the end of the world. Finally, they stuck a flag into the ground and began the creation of all countries united with one name and one goal. UNITY.

What we offer:
*Best of roleplaying.
*A chance to prove your worth.
*Use of non-canon ideas.
*Moderate and friendly staff
*A chance to speak your mind in our questions and suggestions section.

Positions Available: Members of staff- Global moderators, moderators and junior moderators.
Post of Hokage, Tschiukahe, Raikage, Mizukage, Kazekage.

All newly registered members get 1000 ryo and an additional 1000 ryo, Free weapons, Free jutsu slots upon character creation and approval.

An alternative method of ranking up apart from training.

Finally, you can easily be recognized by all with our character of the month widget.

What are you waiting for?? Sign up now!!

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