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Mors Indecepta

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1 Mors Indecepta on Tue Nov 11, 2014 4:12 am

Danse Macabre


Can you imagine the place, upon the Italian peninsula, where the most powerful
ancient empire once thrived? Place yourself in the lives of those who once lived
within the borders of ancient Rome. Will you be shackled to the whims and will
of another, viewed as more an object than a person, or will you be one of the
Roman Republic's elite, caught within the web of political intrigue and fight for
supremacy and power? Or perhaps yet, one of those who are neither slave nor
patrician, neatly between trapped in a struggle for power, and a life of struggle.

Mors Indecepta takes players back over two thousand years, to the height of the
Roman Republic, and the last slave rebellion seen within Rome's borders. History
paints a good picture, at least until the very bitter end - we embark upon the
journey of Spartacus, and his thousands of escaped slaves, united together in
hopes of gaining their freedom, far away from the reach of the Romans. Will you
answer the call for justice and equality, or will you stand by and let it be?

Optional application - no word count - several adoptables available. Rated R.

Mors Indecepta

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