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Call me daddy[Done]

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1 Call me daddy[Done] on Tue Nov 11, 2014 8:28 am


"My name is Raktaviji."

Basic Info
Nickname: Rara[Usually goes by this], Baby Death, U.N[Only a few people know of this name, so only those he tells can call  him this or recognize this it is him.] 
Age: 21[Not real age, he is very old though.] 

Village Rank/ Status: Akatsuki
Skill Rank: A

Height: 5'3, Depends
Weight: 102 , Complicated
Hair color: White sometimes dyed black
Eye Color: Black 

Looks Image:

Looks Description: O yes let us get into detail on who this fucked up man is. He at first glance obviously has an androgynous appearance, leading most to believe that he is a girl upon first meeting him. He has many stitching used as both first-aid and fashion, and also a way to get people's attention. His bangs are clipped up with red hair pins in a roman numeral thirteen pattern, with large pupils that leaves an eerie and frightening impression. Rara wears a white button-up shirt ,often rolled up to the elbows, with the top few buttons undone, and his his Akatsuki robes over it and his black dress pants that reach just under his knees, and red/orange suspenders with yellow polka-dots. Instead of shoes, he wears light-colored slippers with what appears to be rabbits stitched onto them.He at times is dressed in a unkempt white multicolored buttoned dressed shirt with blue suspenders attached to a pair of black pants that reaches to his knees. He wears red slippers instead of dress shoes. 

Most of the time his clothes can be seen stained in blood of either animals or people, and even it can be from him. As Rara's wrist have scars on them from where he has cut them, also he always seems to be wrapped up in bandages under his clothes to cover up his bruises. When bored Rara also goes completely nude and will refuse to put any type of clothing on. After three years he has begun to play around with what EGF could do to the body, and it have well done something. As with the help of the Black threads he can increase his height or decrease it a bit, max being 6'1 and his lowest his original height 5'3. His weight also is a bit strange as well he has an large quantity of Black threads within his body now and his weights is all over the place sometimes. No real change has happened to him other then that though, besides an strange tattoo of an cross-shaped tattoo on his forehead and a pair of orb-shaped earrings he likes to wear now. His attire at times can be seen a bit more grown up, but he does still wear goofy things. He can be seen at times now wearing a fur-collared leather and fur trench coat that is unbuttoned, revealing his muscular body, the coat is imprinted with an cross on the back.When he wanna be real sexy he wears a blue blazer, with his hair hanging down naturally and the cross tattoo hidden behind a bandage wrapped around his forehead. 

In all reality Rara's life has been longer then he lets on to believe, and he doesn't like to wear his true face unless he knows he is alone. There is nothing wrong with him though. If anyone ever will see him they would say he is even a bit charming, even though his other faces are good looking also, as he is a  mild-featured man with menacing eyes and a very different hairstyle; his hair is swept back, with a strand hanging down his face. His eyes are also very strange. As he has light purple irides, no pupils and a dark purple sclerae.

How he be, baby. 
Personality Description: He loves! HE FUDGING LOVES TO SEE OTHERS IN PAIN AND AGONY, even if it is himself. He doesn't know why he likes it nor does he care, as it make him happy and he like to feel happy. But that isn't the only thing that makes him feel happy and lets him keep on going as almost all aspects of life interest him, as knowledge is something he truly loves and strives to gain. And is the only thing that he thinks is better then seeing other in pain, but isn't that much a head of it. Rara can seem to be extremely scary to most as he always speaks his mind because he isn't afraid of nothing, well until he is in the room with someone that is obviously stronger. As Rara usually fights when he knows he has a high [url=#]chance to win[/url], and if he doesn't will retreat or try to get out of fighting. This also happen in battles that he is starting to lose in, and this even comes down to simple board games. Rara isn't one to try and finish something that he knows he will lose in, as that would be pointless for him. If he is unable to gain something in the end, losing, he sees no logical reason to even finish. Many that know him personally could call him a quitter, but he doesn't care.  Rara though when is winning in battle will start to play with his foe, and not even kill them if he isn't forced to. But if he does have to kill someone, no matter who, he will never make it swift or painless. He goes for the most painful and longest death that he can administer at that point in time. Rara hates getting bored though as if he has nothing to do he get depressed and just wants to die. But he usaaly goes out and gets himself beat near to death just for the thrill and to release the boredom. Rara also can be very unpredictable as he never really gives out his true intentions, only bits an pieces. But that is just because he like to see people try to figure him and his motives out. Currently after three years he has begun to focus on gaining Information on varies things, and not really acting in some of his old ways that much. This is because of a goal he has set and needs to reach before another year of lack of real knowledge passes him by. 

Rara also has many secrets he keeps and things he does that may seem out of character. Though it may seem out of character to others it really isn't. He can seem to be one that likes to spin many lies. 

Likes: Fucking shit up, Hurting people, playing games, being hurt, seeing blood[anyone's even his own], Gaining more knowledge[So books or anything that deals with learning], Drawing, Reading, Having fun, being able to be himself, Being around other crazy motherfuckers like him, His BFF Hanae

Dislikes:  Losing, not being satisfied, not getting much attention, being ignored, .....chickens[The animal]....

Catch Phrases: 
-"Burn my skin...cut me...break some of my bones...COME ON DO IT! I WANT YOU TO DO YOUR WORST!"  
-"Hi I be..Raktaviji! But you can call me Rara! Everyone calls me Rara!" 
-"I am done, no point in [url=#]continuing[/url]."
-"Hehehe, cool right?"

Nindo: Will of Happiness 

Element Affinity: Earth
Sub Element Affinity: Wind

Tales of Evil

History:  "Yes! YES! DIE! NO BLEED FIRST! THEN DIE! UGH, NOT LIKE THAT!" Is what could have been heard about four years ago in a small home that was in the center of a small mountain village, and the one screaming would be Rara. Who was known throughout the village as a fucked up who should have been exiled or killed. But due to the villagers never having any real way to do that they wouldn't, but today would change that. As everyone villager came surrounded the house, but did not enter. They were frozen in fear as what they heard was horrible. As along with Rara's screams of die also was accompanied by the scream of a few others; and those few others would be the boy's mother, father, sisters, and little brother. For hours the scream would be heard and no one would move as the fear was too much, and the people of this mountain village weren't known as  the most brave and risk taking. 

So what was happening within the home was Rara torturing his family; while his newborn brother cried in the background and mixed in with the scream of the others. How he went by this was by binding them all to chairs and hurting them one by one, starting with his father. What he did to his father was rip out all of the man's teeth and then breaking his jaw so it hung down, and then finally cutting the man's tongue out. But that wasn't all he did as he would strip his father down to his birthday suit and begin to carve his name in the guy's chest, and then a smiley face at the end. And to put the icing on the cake he would choke his father till the man would leave this world. Then he went to his sweet little sisters, who he tortured at the same time, their torture wasn't that bad as he didn't have much ideas for them but he would break all their fingers one by one. And then simply set them on fire. And as the girls screamed from being on fire he would move on to his mother. His sweet mother who had watched everything her first son would do would be last, so what he would do since she already been tortured from watching this is choke her. And when she was about to take her last breath he would kiss her, stealing the last breath of his mother. 

Then all screams would be silent as the baby would stop crying, and Sabo would pick him up. And hurry to the roof of his home, and look at all the villagers. Monster is what most called him or devil, but surely they called him many names. But all the boy, Rara, could do was smile at them while holding the child. And when the house was complete engulfed in flames and Rara himself was begin burend he would jump off and land behind the crowd. "I leave this parting [url=#]gift[/url]!" Is what he would say before smashing the head of his baby brother's against the ground and then running away, begin chased by all the villagers. His reasoning for this was truly unclear but what he had done and within the village he is described as an monster that will do this to anyone child that misbehaves.  

Currently though he has join up with some strange organization that goes by the name of "Akatsuki" after meeting two people that would change his life forever. As one day on his travels across the lands Rara would bump into an strange woman that even freaked him out, but in a good way. Rara felt he could easily kill her and also have fun so he tried; but the end [url=#]result[/url] was something he didn't expect.  As at the end of the battle Rara would have to retreat with an broken arm while he opponent was left with a broken leg, and also declining to join that girl's little organization. But later that same month he would run across some guy that scared the shit out of him, and also offered an invitation to join. Rara didn't want to decline so said fuck it and would just join, as it had to be a reason he was asked to join twice. Maybe he was supposed to be part of it or he was supposed to be some pawn that was needed for a game of chess. 

Three years have passed and he has begun to be real disappointed in himself, as he hasn't gained much over that time. Nothing really knew has been put into that evil brain of his that is worth while, but he has begun to try and change that. Also at this time he has begun to grow a bit apart from his fellow Akatsuki members, but only due to them angering him a bit. That being a reason he did nothing to help them when they decided to take over the Land of Wind, mainly Sunagakure. Only person that he has even spoken to was his partner, Hanae, and that was to tell her we would be in Konoha. So currently he is doing nothing but sitting in Konohagakure drinking tea and visiting their Library daily. 

RP Sample: "Hehehe, cool right?" Rara would ask the little bunny that would bounce up next to him as he poked something, that something being a horribly mutilated body. A smile was on Rara's face as he poked and poked the body more little critters of the forest coming over to him, and this made the guy really happy. He never really liked nor disliked animals as not many can by him but felt this was nice. Well until the critters would poof to white smoke and men and women in anbu attired bond Rara with wire. "EH!?!?!" Rara was not afraid but a bit confused, he didn't know what he had done really. So until he found out he wouldn't put up any type of struggle. "What I do? Is it because I look cool you guys are bullying me!" Rara would ask with a smile, but would only be meet with a kick to the face,

"Shut your disgusting mouth. We know who you are and of all your crimes ...and you are a monster that we should just kill right now!" One of them would say as he would kick Rara again, really wanting to kill the fucker. But the man would be stopped though by another anbu as that wasn't their task.

"Stop, we are ordered to take him back alive. Even though I agree with you. But orders are orders..so le-" Her words would be cut short as for an instant all the anbu turned their attention to the two talking, and when the looked back at Rara he was gone. To them this seemed impossible as it was five of them and they only took their eyes away from the guy for about two seconds. "Where did her go!?!" the female anbu would say as they all got in battle stances. 

"No need to do that! I am out of here! Too many for me..and I know enough on why you guys came for me...." Rara would say so they could hear him, but they wouldn't be able to see where or sense were he was. How could they have failed why did Rara retreat when it seemed he could easily kill them, what where did he go? How did he even escape without any of the skilled anbu knowing? 

Silent Night

Word Count: 0000/0000

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4 Re: Call me daddy[Done] on Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:18 am

TS update is done so yea. O and I will like it not to be locked as I wanted to add my Flashbacks to it.


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Rara-Raktavija update
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