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Riding the wind[solo/training]

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1 Riding the wind[solo/training] on Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:29 pm

After a quick calm lunch,korra was ready to continue his day of training which he had started earlier that morning. He had recently learned a new wind release tehnique, one called Gale Palm. Despite being C-ranked, it was quite powerful and very useful, though it still posed some problems for korra, in correct execution. Hence, he was headed to the forest to train. He prefered training his jutsu alone and away from any observers. A ninja must always have hidden aces that no one knows about in order to have an advantage. And besides, he just didn't feel
good to practice in front of an audience of curious eyes.

Arriving at the brinks of the forest he stopped among the dense shrubs and not yet fully grown trees. This seemed a perfect place for such a tehnique. Closing his eyes for a moment, he went over the statistics of
the jutsu, and over the steps. He focused on his wind chakra and upon opening his eyes, clapped his hands together to create a powerful gale of compressed wind. It whooshed among the shrubs with intense
power, though still not strong enough to tear any of them from the ground. Korra breathed out and concentrated again. His mind was working like crazy and he could feel the chakra flowing through his body with high speed. He focused on the power of the wind clapped his hands together again.
The wind was now definitely stronger and korra smiled slightly in satisfaction. He pushed the hair on his forehead away from his eyes and stepped a few steps back. He created the jutsu twice now, and thus exhausted quite a bit of his chakra, however as the jutsu wasn't perfected yet, he didn't use nearly as much as if he'd perform it perfectly. And so he was able to do it a couple more times. Bitting his lip slightly, he turned a bit until unti he faced a small tree the size of a human. His face
intense and concentrated, he moved his arms in a clap again. The compressed wind now moved with intense speed and in a second the tree snapped at the ground and fell over. Korra's hair was now a bit messed up that he looked like a scare crow. He was
breathing a bit fast now but looking at his work, he smirked and crouched down. The leaves on the tiny bushes went flying in the air and the bushes were practically bare.
Korra sat on the ground to rest a bit and decided to do what he had always done. What he learned from his father. He started to meditate.
Closing his eyes, he went over the process of the jutsu. He imagined the wind and pretended he was it. His mind cleared slowly and all that remained was
the slight whooshing of the wind which was a creation of his own mind and not real wind as the day was pretty calm. He stayed like that for a long time, loosing his track of time completely and giving in to calmness and peacefulness. He found that when he meditated, he could focuse on the jutsu he performed a lot better. It was like an instant night's sleep rejuvenation.
After a long while, he slowly started to become fully conscious again. Slowly, he started to focuse on the sounds he actually heard in the forest. The chirpping of the birds, the light rustle of wind and a snap of a twig, possibly because a rabbit or some other small animal stepped on it. He could even hear the gentle flow of water in the
distance. He awoke from his trance and observed the forest for a while longer.
He stood up then, ready to continue with his exercise. Now that he was confident the gust of wind was a bit stronger, he decided to practice with weapons. This jutsu was particularly useful because it gave weapons more speed and power as if simply throwing them. Furthermore, any weapons launched at him would be used against the thrower as korra
would simply redirect their course and send them flying back with more harming power and speed than before.
He moved a bit further into the forest until he was satisfied he found a good spot. He chose a tree trunk far away from him and focused. Throwing two kunai in the air in front of him, he then clapped his hands together and released the compressed wind. The kunai spun viciously and flew
towards the trunk, where they struck it with immense sharp power. As korra calmed down, he walked to the trunk and observed the gashes. They were certainly
deeper than when he threw them by hand. He plucked the kunai out and put them in the weapon holder. He lightly ran a hand over one gash and then deep in thought turned around and walked to his previous spot. This time, he pulled two shuriken out
of his pouch and, just like the kunai before, threw them in the air, while clapping his hands together fast. The wind sent the shuriken flying in a spinning motion and one hit the trunk while the other missed
it by a millimetre. Frowning a bit, korra retreived his shuriken and tried again. This time, he was succesful and he also felt the power of the gale greatly increased this time.
Quite tired, korra stored his weapons again and breathed in and out. The jutsu took quite a toll on his chakra supply.
He rested for some time and finally got up. He now prepared himself for what seemed like the second version of the wind gale palm jutsu. This jutsu also involvedthe condensation of air and its release but this time, the release would come from the mouth not the hands in form of bullets. Since korra was now much familiar with the condensation of air, he decided to give the jutsu a trial. He gave himself some time to mold his chakra again and he shot an air bullet from his mouth. The air bullet came out perfectly but its course could not be controlled. Korra still had more to do. He breathed in once more and released an air bullet that hit a tree branch but korra was not impressed. He wondered how useful a powerful jutsu that could not be controlled was. He inhaled again and this time, the air bullet hit a bull's eye. It left an effect on the bark of the tree trunk he hit. Now, korra wanted to try something different. He took out a kunai and marked four three trunks. He then stepped far away from them and began running towards them. As he almost got to them, he leapt into the air and released two bullets each for each tree. He landed firmly on the floor as he watched the air bullets perfectly crash into their targets. Now, he was satisfied that he had accomplished something..
He took turned his back and headed further in the forest. He deserved some rest but first, he was going to take a quick bath in the lake nearby where he knew nobody would be.
Sweat rolled of his forehead and he could not wait to hit the surface of the water. He made a plan to practice more of his wind jutsu the next day.
Remembering the lake wasn't as close, he sped up and started to run, though due to his slight exhaustion didn't overdo it. 'Today has been a succesful day' he thought as the surroundings ran past his moving form.
Jutsu trained:

Name: Wind Release: Gale Palm
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Wind
Range: Short to Mid
Duration: 1 Post
Hand Seals/Charge up: Clap
Description: Wind Release: Gale
Palm is a technique where the
user releases a powerful stream
of wind against their opponent.
To perform this technique the
user merely has to slam the
palms of their hands together,
holding the pose for at least a
second. They then break this
pose and immediately thrust the
palms of their hands towards
the intended target. A powerful
gale will fire out from the palms
of both hands towards the
intended target. On impact, this
gale can send someone flying
several metres, as well as
shredding clothing and causing
countless 2 cm deep cuts on
exposed flesh. It can easily
knock projectiles that clash into
it aside, as well as increasing the
speed and penetrative power of
projectiles travelling within the
stream, allowing the weapons to
pierce roughly an inch deeper
than normal.

Name: Wind Release: Air Bullets
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Wind
Range: Short to Mid
Duration: 1 Post
Hand Seals/Charge up: Bird
Description: Forming the Bird
seal, the user breathes in
deeply, then spits numerous
balls of pure wind at a target.
These air bullets are
transparent spheres, and are
roughly 4 inches in diameter.
When fired, they travel at
roughly 50mph. Direct impact by
one of these spheres will knock
the victim back several feet, tear
through any clothing it hits and
leaves the surface of the skin
where it hit torn and frayed. If a
bullet passes near the target, it
can leave small lacerations on
any exposed flesh it comes near.
The user must fire at least three
at once. a maximum of eight can
be fired per use.

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2 Re: Riding the wind[solo/training] on Wed Nov 12, 2014 1:56 am

It was a day like any other, though this
one set aside for one goal in mind.
Something he had constantly been lacking
as of late. While his skills, particularly in
ninjutsu, benefit him in playing more
aggressive roles; being the one to do the killing, korra never felt right whenever it
came down to that. Currently, standing on
the rooftop of a building and staring
down towards the village square, he knew
that some measures would eventually
have to be taken. Dressed in his typical
attire consisting of the black shinobi flak jacket he was rather fond of, korra took a seat with his back facing towards
the stairwell he used to climb to get in
this particular occasion. Really, he had
nothing to do as of today, thus leading
him to come to the conclusion of the
need to train even harder than before. He
was slacking. Something that could hurt
himself or worse, others. As he brushed
away his black coloured locks from their
position that obscured his vision in a
minor way, korra’s impassive eyes
continued to look down at the village.
There were two things that korra felt
would help him greatly. Then again, there
were always ways to improve one’s own
abilities. Fūton, the element of wind, was
something korra was always fond of and
not just due to the need of using it in
combination with Suiton to perform the
Terumi clan’s advanced element, Hyouton –Ice. The element of wind always came
more a bit naturally to korra than that of
water, something that he had always put
a lot of thought in to, though the practical
use of both was relatively even. Last that
Korra could remember, he had a number of scrolls with Fūton techniques listed on them, yet only ever managed to set aside time for one, something he wished to fix immediately. The last technique he learned, air bullets and gale palm, proved to be a daunting task when he learned it. Not particularly due to the difficulty, but rather the after math that resulted from the jutsu.
Today was the day he set aside for
continuing to learn the rest of the Fūton
jutsus he had read about. Reading the
scrolls was one thing, practical use,
however, was completely different.
Anyone could sit down and read a scroll
and understand the fundamental basics
that were written down – after all, they
were created for the general public to
learn. The reason for why he was up here
on a roof was rather simple. Instead of
destroying objects, trees, training
dummies, and the ground, utilizing Fūton
techniques in the air, and not allowing
them near the ground, would easily avoid
the process of causing damage. Besides,
going to the training grounds would
possibly cause too many distractions for
Korra to focus and begin learning any
jutsus. He had four jutsus he wanted to
learn, one had already been practiced
under a private setting, thus leaving him
with three remaining.
Closing his eyes and tilting his head
downwards, korra began to recollect his
memorization of the three scrolls. The
remaining techniques.two of which had the Same rank but the last, a different rank, causing korra to take in the difficulty factor when training. The most logical choice would be to start from the ground up. In this case, starting with the lowest ranking jutsu and then moving onward from there. The lowest ranking technique that korra had gotten a hold of a scroll for was that of the Fūton: Daitoppa – Great Breakthrough.
The technique didn’t require any hand
seals, thus taking that out of the equation
for learning the practical use of the jutsu.
If his memory was accurate, which it was
on most occasions, the Wind Release:
Great Break technique had a delayed
reaction and would manifest behind him.
The wind picking up and bursting forward
would also hit the user as well, something
he could utilize for his kenjutsu, or even
for projectiles, should he choose to
add some. The thought of using this
jutsu in synchronization with a quick
slash via the usage of his katana surely
did provide for a quick hit, possibly even
devastating, and the creation of a gap
between himself and his opponent, if the
target was unprepared for it. The range
itself was not really any longer than any technique he knew to date, which really wasn’t saying much, but still deserved the
acknowledgement of such.
Ocean blue eyes opening with a new
purpose, the usual blank look now
replaced with one of determination,
Korra pushed himself out of his sitting
position with the aid of his right hand.
Brushing off his hands against his jacket,
which he tossed off earlier, korra felt he
was about ready to put this new jutsu in
to application instead of it remaining in
theory. Standing a few feet off the edge of
one half of the building, facing the
direction that had much shorter building
compared to the one he was one, korra
felt like he could perform this jutsu
without having to worry about being
reprimanded. With a deep breath, korra
looked out in to the thick clouds that always surrounded the village. This jutsu would easily alter the haze that would be in its path, though it would be remedied
automatically once the jutsu dissipated.
With his arms lax by his side, korra
concentrated upon willing the wind
behind him to pick up. To begin to rush
forth and produce a gust of wind that
would be powerful enough to throw
another person off balance. Instead of
closing gaps for his kenjutsu, this would
create an opportunity to get away, or
possibly even attack from a distance
using projectiles. After a slight delay,
purposely suspending the action of the
wind until he felt comfortable, korra felt
the wind beginning to pick up. Attempting
to hold his ground, as to not move,
expecting the gust of wind to catch
himself as well, thus employing a
technique he learned back in the
academy. Supernatural Walking Practice
would help him maintain his ground,
even if he didn’t need it, the security it
brought along with it surely would be

The blast of air that came forth not a
second later caused korra’s hair to lose
to normal positioning and send it waving
forward due to the effects of the speed of
the gale. The loose parts of his clothing
also attempted to join the wind in the
blast towards the other side of the
building. The thin layer of cloud going
away, temporarily. Then it all went back
to normal as the wind died down. What
surprised korra the most was how far
the blast had traveled, reaching some good
meters away from him.
Deciding what would be next on his to do
list, also known as the list of jutsus he
needed to learn would be a technique
with more offensive prowess, the wind release: slash technique. This was a technique that allowed the user waves his
hand and creates multiple blades of wind from his fingertips, which combine to
form a single, large blade of air. Measuring three meters in length, there is quite a bit of concussive force behind the projectile slash; this slash formed by the user can cut three to four inches at five metres or less, and two to three inches at six metres or more. The blade created by the user can also launch foes away up to four to five metres. The jutsu sounded pretty useful. After molding enough chakra, korra opened his right palm adjusting his knuckles. With a wave of his palm, fuuton slashes erupted from his fingertips forming a large blade and creating an opening in the clouds. The jutsu looked impressive. He decided to try it with both palms now. With a wave of both palms, fuuton slashes once again erupted from his finger tips to form two large blades of air that created an X shape in the clouds. Korra turned and left for home to digest the jutsus he had now become very familiar with since he was a pretty good learner.. He adjusted his head band once again as it glisttened in the sun that was successful in penetrating the clouds of kumogakure no sato.
Jutsu trained:
Name: Wind Release: Great
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Wind
Range: Short to Mid
Duration: 1 Post
Hand Seals/Charge up: -
Description: Wind Release:
Great Breakthrough is a
relatively simple technqiue
where the user creates a sudden
intense burst of wind. This
technique requires no hand
seals or physical action to
perform, and they can choose
which direction the burst of
wind shall travel towards. This
attack can knock aside any
projectiles flying opposed to it
as well as greatly improve the
velocity of those flying inside of
it [two times faster than normal]
and can send anyone who is not
using Supernatural Walking
Practice flying backwards
several metres. In addition, a
katon technique of at least C
rank can set this burst of wind
ablaze, causing it to form a
massive raging torrent equal to
B-ranked damage.

Name: Wind Release: Slash
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Wind
Range: Short to Mid
Duration: 1 Post
Hand Seals/Charge up: None
Description: The user waves his
hand and creates multiple
blades of wind from the
fingertips, which combine to
form a single, large blade of air.
Measuring 3 meters in length,
there is quite a bit of concussive
force behind the projectile slash;
it can cut 3-4 inches at 5m or
less, and 2-3 inches at 6m or
more. The blade can also launch
foes away up to 5m.



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