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Balls to the Wall

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1 Balls to the Wall on Sun Nov 16, 2014 10:40 am


*Each player gets Edo Tensei chakra. Which is virtually unlimited.
*Each player has equal strength and speed.
*Everlasting gets to play as Hashirama Senju (lul) and gets his techs.
*Sage gets Madara when he first met Hashi - with EMS but no Rinnegan.
*If there is anything I missed let me know.

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2 Re: Balls to the Wall on Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:11 am

Madara Uchiha entered the Valley of End where he prepared to face off against his old friend and rival: Hashirama Senju.  He was through allowing the great warrior stopping his plans.  He would get rid of him once and for all.  Appearing above a huge rock formation that was on one side of a great waterfall, the great Uchiha leader prepared himself mentally and physically for the legendary match to come.

Keeping his guard up for any attack to come his way, Madara felt a bit antsy for the match. However, he kept his cool and his face continued to show no emotion. The shining sun beat down on the Uchiha, but he was not bothered at all by it.



D-Ranked Shinobi Jutsu Costs
E-Rank Jutsu: 5 Chakra Cost
D-Rank Jutsu: 15 Chakra Cost
C-Rank Jutsu: 25 Chakra Cost
B-Rank Jutsu: 50 Chakra Cost
A-Rank Jutsu: 80 Chakra Cost
S-Rank Jutsu: Cannot Use
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3 Re: Balls to the Wall on Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:14 am

The Uchiha had the same brisk, arrogant stroll he was known for as he walked up the statue that had been carved in his image, massive in proportion, in the mid-day sun, beaming on his face from the left. He would only barely finish his stroll as, on the other side he'd see a Hashirama Senju, that is, one made in his image on top of his image-like statue facing Madara with perfect sternness. In the shadows he had been watched for several yards, each moment calculated with precision as the walking tree went out to oppose him. Surprisingly, the Uchiha's sharingan was not activated yet, another sign of his arrogance and laxness at the beginning of all fights. He came across as though no serious effort was needed, and the casualness of his appearance was always apparent via his emotionless face. He seemed on-guard as always, but had been more than sloppy in his approach; and that was all the Senju needed.

Watching him walk up and then take a calm stand-still upon the statue - he called out to the Uchiha, meaning to catch his attention and make him as aware of his presence as he had pre-determined for him to be.

"Madara!" the shout came from Madara's wooden opponent, the shout coming directly at the nervous-looking Sage. This shout would be both beginning and end of the battle. For it was as it was a sign to get his attention, it was also one for a bringing about of the demise of the Uchiha as at the same time. No later than the word was spoken, the Uchiha presumably addressing him in like fashion, vines, tendrils and the like emerged and took hold of the Uchiha from the bottom of the soles of his feet upwards. He was entangled before he could almost feel it, and there was no time to react.
No hand-signs. No drawing of weapons. No movement. It had got him indefinitely and the reasons why would become obvious far too late. The real having hidden himself away behind the the synthetic copy that roared so boldly and cunningly.

The vines, mind you, were meant to do more than trap him. For they appeared in small, medium, and large sizes all around but with one goal in mind; his destruction. It would start at the sound of the shout, not even waiting quite until the full finishing of the name hurled across from statue to statue. Wrapping across both feet and ankles and sprinting up his body from lower to higher would the vines do, twenty at a time doing so in rhythmical, reinforcing fashion. Each had the strength to apply enough pressure to break human bones, of course. By the time the shinobi would react, even at his speed, it they would be past his knees (they'd be destroyed as soon as they were wrapped), and on their way to his mid-section; and this would be if the reaction was immediate.

Everywhere the vines appeared they squeezed with enormous pressure, making their treading ground over his body leave a trail of broken bones, tendons and blood vessels; all of this happening almost too fast for pain to be felt. Portruding spikes of course were tatooed across each vine, making the cutting power through bone and flesh that much cleaner and therefore actually lessening the pain. It was meant to be a death with minimal suffering.
So in essence a trail of destruction did they leave as they trailed up his body, his feet and legs literally broken apart at the same time the noise was uttered. Tearing to shreds any part of them they touched immediately, and having tactically removed his legs and therefore balance first, it happened faster as there was no ability to move.
And this was continually reinforced by the packing on of more and more vines around his lower and mid-section, soon taking him off the ground and into the grip of the plants mid-air. This did not stop with his lower body however! As each plant that had latched onto both his legs by the time his opponent shouted his name, they continued up his body wrapping him into a vine-like coffin that squeezed the very life out of him.

That was not all. For the technique was more fearsome than that alone. Having fully mastered this already divinely hailed technique, the Senju in recent months had taken it further, and it would be shown in this most important battle. He had learned to sprout the deadly flower in greater quantity and with greater quality of pollen. Each individual vine and tendril carried with it thousands of small and large flowers that secreted constantly the deadly pollen. This time more dense and even plentiful. More than being soaked in his own blood from the vines breaking apart his feet, then shins, then knees, then hips, then ribs and so on - he would be soaked in the rich pollen they secreted all over him and in the air; great amounts of it either inhaled or soaked into the pores the limitless vines touched upon all over his body as they mummified him with wrap after wrap.

Lastly, he knew who he was fighting. He had come more prepared than even these vicious combos. For the vines that had gripped Madara and the pollen that had drenched him through and through were not the extent of the assault either. For the vines that had grabbed hold of him, emerging from the ground beneath him on the statue were only the foretaste of what emerged further in and out of the statue. Vines of enormous size burst through the stone body of Madara Uchiha, collapsing the structure into rubble at the bottom of the waterfall as they did. Besides the initial plethura of vines that had come from beneath like snakes from hell, there were also over a hundred that emerged from all sids of the head and all sides of the Uchiha to grip, strangle, and tear him apart. 1/4 alone went for his head and neck, spewing out pollen straight in his face to shut down his only potential defense against them as well as putting him asleep immediately. These had stretched out their ferocious hand against him in the same moment that those below had, attacking both hemispheres of his bod at once; allowing no room for error. The Senju was more than careful to make the barrage as inescapable as could be, with no chance of survival in sight.

Amaterasu? Would still be torn apart. Susanoo? Could not stop the destruction of the lower body and soon upper body that was taking place as the vines relentlessly poured out towards him. There was no answer. And a simple katana nor any mighty blade would be capable of defending him on all fronts. And any front where he was touched or caught would be the end of that body part and the rest of his body as the vines slithered up anything they touched in a gripping moment. Literally.
Below him, the stone ground where he had stood a moment ago was gone. Not only because the vines had destroyedhis legs and lifted him up into the air, eating him alive. But also because the full forest had began to blossom; and its birth place was the Madara statue! Trees began where there once was the statue, and all throughout the valley the technique continued to sprout, pollen spewing everywhere and over everything, a dense cloud of it covering for 200 meters in ever direction; leaving the Valley of the End in a yellowish cloud that not even eyes like the Uchiha could see through. Speaking of eyes, they were, by the way, one of the first things disabled as the plants and vines grabbed hold of Madara. For the pollen spewed everywhere in his face as they crawled up his broken body parts that they had momentarily crushed and smothered. Leaving even his greatest weapon useless in this instantaneous and endless smog that had been the most merciful of all the murderous moves the Senju had been making.

Five wood clones emerged from beneath the water below, where they hid unseen by the Uchiha, the yellow fog making sight impossible for even chakra enhanced eyes. There they watched out for any signs of struggle or survival on the Uchiha's part. The destruction that was caused by the emerging forest being birthed not only inside the statue but now all throughout the valley was heard only. The place now unrecognizable in a matter of moments, and covered in yellow cloud. Still, the Senju as well as his clones, stood among nearby vines 20 meters to the sides of where the vines had entangled Madara, and helped to continue to manipulate the technique to do what it had intended to. They would be sure that the death of his childhood friend was ensured and definite.

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4 Re: Balls to the Wall on Thu Nov 20, 2014 2:45 am

Madara Uchiha gained a look of surprise as the tendrils of wood wrapped burst from under him and began to wrap his lower body in its wooden grasp. The distraction from the Senju leader Hashirama Senju seemed to have work wonders. It started with a simple shout from the God of Shinobi. Naturally, Madara Uchiha looked in the direction that it came from. Seeing his old, powerful rival, it was only plausible that the Senju would believe Madara's guard would be dropped. Deciding to show this so-called God what true power is like, the Madara that had been caught up in the plethora of vines disappeared in a cloud of smoke and a wooden log left in his place.

With Mangekyo Sharingan activated, Madara Uchiha appeared high above in the sky, having been launched upward with the help of shadow clones. It was due to his adept sensory skills that he was able to easily prepare for Hashirama's attack. Now that he was outside the range of the pollen, Madara made various hand signs for a fire jutsu. "Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction!!" he exclaimed with no mercy. The large amount of fire was expelled from his mouth and hit the pollen covered field causing the pollen to ignite and everything within it to be set ablaze end in a bright explosion. To protect himself, he summoned the ribcage of his Susano'o. The ribcage would shield him from the blast of the massive explosion however anything within it would be incinerated.

Watching the blast from up above, the Uchiha saw this as a rare beauty. The sun shined down on the massive blazing fire. "You believed that it would be so easy to get rid of me," Madara remarked, the Uchiha now falling into the flames, but using his fan to beat bat the flames that were trying to engulf him. All the while, he continued to keep his guard up. His Mangekyo Sharingan and his sensory active and alerting him to anything that may come at him.



D-Ranked Shinobi Jutsu Costs
E-Rank Jutsu: 5 Chakra Cost
D-Rank Jutsu: 15 Chakra Cost
C-Rank Jutsu: 25 Chakra Cost
B-Rank Jutsu: 50 Chakra Cost
A-Rank Jutsu: 80 Chakra Cost
S-Rank Jutsu: Cannot Use
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5 Re: Balls to the Wall on Fri Nov 21, 2014 11:44 pm

OOC: Hit called.

"Madara Uchiha gained a look of surprise as the tendrils of wood wrapped burst from under him and began to wrap his lower body in its wooden grasp. The distraction from the Senju leader Hashirama Senju seemed to have work wonders."

-You confirmed that the tendrils grasped you, so that means the hit is valid. In my post I described that the minute they wrapped around a body part they destroyed/crushed it and continued to spew out pollen as they continued up your body. So your lower body is decimated.
You admitted my distraction worked, only further cementing the success of this attack.

"Deciding to show this so-called God what true power is like, the Madara that had been caught up in the plethora of vines disappeared in a cloud of smoke and a wooden log left in his place."

-No. Here you admit that you are wrapped up in a "plethora of vines" and therefore that means that the attack was successful and what I said would happen has actually happen. That is, the utter destruction of your body via the vines that impaled, strangled, and poisoned every part of your body they touched. In the time it would take you to actually look at me, acknowledge the shout etc. Your lower body - and soon upper body - is destroyed. You die because of blood loss.

Also, you would have had not time to disappear magically because half your body would have and was destroyed; and you never acknowledged this by the way and how this pain would have affected him.


Madara Uchiha's body, or what were the remains of it, were sprayed across the head of the mountainous vines that had now replaced the statue that he once stood on. His lower body had been shredded in seconds, and by the time he realized this, they were on their way to his upper half. He never had a chance... The remains of his shredded, bloody parts dripped down many vines that would recede into the ground slowly as the Senju called off the technique and slowly walked back into the foggy forest; silent at the death of his respected adversary.

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