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This is some serious bull

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1 This is some serious bull on Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:25 am

Aerie's body began to twitch as the air in her lungs escaped her. Wyte would follow suit and their body would shut down: a sign of fainting. However, the dark blankness in her cranium only lasted so long for the door had let in a wondrous moist draft. Aerie and Wyte began gasping for air as they were really fish out of water. Soon, their lungs began to circulate the air properly and she opened her bright brown eyes. Wyte was right beside her, wincing because of her headache. Aerie would begin to pet her head lovingly. " I'm glad you're alive. " Aerie would say shooting a smile at the mentally wounded feline. Wyte would simply frown and look up at Aerie. " I wish I could have done more. " She'd say, her English-like accent sounding sorrowful. Aerie would raise up using her hands and pushing from the stone floor. She would sheath her blade and turn to Wtye. " No. You did what you could. " She would say, still smiling.

Wyte would slightly smile, but not completely certain on that. She would shake her comically large head and her wings would manifest. She rose from her position and hovered above Aerie. Aerie turned to Zevas to see if he was okay. It was safe to assume he was since she had exerted more chakra than him in that exchanged. Nonetheless, Aerie wouldn't wait on him to begin exiting the horrid death chamber the sick chuunin exams officials called "The First Trial". She would begin to crawl through the tight, yet gaping hole in the door. Fortunately, her quick thinking and lack for patience helped them advance. " Alright, let's have some fun. " She say, her eyes growing intense as she held onto the hilt of her blade when she wandered through the narrow cave. The wind gusts were perfect and well appreciated. Aerie was happy to breathe normally, again.

As Aerie walked on, she noticed there were no footsteps following her. She and her flying feline companion would turn and see her partner falter and collapse. The cause of this? Unknown. " Zevas! " She would shout, running to his aid. Unfortunately, he had no chance of living for Aerie had no knowledge of Medical Ninjutsu. However, without him, her chances of finding the statues were lower than they already were. She had no light, nor any enhanced vision like her former squad mate. Aerie would only shed a few tears, she had only just met Zevas a few days before the exams. She wiped her light brown eyes with her slightly pale hands and rose from the stone floor. In memory of him, she had to take a piece of him with her. The perfect memorabilia? His eye mechanism was the best and most useful. She pulled a kunai from her ninja pouch and carefully dug into the side of his skull, the place he would tap to change vision relays. Her hands shook, but she managed to dig in, but blood spew from the incision. Sure, she was no doctor or medical ninja, but she knew how to cut with a sharp object. She is a ninja after all.

She would jut her finger into the deep cut, raising her head so she wouldn't see the disgusting act she had to perform. The device was small and compact, when used it would enlarge and encase the eyes with a lens that enhanced vision to multiple different levels. However, Aerie did not have the medical prowess to stick it into her eye, so she had to wait until the exams were over. She swallowed deeply and ripped off Zevas' shirt to cover the hole left in his had and to also wipe the blood from her hands and the device. Wyte held her paw over mouth in disgust, a grimace written on her face. " C-Child! " Wyte would shout, turning away and beginning to float off. Aerie would shake her head and follow. " Sorry, Wyte. I couldn't just leave him there without taking something in remembrance! " She'd shout back, Wyte simply shook her head and continued on with her partner.

[ Let me know what Aerie and Wyte come across as they continue on through the tunnel. ]
this was a post by aerie, taking an eye from my archived Alt, which i archived because that eye was unapproved, when it was allowed for quite awhile then the staff dropped the hammer, denying the eye and increasing its costs massively. So being that the eye was unapproved, it is no longer in play. Now Aerie said that Seto said she could scavenge this said eye, how is this possible when it no longer exists? Exactly, its not, if aerie wants the eye shes gonna have to remake it.


this is where the eye was changed, changing it to an A ranked item, thus making it impossible for anything less than jonin to wield.


D-Ranked Shinobi Jutsu Costs
E-Rank Jutsu: 5 Chakra Cost
D-Rank Jutsu: 15 Chakra Cost
C-Rank Jutsu: 25 Chakra Cost
B-Rank Jutsu: 50 Chakra Cost
A-Rank Jutsu: 80 Chakra Cost
S-Rank Jutsu: Cannot Use
Lasting Jutsu Costs:
E-Rank Jutsu: 5 Chakra Cost
D-Rank Jutsu: 10 Chakra Cost
C-Rank Jutsu: 15 Chakra Cost
B-Rank Jutsu: 20 Chakra Cost
A-Rank Jutsu: 30 Chakra Cost
S-Rank Jutsu: 35 Chakra Cost

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2 Re: This is some serious bull on Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:39 am


butthurt much? AMIRITE?!


Hanae | Skillz

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3 Re: This is some serious bull on Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:55 am


Sohryu Uchiha

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4 Re: This is some serious bull on Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:13 am


Kumo Chunin
Kumo Chunin
What staff gon do?

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5 Re: This is some serious bull on Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:59 pm

She did two things that she shouldn't have done.  One was kill you off in a thread that she or any staff other than myself, Chikara, or Akira have control over.  So you are still alive.

As for option two.  Well you aren't in the cavern anymore so its all good.


I do not check things unless Chikara asks me to.  If you bug me enough about it, I will deny whatever it is you want me to check.

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6 Re: This is some serious bull on Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:48 pm


Katsu saves the day! My nigg...unim.


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[01:04:31] Poncho : what if u never find the love of ur life cause they got swallowed or stuck in a condom
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