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Kitsune no michi {WIP}

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1 Kitsune no michi {WIP} on Thu Nov 20, 2014 5:22 pm

Clan Name: Ryukyu
Clan element/'s: Pure Chakra
Special characteristics/traits:
Ninjutsu: Do to the style of this clan and the training that all members of this clan under go during their youth. This clan has become very well Adept in Ninjutsu, even from birth. So members of this clan automatically get one CS to Ninjutsu. Though at the same time they lose one CS in Genjutsu. Do to the fact that the members of this clan due to clan abilities have a hard time to bring forth Genjutsu.
Chakra: Adapt to Survive, members of this clan have gained a higher chakra supply then most ninja. This is due to the fact that their clan style focuses on Ninjutsu and takes high chakra amounts to use. The members of this clan over the years have gained a higher chakra level then most ninja.
Traits of the Fox: This clan has gained traits of the Fox due to the fact that their clan's abilities come from that of studying the Fox. Members of this clan have gained their KKG by studying the Kitsune of legend as well as other fox's. Due to this the clan members of this clan have fox like tails. These a real fur tails that connect to their body. They range from different colors to different links. Though the most a clan member has every managed to grow without the use of jutsu is 5 tails. (These tails growback, if a tail is cut off it will take 10 CP to grow it back. Though if a member of this clan has all its tails cut off they will lose 25% of their remaining chakra. As this clans tails are a big part of them}
Location: Scatterd

Bloodline Name: Kitsune no michi
Bloodline Ability:
Secret Clan Jutsu:(List the jutsu that only clan members may use)

Clan History:(At least one paragraph)

Members: (How much members are aloud in this clan?)


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2 Re: Kitsune no michi {WIP} on Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:40 am



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