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Roku Uchiha [WIP]

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1 Roku Uchiha [WIP] on Sat Nov 29, 2014 8:39 am

"It's ok, fear of death is only natural."

Name: Roku Uchiha
Nickname: None as of yet.
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Village: Kumogakure
Village Rank: ANBU
Skill Rank: A-Class

Weight: 183 lb.
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Looks Image:
Looks Description: (One paragraph if you have a picture)

Personality Description: Among many other words that can describe Roku, he is calculating. He never acts out of emotion. Even actions that may outwardly seem like fits of rage all hold some inner meaning to Roku. To him, every action and every word has a purpose. This includes both his social demeanor and his demeanor during combat. He does not give a friend a compliment without some underlying reason. He doesn't even befriend people because he "likes" them. More often, he befriends a person to establish links and resources or to gain influence in a particular field. Though not many people know this from the outside, as from the outside, he just seems like a charming young man. That word "calculating" that could describe Roku... it could also be subsituted for "manipulative." However, this should really come as no surprise from an off-spring of the Uchiha clan.

Roku is goal-oriented. Rather than being like most people who gain their satisfaction after accomplishing something from the rewards that are to follow, the simple success is what Roku enjoys. He has a tendency to make a goal in his mind and speak it inwardly to himself, this being his "seal," so to say, which means it has become "official" and he will now set out to accomplish it. When Roku sets a goal, he rarely changes it, and never gives up on it, for, unless in dire situations, these are both deemed failures. Relating to his calculating nature, every action Roku does is weghed against its alternatives as to which will best serve his purpose. Though he is sometimes deemed "cruel," he has no problem sacrificing someone's comfort or sparing them a bit of pain if it could help his cause, though he doesn't go so far as to sacrificing one's life unless it is to protect others, or even more lives.

Roku is a very loving person. Or, more accurately, he is caring. Though he hides, it, and hides it well, a great number of people hold a special place in his heart. He has powerful feelings for many of his clanmates and comrades, but more importantly, for his grandfather. His grandfather being a prime example, he is one of the few people Roku shows affection to. Roku cares for him through his illness, and he is the person that the young ANBU strives to impress and to protect most. Almost all of Roku's time, when it isn't spent training or on a mission, is spent with his grandfather. The Shinobi is a very attached person, though most people who know him, even those he is attached to, are completely unaware of it. When Roku's grandfather was diagnosed with his illness, it made the young man become cold... hard... empty... but only on the outside. For on in the inside he suffered. And his feelings of love only strengthened, not just for his grandfather but others too.

Closely related to his hidden, loving nature is the young Shinobi's tendency to be extremely protective. It is quite true that he doesn't mind sacrificing other's comfort or sparing them a bit of pain, but when things become serious, Roku is the first person that appears at the helm of the battle to safety. He would gladly throw down his life for his village and for those he loves and has sworn to protect, namely his grandfather. This is partially caused by his oath to protect his grandfather, however. With his grandfather's illness, the young man is completely helpless. One of his strongest impulses are to protect and he can do nothing of the sort for the one person he wants to protect most. This makes Roku overcompensate in other situations. It causes him to be far more self-sacrificing than would make sense, far to quick to lay his life on the line to save the life of another. His moves may always be calculated, but little does that mean they are calculated well.

Distance is key to not experiencing loss. If Roku never gets close to another person, then when people die, Roku won't be hurt. Right? He knows he's completely wrong about this, knows he has love for people, and still he tries. Still, he tries to be that person who is perfect, that person who remains distant enough from others that even in the eyes of a mass murder, he can act completely rationally. Roku doesn't invest his secrets in anyone, nor his fears. Rarely does he "hang out" with friends anymore, and rarely does he even spend time with others other than his grandfather and to surve his agenda. Perhaps this has an even bigger effect on Roku. Perhaps he sometimes finds himself completely and irrepairably lonely. Perhaps his philosophy is wrong, maybe the pain of solitude is worse than that of grief. And still, out of fear, Roku clings to this philosophy in the light of every day, hoping, completely in vain, that somehow he can save himself from pain. Somehow he will be that being who can stare death in the face and not falter. Somehow, he will not be weak. Somehow...

Reliance on others is for the weak. Perhaps it is also attributed to his determinedness to completely keep them all at a distance, but this ANBU cannot rely on others, nor can he trust them. He takes the saying "If you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself" to the extremes. Often times, even when he is a commander behind multiple companies of ninja, the young ANBU can be seen on the front lines, spear-heading the most important, most difficult, and most dangerous parts of a battle. This could be seen by others as noble, but perhaps it is simply arrogance. The belief that no matter what, the efforts of others will always be inferior to him. This includes even simple tasks as well. He often times doesn't even allow his housekeeper to clean the more often used areas of his house just because he believes that she will always do a horrid job. He can be found outside doing grunt work that Genin should be doing simply because he doesn't think they will stack bricks a certain way. Though this is a slight exaggeration, it gets the point across. Roku has a hard time giving tasks to others and expecting them to be done well, as simple as that.

Observation is key. And intelligience, or the ability to convert those observations into useful knowledge, is even more important. This is one of the very few things Roku takes pride in. He knows that he, as a Shinobi, has more keen observation than almost anyone. He may even be THE best observer. Though he is also keen with inanimate objects and nature, Roku's favorite study is people. He notices it all. Facial expressions, micro-expressions, body language, tone of voice; and best of all, he knows what it all means. Not only can he tell when someone is lying, he can almost perfectly interpret emotion. This means he can both tell when someone is hiding something, and even why they are hiding it, given their emotional reactions to specific stimuli. This may also be attributed to his inability to trust people. If he cant trust them, he is always analyzing, always scrutinizing. Always looking for faults, imperfections, hidden meaning, emotions... truly fascinating, yet utterly moralistically disgusting.

  • Leadership. Roku admires those who can be a good leader.  He admires those who others follow, not because of an appointed position, but because of skill and overall intelligence.  He also has a natural lenience toward a leader who can be objective about their decisions.  Roku admires when someone can send themselves into danger to save another or take risks to be sure every single member of a unit is safe.  

  • Intelligence.  Roku admires someone who is intelligent.  He hates it when people act rashly because of a gut feeling or because of a single emotion and associates it with idiocy.  He believes that in serious situations, a move should be calculated.  He also believes that making a decision based on one's emotional or mental comfort in a combat situation is idiocy.  

  • Selflessness.  Those with a good character should be able to sacrifice for others in the name of the greater good.  Roku believes that the good of one trembles in the shadow of the good of all, of a population or group or society.  He believes that one of good character would be willing to put themselves in danger in order to assure the safety of another.  That is selflessness;  not to be confused with generosity, in which someone gives another person their last slice of pizza.  That's stupidity.

  • Bravery. Not stupidity. There is a clear distinction from being brave enough to stand up for someone in need, and jumping off a bottomless cliff to rescue someone who has already fallen.  Neither is bravery the absence of fear.  Because while you can't let it control you, you need fear to make you cautious... to avoid recklessness.  No, bravery is the ability to remain in control and act, even n the shadow of extreme fear.


  • Bullying. Bullying is looked upon by Roku as an act of complete cowardice.  He defines it as harassing those who are weaker than he, or those who can do nothing about it, both physically and mentally.  Roku believes that those with a brave heart will never raise their hand on someone weak or defenseless; only on their behalf.  This is, however, not to be confused with he necessity to fight those weaker than he in battle or combat.

  • Hypocrisy.  Hypocrites are a downright loathed group by Roku.  Those who do not have the decency to abide by the same standards and rules they hold others to do not deserve to hold others by those standards.  Judging one negatively or criticizing them for doing something that you yourself do or take part in is an act of both bad character and downright idiocy.  

  • Pity.  Those who seek to be pitied gain special distaste from Roku.  It is not a hatred of the weak or the disabled;  rather, it is a hatred of those who expect to be catered or treated specially because of a disability, weakness, or injury.  Those who rely completely on others' help.  For Roku believes that those who do not work to help themselves or benefit themselves do no deserve help from others.  In short, Roku hates those who use disadvantages as a crutch to make their way through their lives.

  • Irrationality.  Perhaps this is one of his more newly developed distastes, but Roku has begun to hate acts of irrationality.  The acts don't have to be calculated at all times, but acts of complete irrationality and randomness simply... erk him.  Why would someone do something like this?  Why perform an action with no intended purpose?  No reason to do it, no goal?  Or why do something against your goals that goes against what your intentions are?

Catch Phrases:
  • In a situation when someone is ready to give up and has lost their will: "You are a Shinobi. Pain and hardship is what you endure so that others don't have to it. Do you know what that means?"
  • In a situation when someone on his side truly angers him: "It's hard to believe this is the extent of the cause of our village that you can't suck it up and actually put an effort into what it is you're doing."
  • In a situation where someone becomes emotional or fearful: "How does someone who aspires to be a great Shinobi, and to protect, show such weakness?"

Nindo: "Sometimes all you can do is aspire."

Element Affinity: Katon
Sub Element Affinity:

History: (Please try to make this large enough considering your rank or skill levels in question, this means that if you have a higher skill level you need more history in order to have that skill level in the roleplay. If you don't you probably won't be accepted.)

RP Sample: Ting. Click. Clump. It could be heard as kunai and bone collided in midair. His breathing came jagged and unstable, inhaling and exhaling through a mouth that somehow bore a smile. Perhaps it was the results of part one of his training today. He’d managed to become accurate enough with the bones from his Shikotsumyaku to hit projectiles in midair, a sense of deep satisfaction becoming visible on him as the kunai and bone collided, changing the trajectory directly downward. He still hadn’t mastered changing trajectory with enough accuracy to hit an opponent behind him, but his skill was obviously coming along.

Moku straightened himself from his ready stance as his breathing slowed, once more gaining stability and control. He spoke now with a voice as smooth as silk, quite low in volume but somehow able to carry across the entire training grounds. “Alright Kogo, that’s enough. I’m off to do that ‘other’ training now.” Kogo was a member of Moku’s clan and his training partner for the day. He knew how important ‘that’ training was for both the knowledge and power of the clan, so he did not protest when the man was ready to train on his own. He simply smiled and took off into the Jungle.

‘That’ training. It was all Moku tended to call it, for the names Chisosa and Tansososa seemed so complicated to pronounce and hard for others to understand that it just created situations where Moku had to explain things; and oh how annoying it was when he explained things because rather than making him sound smart, he just seemed like an idiot. He scoffed as he thought of when he had explained it to Ryujin, specifically remembering the profound amount of “Uh’s” and “Ummmm’s”. The very thought of it embarrassed him...

Almost as a means to take his mind off of it, Moku turned now on his heel in the direction of a private Kaguya training grounds. Sure, there was no reason to train there above where he was now, out in the wilderness, but he needed the walk to give him time to meditate on exactly where to start with this thing. The breeze ran through his scarlet hair, something he was proud of. Where most people from his clan have white hair and hideous birth-marks on their foreheads, Moku looked like just some ordinary person with amazing red hair.

Mentally the Jounin shook himself. Where does one start when training the mastery of Carbon? His mind searched and searched for any prior knowledge of the element, but to no avail. How would he learn to master something he knew nothing about? Knowledge WAS power after all, and in this case he meant it quite literally. He could ask the elders, they were mostly wise. But then again, the use of Carbon was intertwined with science, and most everything the elders ever spoke of was legend and myth; those things and science didn’t get along too well.

What then, were his options? There were obviously experts on the subject in the village, as well as a decent sized library. Maybe even teachers at the academy could help him in his dilemma. As he thought, he decided that his best bet would be talking to an expert or two in the village to get a bit of a background in the subject, then hit the books for a nit-picky analysis. It was these moments Moku thought he was a nerd; after all, who researches while training?

Having finally come up with a specific destination, Moku picked up speed heading toward the village. He leapt off the ground to ascend into the trees of the jungle, leaping from branch to branch to cover ground faster. The bark could be felt beneath his shoes to crack, twist, and break at his every step as he landed heavily to be sure he didn’t misstep. He wasn’t worried about an enemy, he was in friendly territory after all. Minutes passed and Moku could tell he was nearing the village. He’d spent his entire young life in this Jungle and wasn’t exactly unfamiliar with its mappings.

Surely enough, before long he emerged from the thickets and the tree-line, just a small walking distance from the village. Of course he didn’t walk though; his mind was racing from the possibilities of the Tansososa and any sense of patience had completely left him, causing his body to almost uncontrollably sprint toward the village, and more importantly toward its knowledge. He made his way quickly to the information and research facilities so he could talk to all of the smart sciency guys inside, arriving in just a few moments.

Opening the door, the Kaguya stepped inside, reaching for a flask on his waist at the same time, taking a long, sweet swig of sweetened water before looking about for who he would need. Completely stumped, he instead approached a young woman who seemed as if she knew the facility well, maybe an employee or something by the looks of it. “Hey uh, do you know where I could find someone who knows something about Car-... I mean uh, where can I find the Chemists?”

The female looked a bit perplexed as she answered, obviously worried that Moku was obviously not intent on telling her what he needed. “Uh... yeah, if you walk down this hall,” she spoke as she pointed over her shoulder, “you’ll run into Doctor Mukuru’s office. He should be in today.”

Moku smiled largely, walking swiftly toward where she directed him, looking over his shoulder, “Ah! Thank you!” before hurrying toward the smart Doctor guy. His door was open, but Moku didn’t enter as he apparently seemed busy. He waited instead for the man to look up and invite him in, finally doing so after signing a document on his desk.

“Ah, a Shinobi! Can I help you?” The man spoke in an overly enthusiastic voice, as if he’d just received some amazing news.

“Uh, yes sir. I just needed some help, are you Doctor Mukuru?”

“Yes, I am. You aren’t in any sort of trouble, are you?”

“Wha-- ooohhh, no, no nothing like that! I just wanted to know, what can you tell me about the element Carbon?”

“You must be that man I heard about, the Kaguya? Carbon, Carbon... well, it is one of the most abundant substances in the world for starters. It happens to be involved in every single organic compound, thus calling for its own branch of Chemistry called Organic Chemistry. It has several allotropes, known as Graphite, Diamond, and Amorphous. What else... what else... besides that, it is present in Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, and a bunch of other gases in our atmosphere. Sorry, it’s not my area of expertise, I don’t know much.”

“Thank you Doctor uh... Mukuru, right?”

“Yeah. Let me know if there is anything else I can do, I’d be glad to help.”

“Will do.” And with that, Moku exited the room, once more walking down the hallway and leaving the building. He stopped for a moment, almost unsure of where he was going, before the invisible light bulb above his head clicked on and he remembered once more. He was headed toward the library, to dig up some more information on the Tansososa before attempting to learn its uses and exactly how to manifest such capabilities. A smile spread across his face as he thought of mastering one of the most abundant elements in the world.

The library was a tall, very old building with little to no windows. It was probably to preserve the books as long as possible, as well as keep it cool within the inside. It had many Sakura trees growing along the sides of it, and the pink leaves spread all across the ground around it, as well as the stairs, window sills, gutters, and ledges. It was very quiet around this area, almost as if children were afraid of the place; as if it were cursed. Moku remembered way back when he used to love studying, though now he’d much more prefer to learn through practice.

He began his ascent to the stairs and when he entered the library was immediately shocked by the temperature difference. Where it was warm outside it was nearly cold in here, just barely above the level which it became uncomfortable. He hadn’t been inside this library very often, as a kid preferring the one inside the academy, but it was much smaller and probably did not have what he was looking for. The Jounin almost approached a librarian for help before realizing he’d look stupid as an elite shinobi who couldn’t find a book.

Instead, the man approached the front desk and looked through the paper log. He found the section titled chemistry and looked for something that would focus primarily on Carbon. Finding the title of the book, and its number, he wandered through the isles of the library before finding a book with a number close to the one he was looking for. He moved in chronological order and after a few moments pinpointed the book he needed. “There! That wasn’t so hard...”

The book detailed many things about Carbon. It detailed how it was used in manufacturing, it detailed its allotropes, and a bunch of information he hardly found relevant. It seemed like over half the book was only a history of Carbon, no real usable information. Though, it wasn’t actually surprising. After all, what author writes a book on how to use Carbon in Ninjutsu if only one person with such capabilities came along every few generations? Though it took awhile, Moku read through most of the book before finding the section he needed. It toled of things like the atomic number, its boiling point, its melting point, its reactions with other substances... he remained there nearly all day and night, reading up on the subject before he determined he knew enough to make an attempt at its use.

Moku returned the book and locked up; he was trusted to do so as he was a Jounin of the village and needed to remain far past the closing time. He now ventured toward the Kaguya Temple, and sat himself in the same place in the center of the main chamber where he unlocked the use of his Chisosa. Now he would finally put forth a practical use to the Tansososa, the use of Carbon, and learn if he could even attain these abilities.

It was immediately apparent that learning the Tansososa and the Chisosa were completely different. No matter what the male attempted, he could not feel the general chakra pull that he got after attempting a Ninjutsu. He threaded his chakra through the air and tried to round up the Carbon; in a completely unsuccessful attempt. He was completely befuddled as to how he would do this. After all, he knew very little about Chemistry besides what was taught in school and what he had learned today. No one could completely master a subject in a day.

Knowing Carbon resides in all Organic compounds, Moku tried the next bit on himself. He attempted to increase the Carbon production in his hair, and to hopefully make it grow; again, to no avail, however he now slightly felt the chakra pull of the technique as if he were close. He could not go to his ancestor’s journal in this subject... for in that journal, he had no use of the Tansososa, and it was unknown whether he ever DID gain control over it. Sighing, Moku racked his brain for more than a hint to what he was supposed to do.

The previously dim invisible light bulb above his head once more turned on. Perhaps the reason he couldn’t do anything was simply because he was not targeting the Carbon directly. After all, Carbon does not often reside in a pure form, at least not in abundance. It was normally bonded with something or some sort of other substance to create compounds. Perhaps this realization could give him some insight on how to perform the final stage of his Kekkei Genkai...

Now he used his chakra to locate the common gas, Carbon Dioxide. To get a feel for what it felt like, he observed the breaths leaving his body, as that was primarily the gas he was looking for. Locating a large enough sample size, the Jounin attempted to “lock” his chakra onto the bonded Carbon atoms. He began to “pull” and slowly unbonded the Carbon from the Carbon Dioxide, leaving behind the simple Oxygen substance.

He practiced doing what he’d just done over and over again, attempting to get a feel for doing it. He also worked to increase the speed at which he did so, as well as do it without completely focusing on it like he had been. After working at this for several hours, he finally managed to separate the Carbon, feeling it fall in a dusty, powdery form onto his head and face, as well as his shoulders. He yawned slightly, a bit tired, though extremely joyous at his apparent success.

Moku almost began to wonder what the manipulation of Carbon could ACTUALLY do for him in battle. After all, it was only falling in the form of powders and dust. Then it occurred to him that it’d wasn’t impossible to fix that. He simply had to attract the Carbon together into usable items and attacks. Easier said than done... how the hell would he do that?

Once more, the Jounin threaded his chakra through the air. He did the process which separated the Carbon from the other substances in the air, and now “pulled” the atoms together. At first to no avail, he attempted to do something else. He now used his chakra to amplify the natural attraction between the Carbon, and just as he did so a clump of pure Carbon element fell on his lap. His mouth dropped open as he looked down at the black substance. It was crusty and fell apart as he picked it up, but it was progress that couldnt be denied.

5 AM... it was 5 AM, over 17 hours since he had began his training. It had taken him 17 hours to learn about Carbon and to bring it together. He chuckled a bit as he thought of how angry the elders would be that he had not waited for them, nor notified them that he’d be training the Tansososa today. They’d wanted to observe just like they had with the Chisosa, but Moku hadn’t liked the attention he got with that. It was difficult for him to focus primarily on the matter at hand with the people he looked up to most staring at him the entire time, silent. He smirked and exited the building, leaving the pure Carbon there, wondering if it’d tell the Elders what happened... they’d be here in a few hours after all.

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