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Monzo Ukata - Done

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1 Monzo Ukata - Done on Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:55 am


Konoha Anbu
Konoha Anbu

I couldn't find a better picture so, just imagine Konoha Anbu outfit.
   "Does it look like I'm laughing?"


   Name: Monzo Ukata(Kazon Clan)
   Nickname: Shu
   Age: 25
   Gender: Male
   Village: Konohagakure
   Village Rank: Anbu
   Skill Rank: A

   Weight: 198
   Hair color: Black
   Eye Color: Hazel
   Looks Image:
   Looks Description: Monzo has a scar that cuts through the middle of his face. He covers it up with his black anbu mask. He has messy hair that brushes off to the side when he is to lazy to actually do it. He sometimes wears two red bead necklaces around his neck and he wears a gray scarf when he is wearing his anbu outfit. He has two piercing under his bottom lip.

The man’s body itself is a testament to the strength he displays on battle, being well built and defined, strong muscle ripples along his form, betraying his use of physical superiority to overwhelm and defeat opponents. With a rather tan skin tone, the only real mark that stands out is the tattoo of Son Goku on his left shoulder.


   Personality Description: Monzo is a very playful person. He tends to make jokes at the worst time possible and acts like a kid even though he is in his mid-twenties. He has a great sense of humor, but tends to repeat what he says. Which causes some people to dislike him. In most times, Monzo would mock others around them when they have their backs turn. He would only do this if he finds what they are saying very boring. If not, he would become a very serious person.

When it comes to fighting, Monzo becomes a different person in some people eyes. He really sees his enemy as a set of stairs that he has to climb, making him determined to the very end. He believes that everyone can continue to fight until every last bone in their body is broken or they are dead. Any cowards in his eyes are considered trash that needs to be disposed of quickly. Especially his fellow Anbu members.

Monzo is not the type of person to think twice about an order unless it is something that he sees ridiculous. He will always complete his mission with his full ability. Sometimes, he would do his mission wrong if the mission provider does not provide specific instruction. Which causes him to not have money sometimes. He thinks that failure does not even deserve partial amount of a reward.

   Likes: Fighting, Friends, Animal Meat
   Dislikes: Vegetables, Rogues, Being Wet(besides shower)  
   Catch Phrases: "Chill Fam!" "No Chill Fam!"

   Nindo: If my bones aren't broken, I can still fight.


   Element Affinity: Yuton
   Sub Element Affinity: Katon


Monzo was said to be the worst thing that happen to his parents when he was born. An unknown group was after his family. No one around them knew why this unknown group was after his exact family, but it seem like they would go away if they provided what he needed. When the group found out that Monzo mother was pregnant, they made a threat towards the whole family. His mother was to give birth to a female or they all die. His whole family prayed that she would give birth to a female, for they feared death.

On the day of his birth, the unknown group was around the area waiting for the unborn child to become born so they can determine whether or not they get to live. The family had a plan to deal with this, they had police forces around the area to prevent the attack. They were sure they would live to see another day, but they were wrong the moment the doctor confirmed the baby was a boy. As the doctor put Monzo down, the group attacked the family that was not in the room.

They killed all the adults and children without the  police forces knowing. They proceeded down to the room where Monzo's father and mother were, but were quickly stopped by the police forces. They killed off the policemen like they were flies. The men in the group open the door to find Monzo's father with a katana. His father manage to kill the man who open the door, but got  killed by the other men. Monzo's mother was sitting there with the baby in her hand rocking him slowly. As they approach the woman, it was revealed that the baby wasn't even a baby. It was a pillow with an explosive tag on it. The mother's effort to kill the men was a failure. They quickly escaped the area before the tag went off.

Monzo manage to survive due to the brave doctor that escaped with him. The doctor took him in as his own sense Monzo had no one. From that point on the doctor wrote a journal to inform Monzo when he was older about the men that killed his family and any little information that he got about them. He also hid the fact that he was from the Kazon clan by changing his last name from Kazon to Ukata, but he would inform Monzo when he was a Genin.

Monzo was five almost turning six years of age. His caregiver sent him to the Ninja Academy since Monzo did not want to become a Medic like him. Monzo wasn't the brightest student there, but he was determined to be number one in that class. In the first few weeks, Monzo was always at the bottom of his class, but he did not stop and give up. He saw that as a wall that he could soon climb over. After a month of failure, Monzo began improving. He moved from the worst student in his class to an average student. His caregiver was really happy for him. That gave Monzo an idea. He thought if he became number one in his class, he would get what he wanted.

Monzo was now twelve years-old and he was already a Genin. It was one of his greatest achievements in life, but somehow it didn't feel as good as he thought it was gonna be. He expected the younger kids to give him more respect, but they all just looked at him like he was still a no one. He didn't like this at all, but he knew how he could make up for it. He decided to do a little more research on advance elements. He wasn't seeing anything that he liked, until he got to a Yoton element. He did more research on that specif element and found a clan that looked like a fun one. The Kazon clan.

Monzo was intrigued by what this clan could do, but was suddenly sad for them. There was documents on a family that had been killed the year he was born. They had been killed by a group that was never found. They had no information on the group, but they did have a picture of the mask one of them was wearing. It was a black bunny faced masked. Monzo took the book home so he could read more about this clan.

After he finish his reading on the clan, his caregiver found the books he had been reading and decided now was the time to tell him everything and give him the information he had on this group. The caregiver went to Monzo that night and sat him down. He told him everything that happen to his family and gave up the book that he collected the information. Monzo couldn't believe his family died just because his mother gave birth to a boy. He thanked his caregiver, but his caregiver wasn't done with this talk. He also told Monzo that he was dying and he didn't know when he was going to die. Monzo was depressed about this, but he didn't show it. He just hugged him and promised to make him proud before he dies.

Monzo was about seventeen years-old and he was already getting the hang of his advance element. He had traveled with his partner Kono Maki. They were almost the best of friends, but they had some issues. They had to work around these issues or they could get killed in a mission. They traveled to an island that was said to have a dormant volcano. It was the perfect place to help Monzo train. Kono had agreed to come because Monzo was starting to get a big head and he needed to teach him who was the strongest. This was one of the moments people considered them as rivals.

When they arrived at the Island, Kono & Monzo couldn't wait to have a little fight, but the islanders insisted they go far away from the village. So they traveled to the deserted half of the island. When they arrived, they began to fight. Both of them throwing their strongest jutsu at each other. The area around was beginning to look worst then when they arrived. Monzo had knew this side was empty, until he heard voices.

Monzo had told Kono to stop so he could investigate what he heard, but Kono did not believe him and left. Monzo ignored his friend  leaving and went quiet. He sat on the coast for about an hour before seeing something run into the jungle. He got up and chase after it. It ran like nothing it ever seen before, but he was able to catch it before he become tired. Monzo was shocked to see a ten year-old boy. He wonder where this kid's family was and why was he out here. The child told him that he didn't have a family, he just had brothers and sisters. Monzo was puzzled, so he asked the boy to take him to where he was staying.

They traveled near to where Monzo was staying, but they lived in a cave. He enter the cave with the child and found at least seventeen kids sitting around a campfire. He was shocked to see so many of them. He asked if they were all brothers and sisters. They respond with a short story about how they were abandon two years ago and were force to live with each other surviving off the land. Monzo wasn't pleased with the village, so he went back to the village. He went to the village center. He stood up on a crate and demanded the villagers attention. When he got their attention, he asked them why the kids he found were abandoned and alone. They had no response to his question.

Monzo was sicken with this village and decided he was not going to stay here anymore. He went back to the house him and Kono were staying and told Kono to get ready to leave. Kono was very confused and asked why. Monzo took him to see the kids and explain how the village doesn't even want them. Kono thought that they should bring all the kids back to the Konoha so they could be adopted there. That they, Monzo realize another cruel thing about the world.

Monzo had was turning twenty-one when he was became a Jonin. He had a good grasp on Yoton, but not good enough to pull off Lava Release: Great Exploding Magma Colliding Wave. His body couldn't release that much amount of chakra, but he would keep trying until he prefects it.

On his birthday, Monzo spent the whole day in the hospital with his caregiver. Death was approaching soon for him and Monzo wanted to spend their last few moments together. He did not leave the hospital until two days after his birthday, which was the day he died. Monzo was thrown into deep depression, but got over that in a matter of weeks. Monzo attitude change greatly. Monzo would be disgusted with people who coward out of something, even if it wasn't their responsibility. He did this since the man who raised him went out of his way to save baby Monzo's life.

Joining Anbu
Monzo was turning twenty-five in a week and his birthday present was already coming in. He had found out more information about the people who killed his family. He was going to go disappear from Konoha for awhile until he was successful with killing off these people. He traveled close to the Kumogakure, to find out it had been Missing-Nin that used to be apart of Konohagkure. Monzo was even angrier that the people who killed his family were from the same village. He had found their hideout and wanted to watch them from a far before he determined when he was going to strike.

The night before his birthday, Monzo decided it was the perfect time to strike. He wanted to make this quick and simple, but really didn't know how. So he just walked right up to the entrance and looked around for people. A man saw him and ran at him, Monzo used his best jutsu: Lava Release Armour. The man was overwhelmed. Before the man could attack, Monzo was already in front of him. He was beating him down, but he was not satisfied. He decided to put his hand on his face and watched it burned to nothing but ash. Before the other men could realize what was happening, Monzo had already found them. The face the men saw was a emotionless man who simply wanted to repay them.

Monzo had killed almost all them, but he left two alive. He only left them alive because both men had the black bunny mask. He knew that one of them was the leader, but he just didn't know which. He was really low and chakra, but couldn't show them that. He kept a cold stare on both men and pulled out a kunai. He asked them if they wanted to live and they both said yes. Of course Monzo was not going to let them live. He just wanted to give them false sense of hope and he succeeded. He notice one of their face's from pale to color. He knew at exact moment that he was the leader. He threw his kunai at the other man that had a pale face still. To his reaction it was a clone the whole time. That didn't make Monzo to pleased.

He walked over to the man who had nothing to defend himself. He picked him off the ground and put him against the wall. Monzo asked him why he had killed his family, the man just said he had to. "Had to What?"
Monzo asked in confusion. "We had to killed that family, for if they had a boy that would mean he could grow up to kill me." The man said to him. Monzo was still confused. The man had a grin and said, "If you'd kill me, that would mean you would take over the clan, Nephew. Monzo was stunned to hear this man was his uncle and worst of all he killed his own family. Monzo was enraged, so he took the another kunai out and slide the kunai across his uncles throat. He didn't want to listen to the garage was going to tell him. Monzo looked at the blood that was around him and just stood there. He finally moved, but moved towards the mask that was on his uncles dead body. The truth was he liked the mask and he was going to use it as a trophy. He walked away from the area, but not before burning down the whole hideout. He thought of this as one of the worst birthday ever.

The next day, Monzo was approached by a group of men that lead him to somewhere he was unfamiliar with. There he saw his partner Kono wearing a weird outfit he had never seen before. Kono explain the whole Anbu situation and told him that he was there when Monzo killed those group of men. He told his superior of this and he was impressed with such talent. He was so impressed that he wanted Monzo to join the ANBU. Monzo did not refused the offer and from that point on Monzo became a member of the ANBU.



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2 Re: Monzo Ukata - Done on Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:53 pm


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

You can only have two elements. You can train the third at a later date.

Another paragraph on appearance.

Once changes are made, you shall receive my approval.

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3 Re: Monzo Ukata - Done on Sat Dec 06, 2014 9:31 pm


Konoha Anbu
Konoha Anbu
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4 Re: Monzo Ukata - Done on Sun Dec 07, 2014 4:35 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin


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