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1 KORMADA on Thu Dec 04, 2014 7:52 am

K Mod

At first, the Kormadians thought that the snowfall in the springtime was a freak occurrence, unlikely to happen again. But as the days passed, the temperatures continued to drop, and the Kormadians grew concerned. None of the horses had their winter coats yet. Mares were still in foal, and countless newborn foals had already been lost to the cold.

Word began to travel until, one day, the non-equines of the Hinterland stepped foot on equine soil. Those non-equines who traveled here knew that although the physical barriers keeping them from the mainlands had not been in place since Kestrel's defeat, most of the Kormadian equines still shunned their strange counterparts. It was a risk to travel here, but when they arrived, the equines understood why.

Something had overwhelmed the Hinterland, and those who survived it had been forced out. In its presence Prime's light grew dim and the sky grew cold. Those few hundred individuals who stood before the equines now were the only survivors of the thousands of non-equine species that had once called the Hinterland home. The Scourge infestation is spreading, growing in numbers and ferocity. Even the vast Kormadian oceans cannot halt its journey.

Now, armed with only the experience of the non-equines, and haunted by the knowledge that Kestrel could have saved them all, the Kormadians must unite in their battle against the Scourge or face their species being wiped out...for good.


2 KORMADA on Thu Dec 04, 2014 7:53 am

K Mod


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