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Uchiha, [Sohryu] | Konohagakure Genin

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1 Uchiha, [Sohryu] | Konohagakure Genin on Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:45 am

"Don't get mad at me for being the best of what I was created to be"

Name: Sohryu Uchiha
Nickname: Casper
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: D

Looks Description:
Sohryu is definitely the product of the Uchiha clan. Soh’s hair is jet-black, the hair-color of most people born with true Uchiha blood coursing through their veins. Even though Soh's hair is surprisingly dark, it wouldn’t be the first thing you’d notice about Soh’s hair. Saying that Sohryu has long hair wouldn’t give justice to that hairstyle he chose to sport. Soh’s bangs are trimmed so they just barely allow his field of vision to be unaffected by that shaggy mop of his. The rest of Soh’s hair is pretty much left to grow without any intent to cut it off. The only effort Soh makes to control that beast of hair is to pull it back into a bushy ponytail with a white piece of cloth. That intimidating ponytail is a massive three feet long, give or take a couple inches. Soh lets thick pieces of hair hang freely just in front of his ears, though, draping around that face of his.

Emerging from beneath the great sea of hair on Sohryu’s head, exploding from his pale white skin and just below his thin eyebrows, Sohryu’s eyes are the color of coal and just as dark as his hair, piercing and combative in nature. Not much of a surprise when you are confronted with the fact that Uchiha are known to have eyes that are a deep shade of black. But if you were to peer deeply into Soh’s eyes, you would not find any hatred no matter how long you continued your search. Soh’s gaze holds a gentle and kind feeling within. Of course, because Sohryu was gifted with the sharingan, that gentle gaze disappears in a flash, masked by the signature red of the sharingan being activated. Soh’s face isn’t very memorable though. Sohryu pretty much looks like every other kid running around that’s his age (if you take the wild hair out of the equation, of course). Soh’s nose is of a somewhat normal size, assuming that normal means anything that doesn’t scare small children when you walk by. Soh’s lips are smaller than average, but just by a little, and they are a light shade of pink. Soh’s ears, lying straight on head, appear from just under his hair, slightly round at their peak. With a noticeable jaw line, Soh has nothing close to what people call a strong jaw line.

To cover his toned body, Sohryu wears a divided white hakama with a black trim, so the lower part resembles a wide pair of trousers. The sleeves are quite large, stopping at just past his elbow to hang freely. Soh also wears a pair of black tabi footwear. Finally, with the black obi to tie it all together, that is Soh’s uniform for accomplishing his tasks as a shinobi. (Okay there is way more to a hakama, but I’d rather not get into that right now). And Soh also wears black wrist bands on each arm, as well. Most find Soh’s choice in clothing is just too traditional and out of style, but Sohryu couldn’t disagree more. Tradition creates style and is the backbone of any stable society. To toss it aside will certainly be the death of the past and the decomposing of the future. That is why, with great honor, Soh’s hakama has the Uchiha fan on the back, big and bright for all to see— if they can see past Soh’s beastly ponytail that is.
Height: 5'8
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Black

Personality Description:
Sohryu is one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet depending on the situation and setting. Always lighthearted and sporting a wide smile he makes friends quick. A guy that is truly hard to stay mad at. He often manages to get people to see things his way as he befriends them, talking smoothly with confidence behind every word. However this pysche is contrast with a dangerously vicious subconscious that remains active 24/7. Beneath his skin is a mind sharp mind that takes notice of every detail within his surroundings analyzing and summing up each person down to the very last hair on their head. Violence and threats to his life manifests this side of him in a split second. Capable of drawing a weapon or leaving an arrow in any ass cheek that poses a threat within the blink of an eye. The demented overactive assassin's mentality past through the genes of all his forefathers, and active in him since a young age. Quick mean and vicious, this side of him gets things done one way or another.

Soh is a very calm, collective person who prides himself in enjoying his life to the fullest in every which way. To some extent he has become somewhat of an adrenaline junkie; seeking travel and adventure through every corridor acting as if there were no bad in the world. It could stem from the fact that he has no family and finds peace within the moment of clarity or it could be an escape, suppression, from the fact that he is forever alone. The shinobi is not a very quiet individual when it comes to issues of importance and is a very good random-talker. He makes up stories as he goes, perplexing his listeners and jiving them with compliments as he goes along. But don’t let the seemingly A.D.D. personality fool you, he is quite analytical when talking. He annotates everything and anything out of particular curiosity.

He enjoys the feminine company more because he has failed countless times trying to get a male to become interested in whatever it is he is randomly rambling about. But there is also a darker side to the shinobi that some rarely get to share. Within the confines of his soul lies a hole which is angry and bloodthirsty. Because of his fatality rate, it seems as if he will never stop until his opponent is dead. But on some days that differs. Soh dresses like a shinobi every chance he can. He enjoys his life as a hunter because of the travelling that comes along with the job. He is always quick to break a sweat if it meant he were gaining something important from it, but not like money or anything. Soh is not materialistic, he would rather you give him a bowl of ramen than a payment of ryo but that is only because his parents left him their life savings; he would be rich forever and therefore needed no other source of income.

Generous in many ways, Soh is. He constantly gives to the poor and needy, never once thinking about himself first. It not only makes him a well-rounded man, but a good team-player when in battle. He is the supportive type of fighter, never allowing a teammate to fall unless he himself were in danger of dying as well.

Likes: Bitches | Freedom | Fun
Dislikes: Ugly Bitches | Not Freedom | Boredom
Nindo: Fuck bitches, get money.
Catch Phrases:
"How fuckin lame."
"I don't get tired."
"Mind ya own business."

Element Affinity: Katon | Fire Release
Sub Element Affinity: [~]

Sohryu was born into the Uchiha Clan and named after his fathers favorite Crossbow. His mother would have no say in this matter for his father was a very aggressive man. Anything that opposed his decisions would go through one ear and out the other, never able to make him change his mind with what he was confident on. A man of his gut, a gut which he trusted more than anything and anyone on the earth. This very aspect would allow him to never be known as one of the best assassins that ever lived. Reason being because no-on ever lived to see or tell of him carrying out a task. A life that was entirely secret to almost everyone he knew, but however claimed a majority of his life.

Because of this Sohryu would never really get the chance to spend a mass amount of time with his father. Meaning that he would never learn much about the man except by stories told of his mother. Any time spent with his father would only seem to occur when his father felt like weapon training or polishing his arsenal. Yet Sohryu would unknowingly be the pure reincarnation of his father. Every likeness of him manifesting forth only in the form of survival and critical thinking. Possessing the same wits guts and sharp mind as the man when it comes to the harsh side of life.

Around the age of seven his life would turn into a nightmare, at this age an evening would come where never again would he see his mother or father. Awakened into the darkness with a cold sweat he would notice the the stench of death in the air. A quick scan of his house would leave his heart pacing as he could find no sign of his parents. Their most important belongings had been taken and everything else dotted with small splatters of blood. Continuing his search he would quickly race into the house of his uchiha neighbors only to find many families and friends slaughtered like sheep. Thousands of scenarios raced through his head, but the most conceivable possibility was that his father had made it out alive with his mother. Leaving him behind because he would slow them down. Whether it was an estranged confidence from his father in his abilities or just sacrifice, This would be the first time the mind of his fore-fathers would take over his body.

Swallowing his tears as it commanded his small figure to flee the village unnoticed by any. For days it would seem that this fear activated mind set would guide him through the land hiding and making his way through the wilderness and surviving off nature. Until one day he couldn't go any further. A long dirt road would be his destinated place of demise as dehydration and starvation caught up with his small frame. As consciousness would leave him a large woman riding a horse attached to a wagon would claim him. Taking him in as an orphan appearing to be harmless to his exasperated mind. However he would come to find she was just as horrible as the scene he had fled from. As he became alert again he would come to find the lady had cursed him with not one but two sets of extra arms and locked him in a cell plagued with spiders.

For months he would be held captive with no outside communication only playing with with the arachnids to pass time. Until one day she would let him out on one condition. He was to learn everything she wished for him to know about her clan. Desperate for freedom he would comply and learn into the eerie arts and combat of the kumonusha for about a year and a half. Eventually he would gain the woman's trust and begin to bond with her until one life changing evening. One night while training with the arts he would attempt to reach his physical limits with the kumonusha techniques. Training fiercely and more intense than he had ever done before. And out of nowhere his vision would morph into something spectacular. His tapping into the strong blood of his father that inherited the sharingan.

The eyes would reveal to him that he had been brainwashed by the woman leading him to confront her for his true freedom and life. The eyes would be his savior as he fought against the insanely skilled kumonusha woman. Allowing him to overpower her with reflects that were insanely surprising and unexpected. Yet it would all seem to be nothing but a dream as woke up the next day exhausted from the eyes chakra use. Sadly he was unable to reactivate it however he tried, leading him to give up and escape before anyone noticed the dead kumonusha woman. Once again he would travel heading wherever his gut lead him, until he would unintentionally end up back in the village of konoha through befriending a kind middle aged nara couple which his gut told him were truly safe.

Gratefully they would raise him as their own son, teaching him to be trusting and gentle spirited. Attempting to tear down the hostile nature encasing the young boy. Soon they would be successful in gaining his complete trust. Convincing him to enroll into the local ninja academy and learn the secrets of their clan. At the age of eighteen he would move out on his own. The couple would only encourage him supporting his wishes to finds himself and what happened to his parents.

Currently he spends his life training and meeting people, desiring to travel look for adventure in hopes of finding his the truth about what happened to his clan.

RP Sample: -[/center]


Sohryu Uchiha

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