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Ren Rikuto

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1 Ren Rikuto on Fri Dec 12, 2014 9:00 pm


Name: Ren Rikuto
Nickname: Axel
Age: 17 [Before traveling]; 22 [When returning to Sunagure]
Gender: Male
Village: Sunagure
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: D

187.96 cm (6'1)
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair color: Red
Eye Color: Blue-green
Looks Image:
Looks Description: Ren is a tall, handsome, and muscular young man with broad shoulders, prominent collar bone region, and fair skin. He has blue-green eyes, that have little black tattoo dashes below his eyes, he has and bright spiky, shoulder-length red hair with a widow's peak, he favors dark coloured clothing and likes to wear mostly dark clothing that is free feeling and non restrictive.

Personality Description: Ren is a rather closed off person, he tends to speak in unfinished sentences, and will be very mysterious at times, he tends to give people a cold shoulder. And will act very ill at times, he tends to be very moody and irritable if things are rather boring or if he is agitated by random things. Though he can show emotion if he feels if he should, which is rare, he has a bad habit of saying "Got it memorized" to people, and will not hesitate to say it if someone neglects to do something he told them once before. Much like his mother, he is a rather hard headed and hot headed person, he tends to lash out at people if he is pushed and does not forget things that were done to him in a horrid manner. Such as betraying his trust or using him for personal gain.


  • Quite time.
  • Sleeping.
  • Being Mysterious.


  • Annoying situations.
  • Rude people.
  • Lossing friends/loved ones.

Catch Phrases:

  • "The names Ren but everyone calls me Axel." "Got it memorized?"-First meeting people.
  • "You still haven't got it down?" "Get it memorized."-Reminding people.
  • "Sheesh, don't talk my ear off... You ready or what?"-When finished with talking.
  • "What's your problem? You both... think you can do whatever you want. Well, I'm sick of it. Go on, you just keep running. But I'll always be there to bring you back!"-When talking to stubborn people.
  • "How did this happen?"-When in a sticky situation.

Nindo: "Go for the sky, as it is your limit!"

Element Affinity: D-1 , C=1 train 1 , A=2 , S=2 train 1
Sub Element Affinity:

History: Born in Sunagure, Axel. as everyone called im, was a very mysterious boy, always acting aloof. He was always rather closed off, speaking in rather unfinsihed sentences, and was somewhat a loner at times, his father was a talented Ninja, whole used two types of element in his ninutsu's, Fire and Wind. While his mother was more into the earth, as her element was earth, she being a Ninja as well. While he lived in Sunagure, he went to school to learn to be a ninja like then, when he became of the age of seventeen, he had finished his classes and was going to further enchance his knowledge. But to his unknowing, Ren had not known about his mother and fathers deaths, as they had gone on a misson to clear a neighbooring land of certain insect pests.

But it proven to be too much for them both, as when Ren found out he fell into a small depression. But after he came out of it, he decided to go out and learn as much about ninja training. He left Sunagure and venture, and journed to the neighbooring villages to learn more. And after five years passed he returned to the village of Sunagure, and was a different person. And as he returned no one seemed to remember him, at least none of the newer generation, but a few older people did. But now Ren lifes in Sunagure, and trys to learn more about the people he missed and all tthe time that has passed.

RP Sample: A breeze, kicking dirt up, crafting it into dust, as a figure. Hair blazing like fire, dashing through the trees, clothing, black as night, and body of stupendous stature. His collar bone showing through the shirt, the broadness of his shoulders appearing, as he was doing some body exercises. His whole body flexing with each movement, and his eyes, a wonderful vivid colour.

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