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Konoha Special Missions

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1 Konoha Special Missions on Sat Dec 13, 2014 10:39 pm


Konoha Anbu
Konoha Anbu
Name: The Beast
Rank: C
Type: Normal
Mission given by: Konoha Administration Building
225 - Captured
200 - If Killed
Participants: Anyone B+
Daily: Repeatable
Description: There is a unknown beast roaming outside the gates of Konohagakure. It is attacking anyone who comes near it or is trying to run into the forest. We need someone to put a stop to this beast, if possible bring it in so we can learn more about it.

Name: Captured
Rank: B
Type: Normal
Mission given by: Konoha Administration Building
Rewards: 300
Participants: Chunin+
Daily: Repeatable
Description: We have gotten word that a group of Missing-Nin has captured travelers that was heading towards our gates. Since it took place by our gates, it is our responsibility to save the travelers. Go to the nearby mountains and take down the Missing-Nin. Try and bring them back alive.

Name: Playing Field
Rank: A
Type: Normal
Mission given by: Konoha Administration Building
Rewards: 480
Participants: Two Man Team (One Jounin and Chunin or Two Jounin/Chunin)
Daily: Repeatable
Description: We have a problem on our hands. A large group of Missing-Nin(20 Men/Women) has decided they will launch an attack on us. We need you guys to stop them from reaching the gates of Konoha. Eliminate all, expect their leader. Bring her back alive for interrogation. Failure is not an option.

Name: Interrogating the Leader
Rank: A
Type: Normal
Mission given by: Konoha Administration Building
Rewards: 385
Participants: Single Jounin or Two Chunin
Daily: Repeatable
Description: Since we have captured the group of Missing-Nin leader, interrogate her. We want to know every little thing she knows and we need to know why she wanted to attack us. Use any means of force necessary. Must complete Playing Field before doing Interrogating the Leader


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2 Re: Konoha Special Missions on Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:48 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin


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