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Keen and Kazu

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1 Keen and Kazu on Sun Dec 14, 2014 2:36 am


Konoha Anbu
Konoha Anbu


Name: Keen & Kazu Kogaibiru (笄蛭けえん/和, Kogaibiru Keen/Kazu),
Age: 15
Gender: Males
Village: Konohagakure
Village Rank: Anbu
Skill Rank: A

145.3 cm
Weight: 40.1 kg
Hair color: Light brown
Eye Color: Yellow
Looks Image:
Looks Description: Identical twins, both Keen and Kazu appear to be younger than they actually are. At the ages of 15, they look like they are only 12. Their clothes however are black straight jackets that they once wore in the depths of a mental asylum. Once freed, they done their new outfits with pride. Their clothes appear to be slightly too big for them, having their sleeves covering their hands most of the time. Their pants however often give them away as to who is who. Keen's pants cover his feet showing that he is the lesser of the two doing all the hand to hand combat. Kazu's pants end in cuffs that show his bare feet pressed firmly on the ground, better able to move at fast speeds and attack. Both have straight, medium length light brown hair that falls down around their neck and covers half of their face. Usually having a demonic smile on their faces, it helps create their evil image. They look like two mall children with evil characteristics, often causing others to wonder their motives. They eyes, black sclera like bottomless pits. And in the center, two crazed and piercing eyes. Their skin is pale with an identical mark on their right eyes that looks like stitches. Keen, the more calm and collective of the two, has fairly good posture and very active. Kazu, the fiercer of two, is usually kneeling or crouching as if ready to strike. Upon both of their backs they dawn the Clan Symbol of the Fan and Pin representing their dying race.

Personality Description: While Keen and Kazu might be identical twins, the two holds much of their differences in their personalities. Keen is known to be the more calm and collective one out of the two. He often is the main strategist, plotting and planning their next combat strategy. In a battle Keen's presence usually starts out as a secret. Staying mainly in his brothers body, he comes out to turn the tables and win the fight. Hanging back and fighting with long distance attacks, that with his brothers forwardness makes for a deadly duo. One of these tactics would be known as puppetry and has found comfort in his puppets which he refers to as "toys". Keen's puppet is an identical copy of himself but with weapons secretly placed on him. This tactic is so that anyone fighting them will get confused as to which of the three i which. Keen also has the sole responsibility of keep his brother in line.

Kazu is the one most likely to jump out and attack without thinking. Impatient and slightly childish, he often can find himself getting into trouble. On the battle field, Kazu will almost always go on the offense, using his strength and speed to overwhelm his enemies with repetitive ruthless attacks. In battle, his primal instincts slowly take over and his madness rises to the surface. His bloodlust grows quickly in the midst of battle or as he likes to call them, "games". In their normal day life, they even childish in hopes to catch their enemies off guard and slightly because they are childish. The boys happily give almost anyone they meet a nickname if not just for their own amusement. Spending most of their time training, the boys keep to them selves in order to conceal the knowledge that there even is two. Having the advantage of a second entity in battle can be a huge trump card; and one that they plan to keep. Keeping their minds on the tasks their Hokage give them, they are constantly on the move. Most view the two as an individual that talks and more or less, fights with himself. This trait has given him the reputation of a crazy child, well those that have lived to tell of him(them).

Their ambition for strength and power helps them rise to the top of every challenge. Both boys are highly competitive and strive to be the best at everything they do. Eventually, the boys want to have students of their own and one day have their own family. Having lost their father and then their mental snap which lead to their mother"s death had left an empty hole in their hearts that they longed for. In their own mad way, they too long for that place to call home.
Likes: Double of anything, toys and meat
Dislikes: Boredom, chores and vegetables
Catch Phrases: ”Let’s play a game!”
Nindo: "The weak are meat, the strong eat" (弱肉強食, Jakuniku Kyōshoku)

Element Affinity: Earth
Sub Element Affinity: Water

It had been one full week since their father had disappeared, and they and their mother were now eating breakfast. No one knew where he went or why he left. He just simply never came home one night. Kazu and Keen were 7 and would be celebrating their eight birthday the next day. The only thing they were wishing for was for their father to return safely. The twins, adorable at birth, were set apart from the other children and always seemed to have a dark way about them.... as if something was off.

Their mother had taught them how to sew things together when they were a bit younger. And now they could sew blankets and fix clothing. They could always remember the small doll of the Takikage that she had made for them. It had a zipper in the front that they could hide things in. Whenever they made money by helping around the house, their mother would tell them to go upstairs and place it in the doll to keep it safe.

Their mother could see that they were getting more and more different. As time grew on, their actions grew more and more grotesque. One night, she had gone outside to call them in, and found them hunched over a dead cat. The boys had killed the cat and were now eating the meat off of one of its legs. Horrified, she dragged them into the house and gave them a good beating. She said that she would not tell their father if they promised never to kill another animal again.

It was now morning and they sat up in their bed. They knew that their father would not be there for today but still wished that he would come home. They had reached the age where they now wanted to know everything about jutsu and learn to use it. Getting out of bed, they got dressed and raced down the stairs. They had school today and would then come home to cake and a present from their mother. Their father had been a very successful ninja so money was bountiful. They had had their eyes on a new shuriken set at the store for some time now and hoped that she had gotten them it.

After a well-cooked breakfast, they set out for school. They were going over shuriken throwing and Keen was pretty good at it while Kazu struggled. When it came to physical fighting, Kazu reigned champion. After 20 minutes of throwing, they went back inside for the remainder of the day to learn from the classroom about other things. Graduation was only a week away and the twins knew that they would pass. They were extremely gifted in hand-to-hand combat and could out best all of the students, even with their jutsu. The bell rang and they headed home with lightning speed.

As the boys pulled around the corner of their house, they saw two ANBU agents leaving. They raced inside with a giant grins that soon faded. Their mother was crying on the sofa and did not notice them. The boys did not know that the two ANBU agents had told her that her husband was dead. A brutally mangled body had been found at the edge of the country that they believed was him. Kazu went over to comfort his mother while not knowing what was wrong. “Did those guys make you sad?” His mother did not answer. She continued to weep in morning for her loss, and was to shaken up to tell them.

A look of pure vengeance came across their faces as they thought about the ANBU hurting their mother. “We must keep her safe…. Safe from everyone that would hurt her. But where…..” Keen thought about where he could take his mother to keep her safe, but no place came to mind. It was then that he thought about what she had once said. “Go upstairs and put your money somewhere safe.” They would then take their money and put it into the doll that she had made for them. Kazu quickly ran upstairs and grabbed the doll from under his bed. As if his life was threatened, he raced down the stairs with his doll in hand and slowly walked towards his mother.

They stopped in the middle of the room and looked down at the doll. Kazu slowly unzipped its stomach and let the money fall to the ground. His mother then looked up from her daze and looked at them. As if angels sent down from god, they had on a look of sincere compassion and kindness that seemed to light up the room. “We will save you mother…. We will keep you safe….”

One of the neighbors had heard the shrieks and screams of a woman coming from within the house next to them and called for help. The screams could be heard within the whole neighborhood and sent chills down everyone’s spin. It took only a minute before ANBU agents appeared at Keen and Kazu’s house…. But the screaming had already stopped. The door was unlocked as one of the members slowly opened it. He found himself standing in a blood soaked living room with two small boys hunched over a woman’s body. As he inched his way near, he could see the horror that had befallen the woman.

Her chest was ripped open and her face was gone. The boys were hunched over the corpse and eating the meat off of one of her legs. As they looked up at the ANBU agent, the man could see that this was not a child, but a demon that wore human skin.

“Mommy is safe now…..”


“Hush, little baby, don't say a word.”
“Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird…”

Several stories below the waterfall hospital, the sound of a child’s voice can be heard throughout the dark halls. Within one of the rooms sat two young boys, rocking back and forth. Their arms, bound by straitjackets as they smiled widely; the soft, padded floor against their side; and the malice and evil that lurks in their eyes. Their words sent chills down the spines of all who could hear, as evil rolled of their lips.

“And if that mockingbird won't sing,”
“Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring…”

It had been a year since they had been admitted into the secret facility, and today was their birthday. Today was the day that they became nine, yet there was little to show for it. Kazu and Keen, the demons of insanity, continued to rock back and forth, back and forth. The halls were silent except for their crazed lullaby, which rung like an echo that had no end.

“And if that diamond ring turns brass,”
“Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass…”

Kazu and Keen had killed their mother in cold blood, and was found feasting upon her flesh. The madness was overwhelming, and it was clear that they needed help. They were locked deep underground in a secret penitentiary, where the mad and evil were kept.

“And if that looking glass gets broke,”
“Mama's gonna buy you a billy goat…”

Their room and straight-jacket were enforced with chakra to hold their god-like strength. Their food was always drugged so that they would not be able to think clearly and use their abilities to cause chaos and havoc. They were some of the highest prioritized loons within the building, and it was not all because of their madness.

“And if that billy goat won't pull,”
“Mama's gonna buy you a cart and bull…”

The boys never got any visitors aside from those that worked in the building. With no family or friends, the two turned towards each other for comfort. Loneliness was abundant in this hospital and yet they were lucky to atleast have each other.

“And if that cart and bull fall down,”
“I’ll by you a car so you can drive it in town…”

Footsteps could now be heard coming down the halls. By the sound, it was clear that there were three of them. The sound alerted the twins who quickly sat up in their room. The steps stopped at their door as a key was placed into two locks. The door handle slowly turned….

“And if that car just will not start,”
I’ll rip open your chest and eat your heart…”

Released from their captivity, the twins were taken to Konoha where they would be enlisted in the Anbu Black Ops. Instead of keeping the boys locked up, someone had made an arrangement to sell them to Konoha’s secret service where they would be trained to hone not only their bloodlust, but also their unique skills.

Still kept within the shadows of the city, the boys grew older and calmer. With time, they soon learned about their own Kekkei Genkai and how to better serve the village. Still haunted by their past, they looked forward with new hope to one day belong. And belong they did. Excelling faster than any before them, they became the youngest Anbu members ever to graduate.

RP Sample:
Reliving The Past "I"


“This time I am going to beat you!!” Yaguri and his brother, Rio, had always grown up playing ninja. Yaguri was 9 and Rio was 15. Rio had been a “real” ninja for quite some time but he always took time to go and play with Yaguri. Rio was carrying Yaguri on his back and was headed to the top of a hill where they always hung out. Yaguri looked up to his brother as a role model and wanted to be just like him. Rio had something on his mind and Yaguri could tell. He had been this way ever since yesterday when they had gone to the fair. Rio had gone in to a gypsy’s booth and had his fortune told. Yaguri was not old enough and so he could not go in. Whatever she told him was what he had been thinking about for the last day and a half.

It was a bright summer day and the air was warm. Yaguri had made two kunai out of wood and was now trying to fight Rio. It was evident that Yaguri was outmatched by his brother who could just as easily appear behind him and strike but he never did. He made sure to go slow and easy to let it be fun for Yaguri. Yaguri had even cut up some material and colored a ninja headband on it because Rio would never let him wear his.

Hours had gone by and they were now lying under the tree that was at the top of the hill. Their mother would have lunch ready soon and so they got up to head back. “When I become a real ninja, I am going to beat you!!! I will have my own kunai, my own ninjutsu and my headba-” Yaguri looked up at his brother who had turned to look at something. Yaguri moved out from behind his brother to see what it was that he was looking at. A deep mist was rolling down from the hill. It was thicker than any mist he had ever seen. From within the mist, a dark figure could be seen.

A strange colored burst exploded from the mist heading right toward them both. Yaguri crossed his arms in front of himself as if to block the attack. Yaguri opened his eyes to see his brother standing in front of him with a force field around them both. Yaguri looked up at his brother to see that his eyes were completely black. Yaguri had never seen his brother use his jutsu and was wondering what it was that he was doing. The blast had cleared enough of the mist away to see a young man cloaked by a black robe and hood. The man advanced down the hill with great speed but was blocked once again by Rio. Rio turned his head to Yaguri... “Run!!!” Yaguri turned to run but turn to look back at what was happening. Both the stranger and Rio were exchanging blows of this strange energy that he had used to shield them both. Yaguri tripped on a rock while he was looking at them. He fell to the ground, scraping his knee. He shouted in pain which caused the stranger to look at him. He raised his right hand and sent another one of those blasts at him. Rio quickly made another force field around Yaguri that blocked the attack but while he did this, it gave the intruder a chance to strike, which he took.

Rio was blasted into the air and landed next to Yaguri. Rio knew that he could not protect them both from this man. He leant over to Yaguri and said “Take care of mom and dad for me…” As he said this, he placed his hand on Yaguri’s chest and sent a strange energy through him. Yaguri screamed in pain and blacked out.

When he awoke… he looked around. It was now dark and the moon was out. He could hear people shouting his and his brother’s names. He looked at the hill where the mist had been. It was now gone but something else was there. His brother was leaning against the tree. Yaguri ran up to him... “You did it, you bea-” Yaguri had thought that is brother was leaning against the tree but was actually held in place by a sword that went through him. Yaguri collapsed on the ground and began to cry….

Reliving the Past "II"


Yaguri looked down at his brother’s coffin as it was being lowered into it, tears rolling down his face. He held his mother's hand as she wept. His father was also crying but would not take the time to comfort his mother. Many of the villagers had gathered there to morn over the loss of Rio. Rio was loved by everyone… even the meanest of the kids liked him. Yaguri remembered the time that he was being picked on by some bullies for having origami jutsu. They said that it was a girly justu that could never even hurt someone. They dansed around laughing and yelling "oww a paper cut!!!" in a sarcastic manner. Rio heard of what was going on at his school and ecided to talk to the kids. Rio explained to them how apare could be a deadly weapon and that they realy shouldn't make fun of Yaguri because even the classroom's paper supply could be used against them. They never bothered Yaguri again. Rio was a role model for many people and now… he was dead.

A few days had passed since Rio had died. Yaguri’s parents were devastated by what had happened. Yaguri’s father had locked himself in his lab and wouldn’t even come up for supper. Rio was his dad’s favorite; a living prodigy. Rio had graduated from the class as the number one rookie and had managed to become a chunin the next month. He had never seen his brother's jutsu but had heard that it was incredible. It was hard living in his brother’s shadow… but now.......

Yaguri’s mother had stopped talking and found it hard to look at Yaguri, who looked so much like Rio. She was on antidepressants and stayed in her room most of the day with all the lights off. She used to be very happy and kind. She would wait for them to return from their school or missions, with a cake of some sort. She was the one that taught Yaguri how to manipulate paper. he remembered the first time he saw her do this... she had been doing arts and crafts with him and decided to show him. Yaguri marveled at the paper butterfly as she made it glide across the room. But now she would no longer smile or feel happiness. Yaguri was also hurting but knew that he had to stay strong for his mother’s sake. He put on a smile even when he cried at night. He would draw to calm himself and would draw worlds where nothing bad ever happened.

Yaguri was sitting at the kitchen table and was drawing another picture. He wasn’t very good but knew that this would cheer his mother up. She was always happy when he drew her a picture and would mount it on the fridge to show it off. He had used his crayons to draw a picture of their house with his family standing outside, holding hands. His father was standing on the end, holding his mother’s hands which lead to Yaguri. Yaguri was holding his mother’s hand and his brother’s hand. He had drawn his brother flying above him and as an angel. He held it up and admired it. It was poorly done, but he would still be praised for it's creativity. He got up and pushed in his chair. "Mom!! I made something for you!!" Yaguri ran down the hall towards her room. As he turned the corner to his mother’s room he yelled “Mommy, look what I dre-” A loud bang went off as a gun was fired. Yaguri dropped his drawing on the floor… Blood soon soaked the page.

Reliving The Past "III"


It was raining as Yaguri looked over at where his brother was buried and then back at his mother’s grave. Yaguri’s mother had ended her own life, drowned in her grief. He stood there with his father and looked down. The funeral had just ended and now they were alone. His father had a strange expression as he stared blankly at her grave. He did not cry. Yaguri reached up to hold his hand but as he did, his father pulled away and walked out of the cemetery. Yaguri stood there alone.

His dad had once again locked himself in his lab and wouldn’t come out. Yaguri slid food under the door but the food was never touched. He could hear his father working, which he usualy did to when he was stressed. Yaguri didn’t go back to school and the teachers were ok with that because of what he went through. He wanted to see his friends but knew that he was not ready to face them. They would look at him with pity and apologize fr nothing. Yaguri cleaned the house and would then go to his room and cry. This habit continued for about a week until one morning.

Yaguri awoke to the sound of someone moving about in the dark. It must have been at least one o’clock in the morning. Yaguri descended the stairs and found the lab door open and his dad packing his things. “What are you doing?” Yaguri asked. His father ignored him as if he wasn’t even there. He was mumbling and Yaguri could not make out what he was saying. His dad finished gathering his things and opened the door. “Where are you going?” He did not answer. Yaguri raced out of the door after him and began to cry. “Where are you going!?” Yaguri ran into the woods after his father. “Dad!!! Where are you going? Why are you leaving me?” Yaguri grabbed his hand only to have it ripped out of his grip. His father turned around. He did not look like himself and seemed almost mad. “I am not your father!!! Rio is my only son!!! He could have survived had it not been for you!!!And your mother!!! She killed herself because she could not stand to look at you!!!” Yaguri’s father turned away as Yaguri sank to the ground, tears flowing from his eyes. “Rio is my son… Rio is my son…. Rio is my son….” He continued to mumble as he walked away, into the darkness of the forest. Leaving Yaguri alone again…

Yaguri walked back home with a blank stare on his face. He had stopped crying and was now in shock. He went into his brother’s old room and curled up in his bed. He awoke the next day and knew what he must do. Yaguri went into his father lab and gathered all the scrolls on the family’s jutsu. He packed only a sandwich, a blanket, what little money he had and the scrolls. He stopped at his mother’s grave and placed an origami swan on it. She had taught him how to make one once and he had kept it ever since. He then moved to his brother’s grave. “It is my fault….” Yaguri was holding his brothers headband and clenched it tight. “I will change this world…. I will heal it of its chaos…” Yaguri knew what he must do…

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2 Re: Keen and Kazu on Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:49 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin
- Could you bump your age up to at least 15?

- Appearance should be at least 250 Words.
- Personality should be at least 500 Words describing both twins

And yeah that's it.


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Konoha Anbu
Konoha Anbu

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4 Re: Keen and Kazu on Tue Dec 16, 2014 6:46 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin
Welcome to the village.


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