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A Custom For The Samurai

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1 A Custom For The Samurai on Mon Dec 15, 2014 8:31 am



Name: Samurai Saberstaff
Type: Modified Twin-Straight Stick/Short Staff
Specifications: 1.5 foot length per straight stick, 3 feet combined. 1.25 inch diameter. 3.75 lbs per straight stick, 7.5 lbs combined.
Appearance: From a distance this weapon doesn’t appear to be any more than a simple three foot black metal short staff, or two one and a half foot straight sticks if separated, but upon closer inspection one would find some rather odd details. Firstly these individual straight sticks both have multiple thin slots about an inch in length running down two opposite sides of the weapon at regular intervals. Secondly instead of flat or rounded tips these straight sticks have two different ends, one that allows them to be connected to each other to form a short staff and one that has a three-quarter inch diameter and half inch deep circular indentation with what appears to be the tip of a dagger sticking out in the center with the point being even with the outer rim of the straight stick. The truth of the matter is that these straight sticks were forged around a separate thin blade that serves as its core, the evenly spaced slots going through to the edges of the core’s blade.

As a result of this unique design a wielder proficient enough with the samurai saber technique, or any similar technique, would be able to channel that technique through the entirety of the straight stick/short staff, granting them a surprise advantage one wouldn’t expect from a blunt weapon. Since the design allows the user to channel chakra along the entirety of the weapon, which is essentially one/two large handle(s), it allows them to create a guard, cover their hands to protect them from direct attacks, or even create a shield(s) from their channeled technique. Of course without care one could maim their own hands and the inexperienced would likely wound themselves greatly while using the short staff dual blade form. Another effect from this weapon’s design is that the user can’t use techniques or styles that require the blade to be sheathed such as Iaido, however it brings a new element of combat into play that allows the user to turn the “blade” off and on in the heat of the battle.
Rank: S
Special Abilities:((Not exactly sure if it would count as a special ability or not but all it essentially does is allow the user to make full use of whatever their chakra flow weaponization technique may be, Samurai Saber Technique in Erwin’s case, and requires that the user know one such technique to be able to use the weapon to its full potential. Apart from being made of S-Rank material with durability to match that’s it. If you would count it as a special I’ll write something up but I don’t know what rank the special would be for cost so I’ll need whoever grades this to tell me one and I’ll add it to the price.))
Origin: The design of this weapon is based on an early Land of Iron warrior monk creation that has been around for centuries, although its existence is rarely known to many outside of the monk order, namely by well versed historians and samurai. The original concept utilized the design of a spear coupled with chakra flow and shape manipulation to enhance striking ability and reach even further. It is even rumored that the technique that is now known as the Samurai Saber Technique was originally created by these monks, however the truth remains unknown. Over the years this spear evolved into a staff that used the same bladed core as the current design, only there was only one hidden blade instead of two, the staff wasn’t segmented, and it was roughly twice as long. A long time has passed since those years, the concept of blunt weaponry or otherwise with hidden channeling ability has since branched out and evolved, and eventually the modern concept that birthed this weapon was created.

It started out with singular handles roughly eight inches to a foot long that were wielded in a similar fashion to the handle of a katana, usually with two hands, however with their being no physical blade to balance the weight and provide momentum users had to rely solely on raw physical strength for impact and cutting force. Eventually the handle was lengthened in order to provide extra weight and leverage for the swing, shortly later the design for a double bladed short staff emerged. However, with the tremendous complexity of wielding a double bladed weapon most saw them as a failure, only a rare select few ever stuck with the weapon long enough to master it. These select few were usually very successful on the battlefield, due to the rarity of the weapon and the difficulty of mastering it the vast majority of people don’t know how to counter the fighting style. Eventually the split design came into being, allowing for one to choose the size and style that best fits the situation at hand.
Materials used: Core: Conductive titanium. Shell: Titanium-Steel alloy with a black oxide conversion coating for stealth and corrosion resistance.
Total Price: 2800


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