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Well...this month has pretty much sucked

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1 Well...this month has pretty much sucked on Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:31 am

((The Tl;Dr Version: My gma is very sick and may die soon. Very stressful on family. I think I may die or become very sick, thus reducing my activity. Have chosen to not tell anyone in real life about said feelings/pain whatevs to avoid more stress on family. I mentioned a lot of people and my feels on them in this post. CTR+F to search if your name is in here to see if I said anything about you. Feel free to respond regardless. Thank you all for time here))

Well..after the days of being sick with a cold, my grandma whom I've lived with all of my life had really bad trouble and had to be taken to the hospital and is now in hospice(Place where near death people go) for a few days before she's moved back home, my cold started up again and then went away and come back..and went away..and my nose has remained runny and stuffy. Now today my head has been heading and it's not a headache it's like a weird feeling like it's swollen and I also had a weird sensation in my nose..

So I looked up those sensations and first thing that popped up was brain cancer and brain tumor that some of the symptoms are brain swelling, headaches, and runny nose. So I dunno what to do about that, my family has already been torn with my grandma being the way she is and my mom is super tired as well as her sisters from staying up all night with grandma(Their mom) and it's really been hectic for them...

I've remembered Shin saying a while back that if he was ever real sick that he would not try to fight it or anything because he had cost his family so much money or stress or something and ever since he's said that I've always thought about it and felt the same way..Now with how tired and stressed out everyone around me is with my grandma I've come to the notion that I have to do the same, don't tell anyone and hope these symptoms aren't severe like cancer or a tumor and just hope they go away.

So...I may or my not be on a lot, if any, as I'm trying to deal with family issues and help out and stuff and I may just die in the process so..yea..If the worse happens and I disappear without a true proper goodbye post on here or something then yea..I didn't make it. But in case that happens and I don't get a chance for a proper goodbye I'm going to take the time to do that now.

It's been very interesting here and I've loved my time here even though I haven't been here for that long. As one of the last Roleplays that I will ever role play on, it's been a good experience rping and getting to know the people here. I've been recently reminded of a quote from Jimmy Valvano, (Basketball Coach who won an Espy's Award, National Championship, got cancer, gave one of the best Espy speeches of all time and then died a few months later) "If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special." I've done that here quite a lot so the time I've spent here has indeed been special.

While I've looked very much forward to leading Konohagakure as the Hokage, if I disappear for more than a week or two with no responses then I would like leadership and the Kage position to go to Kamui (Even with her computer problems) and then after that Alder if Kamui cannot do  it. Beyond that, I would want another vote to decide or someone who's experienced to make a new character that starts as Hokage or something.

Now I know this has already been tl;dr but it's about to get even bigger because of the personal thanks I want to give out and acknowledge the people I've spent the most time with on here so here goes.

Kid/Hanae/Kidbushido- Man it's been real. lol You seemed to support me being Kage well before it even happened or was talked about because of all the quotes, knowledge, and calmness I seemed to have. But truth is those quotes usually came from quote sites or very few that I actually remembered from my past searches and what not and my knowledge was often mediocre at best. As for my calmness, eh small quality I suppose but I that was tested with a few things on here and unfortunately those tests usually got the worst of me. But yea, all in all I just wanted to thank you for talking with you in the cbox and for getting to know you and wished/still wish to Rp with you someday to add onto the experience.

Kamui- Whenever you get back and if you ever read this, I wanted you to know that Rping with you has been really fun and awesome and I was glad to form a bond between Koji and Kamui and hope that it can extend one day and the two can truly become the best of friends. I'd like to thank you for that and hope that your lack of internet problems and those of real life can be resolved quickly but overall be resolved to whatever or whenever is best for you. Kamui, the character you made, is awesome and I hope that you can continue his story and I hope I'm alive long enough to see it be told.

Hitomi- I see it's been a while since you've been on and I hope everything is ok and well with you. While I didn't get to Rp with you much, it was my pleasure to get to know you and in certain aspects hopefully help you in the chatbox. You've had to go through a lot in your life and for Hitomi the character it seems to be no difference with you having put like five months into her character and development. I hope that everything works out for you in the present and future and be reminded that you are strengthened by your past to better grab hold of your future. Thank you for your time and words in the chatbox over the month or so I've gotten to know you :)

Yugo- It's been a while since you've been on and I've talked/seen you as well but like some of the others I'm thankful for having gotten to know and Rp with you over the time I've been here. While I'm going to refrain from mentioning a certain aspect about you cause you told me to stop, let it be truthfully known that I was indeed in a joking manner about like 99% of it and even that what I said should maybe help you embrace that fact as it can hold interesting results for your future endeavors if used properly. Yugo the character, a nice but heavy hearted Hyuuga. Even with your many similarities with Neji, those similarities and Neji likeness was and is not a bad thing. Neji is/was a great character and for someone to be like them with a twist or more raw emotion embedded into it, that makes for a well deserved and readable character story, one that I hope you don't give up on for your want of an Inuzuka.

Axel-With Axel the character being killed off and in such a dis-satisfactory way and the fact that I forgot the name of your new character you are still and will always be Axel Rover. lol While you disliked that Axel was too nice and kind of killed him off for one of hose purposes, let me state that there are not many 'too nice' characters on here and in Rp in general. Most had that one flaw that seemed to enrage or upset them and having someone that was so nice able to overcome those flaws and such is an interesting mostly, I feel, unexplored aspect. With all the talk of killing,taking over, more killing, it's nice to see a character and person who didn't talk of such things, at least not in my memory. In future regards, I hope that you find peace and power with your new character and hope that you have fun rping and developing him more so than Axel.

Darkkon- Samurai's are awesome, always have been and always will be even in a world dominated by super high powerful world of big magic such as Naruto. Your character is awesome and epitomizes a veteran in every sense of the word. I still remember one of the first nights I was on this site that you, Umiko, and I had that long kumbaya type of conversation about politics and what not. That has still remained one of my finest and funniest memories of here and it was truly the first moment when I felt really good about this site so I thank you for that. If the opportunity ever arises I would like to Rp with you one day because a meeting between Koji and Erwin would be very interesting and nice. As for your alt, if I'm well enough and less stress less then I look forward to that as well. :)

Umiko-Referring to what I wrote for Darkkon, that night will always be in my mind and memories and I thank you for that. I hope the situation that you've been recently involved in settles itself out for the best and you can remain out of prison and hopefully continue to be active here and give your insightful mind and opinions on subjects. You really need to think about getting into politics though because you may be whats needed to help change a nation. Be the change you want to see in the world, even if it means walking into the devil's den itself.

Tres- Man, I'm still saddened and disappointed that we have yet to Rp together especially since it had been planned so long ago however hopefully in the future that will come to pass and we'll be able to do just that. In the mean time I hope you can continue your character development and become a nice addition to Akatsuki, with what we've talked about over Pm your guy is secretly becoming very good if you can manage all of that and will be a force to be reckoned with one day. I wish I had gotten to know you more and seen you in the chatbox though but that pesky bad internet always stood in the way, something I can sadly understand.

V- I haven't gotten to know you much but I have known and see you be one of the best staff on this site and your character from what I've heard has been equally worked hard at and become both powerful in terms of strength and in terms of the silence he carries. Being Hokage no doubt is difficult and form what I saw you said he was not much words words, let me give you a quote. Sometimes the most powerful thing and also good teaching method is silence. To let the others mull over their thoughts and your actions on their thoughts can be equally as powerful as words spoken. Continue to work hardz and be a great stafz memberz lol

Chikara- You've also been a hard working staff member, definitely one of the best. Continue to do that and be strong and patient with the needs of others as what stands between you and others is that you have the power in terms of staff and a valued member and needed to do whats right and sometimes what is necessary regardless of right or wrong.

SilentLuridity- The short time I've spent getting to know you has been nice as well. It's always good to meet another off fluffy's fandom cause that man is to hilarious not to be a fan of and he needs to be more famous. As for your sand genin you intended on making, I say keep to that plan whether or not I'm here, with you having said your a altaholic that should be an easy enough task for you to accomplish. Oh and unless Sand is reopened, keep with the plans of them being a Konoha genin. #KonohaProud

Joker- Man you are one crazy ass mother fucker. lol But I can't quite you none the less. With whatever your future endeavors are, whether In Character or not, continue to be you and don't conform to the haters and those that seek to copycat you. While it's always nice to have followers, sometimes those followers can start their own uprising and bring about the one that are following's death. Peace bro.

Kagura-It seems ever since I've been on here it's been nothing but hostility between you and me, mainly on my part and because of the critical Kage position. For that I humbly apologize and hope that whatever Kagura does or wherever she goes always remember, You were Konoha first so try to go a little easy on them pwease. lol

Sabo- You are a very interesting person..but that coupled with your skills of roleplaying and how powerful you made Sabo the character into, that only strengthens the whole resolve. I hope that with Raki and whatever else character you made/may make you can continue to find fun in the Rp here and at the very least remain apart of the community here if you decide to give up on the Rping aspect.

Alder- Man, you need to remain a vital part of Konoha and I hope your recent lack of inactivity is because of the holidays and not that you are losing/lost interest in the site. Your character is too powerful and crucial to go inactive -shakes fingers-Aside from In Character regards, you as a person I never got to know much which saddens me a little being again I would like to have gotten to know all of my higher ups in Konoha OOC as well as IC cause you know Community #KonohaStrong.. lol

Katsuro- Yo My Nigga Don't ban me plox lol Sorry had to make a joke about that old fallout. Being a staff member and and having Senju, you should know the importance of keeping a community together and happy. I hope that whatever your future holds that you continue to seek and do that In Character and out. If I'm well enough I too would also like to Rp with you with Koji and Katsuro as two Senju both from different villages still share the same blood and strong Will. Would be a nice thread. I want to thank you also for letting me be able to use/train some of the jutsus that you made and if I am still well and alive I can finally do the training thread that will allow me to reap those great jutsus.

Rakki/Yugo- Man..I had/have great planes for the two of us as a Squad. Hopefully I can stay alive and become well enough to carry those plans throguh and hope that you in the future have the time and patience to wait on such things but if not then I want you to have Yugo become someone's elses genin and still be a great medic and support character. There are not many that want to take that back role and be the backbone and be the cells that cures the heart and muscles. With you being that your future with Yugo can be super super bright as long as you maintain and strive for that greatness.  

Itome- Man..you have driven my patience and sanity up and down far and long enough to cover the great wall of china...twice. For that simple fact I cannot leave without mentioning you because even though you have done so you still have been here for me to get to know you, and you have to be grateful for every person you meet no matter what they made or have done to you for they have still given you experience you needed to go forth in life. I hope that as you age your personality and boastfulness becomes less abundant but if it doesn't I hope that you can somehow channel that into a better way of not aggravating the mess out of those around you. Whatever your future entails, you still have left an image on me and I'm sure on others something that all great people have done even if their ways have not been well received like Hitler or Sadam. If it's your goal to be remembered then you have done just that. However remember this, while you may have laid your presence on the history and minds of others, try and seek doing so in a more positive light in the future for your confidence seems to know no bounds and that is a great and powerful trait my friend.

Shinsui- I have saved you for last..mainly because it is the very words and experience you spoke of that have me thinking and doing what I'm doing. With getting to know you and your crazy antics over the past month or so, it's that statement that stuck in my mind the most ad for that I can only offer up my most humble of thank you's. My mind may change on my decisions and the decisions and well being of others, but what you said then will never truly go away. In Character purposes, I still wish I had gotten to battle you if you had indeed invaded Konoha because that would have been a great way to test my rping skills as well as my battle prowess on here even if I ended up dead. It would have been a great experience indeed none the less. I hope that whatever is in your future you do your best at it and hope that what you said doesn't happen to you and that you don't have to make that choice. I hope the site you lead with Oboro brings out the best in you whether the site prospers or not for despite what there is to say about it, it's still a Naruto site that bring in people and above all else it's an Rp site and community and the strongest thing about Internet roleplaying is the great community and people you meet along the way.

Ok guys this is the final few words, I know it's been super long and most of you probably won't even read it all the way through or even start reading it for that matter but it's what I wanted to say that's most important cause...well fuck you thats why. lol kidding. And to all those that I've spoken with and gotten to know or Rp with but were not mentioned I am still grateful for getting to know each and every one of you and am saddened that I may not be here much longer to get to know you all more and better. If you felt like I did spend enough time for you to be mentioned here I apologize, I'm forgetful sometimes I'm sorry. Please do post below so I can pour out my heart to you as well. lol Again, thanks everyone for the fun times here and I hope that this isn't a goodbye thread but more of a 'see you later' type of ordeal (Like that shit in John Q ;-;) Peace out, Peace in. Peace all the way around.


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2 Re: Well...this month has pretty much sucked on Wed Dec 17, 2014 7:16 am

Fucking Koji man, never ceases to reach the feels with his posts. It was wonderful to have made your friendship and to have you grace our site with your beautiful posts and your amazing attitude no matter what happened. You are a great person and I hope you can come out on top of this man. Lead a wonderful rest of your life you glorious motherfucker you.


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3 Re: Well...this month has pretty much sucked on Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:03 am


Kumo Chunin
Kumo Chunin
Hope all works out for you and your fam yo. You scored a critical hit on the feels like Joker said, but shit yo. Hope you bounce back and I wish the same for your G-ma. Regardless of what happens stay blessed muchacho.

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4 Re: Well...this month has pretty much sucked on Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:58 am


I'm literally teary eyed man, you're a great guy and I would be crushed if anything were to happen to you, and this isn't kid talking, this is Eli. I really hope the best for you and your Grandmother, and if there is a God, if he takes you from this world, I'll curse his name until he creates another guy like you.


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5 Re: Well...this month has pretty much sucked on Fri Dec 26, 2014 9:50 pm

Ok update. I got better with cold being gone and no bad/weird headache but for my family things got worse. Two weeks ago my other gma and gpa had their house robbed while they were at the hospital themselves, last saturday my dad was involved in a car wreck and could have lot his life but thankfully he came out with it with only a broken rib and the rest like bruise really bad. Despite him having a lot of trouble sleeping with it and a lot of pain the good news is it will all heal in like 6 weeks and He'll live.

My cancer gma came home from Hospice/had to be taken to the house where people go to die (We call it Hospice not sure if it's the same everywhere else or just the name here) But she was doing well enough there and only stayed a few days, so she came back home last Friday. Well on Sunday she started to get really bad and could not hardly talk and it just went downhill from there. Wednesday evening they took her back to Hospice and then she passed away Thursday Morning/Christmas Day around 10m. The funeral and funeral service is Sunday and it's gonna be raining all day

So Yea...I really only have time to write this before I'm going back to sleep cause I haven't slept well the past few days and had to be up early as well. This morning I had to be up and make sure they took the hospital bed and oxygen tanks and everything from her room So yea I'll be head back to bed once this post is done. If this go smoothly and I feel like my patience and nerves are back up and ready to deal with my slow computer (I'm on my mom's fast computer now) then I'll be back hopefully Tuesday-Wednesday so like 29-30th. Hope everyone had/continue to have a great Christmas and Hope to see everyone when I get back.


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6 Re: Well...this month has pretty much sucked on Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:49 pm


Sorry to hear about your Grandma Koji, and it's good to hear your father is doing relatively well considering. As always our thoughts are with you my friend.


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7 Re: Well...this month has pretty much sucked on Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:57 am

Things have finally calmed down for the most part so without further a due..

I saw that Syndra is back, got a implanted Sharingan eye, and has made a horcrux Jutsu. Other than...


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8 Re: Well...this month has pretty much sucked on Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:23 am


Wb man, can't say I'm a good source for what you've missed though lol.


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9 Re: Well...this month has pretty much sucked on Tue Jan 06, 2015 1:35 pm

Hitomi Shiruku

Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
I was out during the holidays due to similar trauma
Both grandpas are dying from cancer
and my mom's in the insane clinic
So yeah I feel you man....

But I'm glad you're back and kicking and I'm glad to be back myself!
Seeing Hitomi grow up here is fun!



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