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Sylv Kaguya (WIP)

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1 Sylv Kaguya (WIP) on Fri Dec 19, 2014 12:58 pm


Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin

"Do you have anything sweet?"

Name: Sylv Kaguya
Nickname: Silvie/Silvy, Pie-kun
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: D



Hair color:

A snowy white
Eye Color:
A gleaming topaz

Looks Image:

Looks Description:
He has fair, slightly tan skin,, and waist-length white hair with short bangs. He has a crescent moon on his forehead that sits in between the two dots that symbolize him being a Kaguya, also he has two stripes on each cheek. His kimono is mostly white with a red and white cherry blossom flower crest at the collar and sleeves. Around his waist is a flowing blue sash decorated by a snowflake design, and over his right shoulder is a flowing mass of bone. It seems fluffy at first glance but on closer inspection one would see how spiky and sharp the shards are. He tends to not wear shoes for some reason, he is usually barefoot but when he does he puts on black ninja boots.

Personality Description:
-Ahem- Sylv is a young shinobi who has experienced what seldom will and what others have countless times. He is a person with conflicting values and traits, but that all makes this Kaguya who he is. He has an insatiable appetite for all things sweet, and can sometimes even be hired for work with the sugary delicacies as his only payment. Need someone assassinated? Give up the goods and that person will be removed accordingly. If the product isn't up to his taste in quality, then best believe he will find you... Anyway, his favorite thing to eat is freshly baked pie, and will happily share one slice with those who ask...just one. However, let Kami pity the fool who steals his pie, because Sylv surely won't.

Sylv is rather kind to almost every person he meets no matter that person's history, status, or any other baggage that normally casts prejudgment. This capacity for wanting to look out for those around him has allowed him to amass a group of friends wherever he goes, though he doesn't really understand why. Even the most inconsiderate of people will receive kindness from this guy, but in a different sense as Sylv will begin to think of them as rivals. Resulting in many clashes and arguments that hold no real resentment towards the other, at least on Sylv's part. Many believe him to be naive because of this trait but it is just another part of him that should not be taken at face value. Though it is undeniable that he (intentionally) displays a higher level of naivety than most shinobi, even among the childish variety, an example being incapable to kill no matter the reason in place to push him to do so. Likewise, he is aware of it but accepts it all the same. Giving almost everyone the benefit of the doubt while clearly knowing the truth in his thoughts.

Despite his reluctance to kill another, his acts of causing pain is not inhibited. As in his battles, bringing the opponent close to the brink of death is a repetitive scene if they were to be watched by someone. Originating from his mother's sadistic nature towards his father and the honor, or rather savageness, of the Kaguya that he upholds whenever he steps into battle. As a child he grew up imitating his mother and consuming his father in pain as a training dummy, per his mother's say so. Due to this he barely holds anything back in a clash of skill until the opponent is unconscious, restrained, or slashed and punctured to the point that they are incapable of continuing. So training with the team is not exactly his idea of a bonding exercise. Socially, this part of him is not at the surface but directly below his kindness and mixed with his blunt declarations. In a situation that it does come up, those who know how nice and (assumingly) naive Sylv is, may simply dismiss it as a joke on his part. Although he prefers treating others nicely, however he does not really care how others treat him in the emotional sense. Sylv is not apathetic to feelings, the case being he is emotionally dense. He is rather terrible at discerning other's as well as his own feelings when it deals with subjects like friendship and love.

Sylv is a very blunt kid. This trait has offended others because he will see through them into all their flaws/quirks causing them to consider him overly critical - even hurtfully so when he brings them up. You know, since he can't tell he is hurting someone and all. So don't ask him if you don't want to know the unvarnished truth. There's no sugar-coating whatsoever with him, even if the truth is not pretty. However, by the same token, when Sylv gives someone a compliment, it's not as a condescending gesture but rather a straight-out, honest assessment that you can indeed be proud of. In cases dealing with the traits of his friends, Sylv will deliver this bluntness of his in a joking manner, yet still giving the feel of a serious analysis. Thereby, unknowingly, being taken as somewhat more mean or cruel to others depending on what he speaks of. Sylv could be seen by his peers as judgmental through this virtue and/or vice of his, but this is not the case, as he doesn't look down upon anyone for who they are. Its just really easy for him to pick holes in the actions and mannerisms of those around him, let alone voice them.

-Sylv loves sweets and will do just about any crime to obtain them. It is not an addiction…

-He also enjoys seeing the different reactions of people, and often does something outrageous  just to purposely view them.

-Likes to improve himself physically and mentally, by either training or playing games like shogi.

-People who pry into other people’s personal matters

-People who steal his sweets

-People who ask for more

Catch Phrases:

-”Okay, you can have one and only one...here~”

-”I can stop eating sweets whenever I want”

-”I won’t give you another chance…”

-”So this is where you wish to lie for eternity.”

- I will find and devour every sweet known to man, i refuse to let anyone stand in the way of my path!~

-To all who come before me, standing in my way means you want to be cut down, i’ll happily oblige in your death wish...

Element Affinity: Fuuton
Sub Element Affinity: N/A

History: (Please try to make this large enough considering your rank or skill levels in question, this means that if you have a higher skill level you need more history in order to have that skill level in the roleplay. If you don't you probably won't be accepted.)

RP Sample: (This will boost you're chances on getting an higher rank)

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