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The return of Garuda?

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1 The return of Garuda? on Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:56 pm


C-rank missing ninja
C-rank missing ninja

"How am I going to be able to do this?!?!"

Name: Uchiha, Tennin
Nickname: Baby Garuda, Nāga, Zen
Age: 8  11
Village: Kumogakure [Land of iron Originally] 
Village Rank: D
Skill Rank: D

Height: 5'3

Weight: 106
Hair color:  Purple-Black
Eye Color:  Bright blue
Looks Image:
Looks Description: Tennin has shaggy purple-black hair that reaches to his neck, and bright blue eyes. He is often seen wearing a sweater jersey and track pants and an old white bandana/cloth around his neck, which he describes as 'fluffy' (fuwa fuwa). He also wears a pair of brown knee-length boots. Sometimes though he could be wearing his hair in a short ponytail and wearing a dark yukata or kimono. All his his clothing has the Uchiha emblem stitched on the back. He usually wears one of those two as he don't really have anything else he likes to wear or deems nices. O But he has a wierd attire when he is at a place that is extremely cold, as he was told to wear by his father. He rarely does sleep in it though but at times he does. he wore numerous long white scarves, encircling his entire neck and a large portion of his head, and upwards of five to six shirts on his body, each of varying style and color. Even this significant amount of clothing is covered by a further layer; consisting of a red and black pinstriped blazer, as well as an extremely long pair of dark trousers, burying the black shoes worn underneath in a mass of fabric. There is an the symbol of three vertical eyes. Well nothing really has changed other then the addition to a knew outfit. He know wears high-collared red, or black, and tan robes with gold trim, along with a large, flowing white toga draped around his torso. The Toga will have the Uchiha emblem on it. 

Personality Description: Due to how sudden his Father, Uchiha Gaurda, has come back into his life he has chosen to change almost completely to be like his father. And also he is forced to do so. Like his father who was deemed a to some that know Garuda would say he is an overall nice person, Tennin would also begin to try to show himself as such. His father told him not to mince his words and admit to mistakes that are made, even if they are really bad. Tennin was also raised to  appear as if to be noble, or at least respectful to those he considers strong or deserve to be treated with respect. But he kinda fails at that due to being and childish a lot and not really growing up, or wanting to acknowledge people's strength. He when in battle, unlike his father, he shows no interest in any shinobi with skills higher or at his level. During combat he has no interest or intent in harming people for no reason, unless that is what he has to do, as he believes he shouldn't be the cause of someone's death unless he has to be. He has a habit to ignoring other shinobi from any villages as he thinks no person in the Shinobi Nations has the skill of those from the Land of Iron, as he was told many times form his mother. Just like his father Tennin appears to have little tolerance for even the most mundane of resistances such as if he has to take something from someone and they continually ask for it back. He also, like his father, has a habit of scratching his head with one finger when he's puzzled or thinking. Unlike his father though he really doesn't  show an undying determination when trying to get something done or finish something he is doing, unless it is the dream that he was told to complete. Before heading to Kumogakure Tennin was put through grueling where he would find out about the death of someone dear to his Father, Shana. This unlocked something hidden within Tennin once he sees blood, as he changes to a more brutal version of his father. Tennin will be voided of all care for life for anyone, no matter who, once his blood his drawn. Tennin knows of this side of him and usually stays out of battle because of this, usually talking his way out of fights so he doesn't have to kill.  Though Tennin does not ever show a care, no matter the situation,  for those that wish to take their own life as he would tell them to go ahead. When he is about to sleep he usually chooses to sleep somewhere away from others, as he is plagued by the expectation of his father and cries himself to sleep hoping he won't fail.  
`The dream left for him 
`The people he deems family and friends 
`Peace and Tranquility 
` Being centered
`His Mother and Father
` His Sister
`Syndra[From what he has been told about her]
`Beautiful woman
`Mocking his Father
`Disrespect toward him, his family, or friends.
`Shinobi of the Great nations[There actions from what he has been told.]
`Weak minded people
`Unneeded Killing and Violence
`When his hand is forced and he has to kill

Catch Phrases: `"The wind always seems to speak." 
`"I know something is wrong here." 
`"I have just been sent here by my father take care of the dream." 
`"I don't wish to hurt you, so please leave." 
"I warned you....now I must kill you, sorry." 
"I love you! I may be young but run away with me!" 

Nindo: "I will achieve the goal that my Father..and his leader wanted. But without the bloodshed he said I must cause. " 

Element Affinity: Katon
Sub Element Affinity:

History: Tennin is the son of  Uchiha Garuda and a woman name Miki from the Land of Iron. Miki was considered up there in the high society in a certain faction within  the Land of Iron and was in charge of making alliance with varies people, one of those being Iwagakure. It seemed there would have been no alliance with this Faction within  Land of Iron until Garuda volunteered to go and speak, being an skilled Anbu he was allowed to do this. This went fine at the negotiations and an deal was made, that deal being Miki will ally with them if Garuda give her an child. Garuda wasn't shocked nor did he care about the request and would follow through with it, as he had no intention on seeing the child at all. The deed was done and Garuda would return and received praise at this, not telling anyone about how he was able to seal the deal.  Miki would give birth to Tennin nine months later and leave the faction, to raise her child in peace. Tennin would live an normal life till his father would one day come to the Land of Iron, and tell them he would be staying with them. Miki allowed Garuda to live with them with open arms, as she truly loved the man that gave her an child. Tennin didn't know how to act about this, but was glad he finally met his father. Tennin life would begin to change though as Garuda would tell the two everything about his life, keeping no secret from the two. Tennin didn't really understand all of it but he would retain all of the information told, he noticed his mother in tears after she heard everything.  Currently Tennin has been given a task by his father to live in Kumogakure with someone people that are still loyalty to him and his dream, there he would grow and begin to follow the same path his father walked. 
[I will be posting more of his history IC. I like doing that better.] 
After three years within Konohagakure, this time within the Uchiha Hideout, he knows the history of his clan by heart. Nothing much has eventful has happened other then him making good progress on the task he has been giving to him by his father. This good progress has allowed him to take a break and he has recently been hanging out with some guy from Kumogakure, trying to learn from the young shinobi. 
RP Sample: Coming right up![jk]

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2 Re: The return of Garuda? on Sat Dec 27, 2014 7:56 am


Konoha Jounin
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