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Suzume Kazan

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1 Suzume Kazan on Thu Dec 25, 2014 4:47 am

"The Lion may be the King of the Jungle but the Lioness is his Queen, she who rules by her own accord and cares for the offspring of the future"

Name: Suzume Kazan
Nickname: Lioness of the Mist and Prowling Drunk
Age: Twenty Five
Gender: Female
Village: Land of Water {Kirigakure}
Village Rank: Jounin
Skill Rank: A

172cm {5ft2}
Weight: 68kgs {150lbs}
Hair color: Golden Blonde
Eye Color: Scarlet 'blood' Red
Looks Image: Top / History / Avi

Looks Description: Beauty has always been one of the young kunoichi's identifiers, since she first arrived in the Land of Water Suzume's beauty has been well known by those of Kirigakure but as a child she was always too much of a tomboy to take notice. As she began maturing into a young woman she began to change and care about her appearance in order to attract the opposite while sometimes the same sex. The young Lioness is a woman of both average height and weight for a woman of her age though through closer inspection well toned muscles are visible across her body, evidence to the amount of training she does. Scars can often be seen across her torso area, battle scars she has earnt during missions and training alike, often hidden by her clothing. Suzume has a bodily shape that is appealing to the eyes. Her body is shaped with many refined and seductive curves which often gains her the attention of the opposite sex though her bosoms gain the most attention due to their size and bounce. Waist-long golden blonde hair hangs freely, blowing carelessly in the wind framing a picturesque face which is often compared a porcelain doll. Scarlet red eyes glow passionately and fiercely that fade when her emotions get the better of her. When angered and enraged her eyes turn Dark Crimson red while when she's happy they remain the scarlet red color.

Suzume considers herself a fashionista and often wears the latest trending silks and garments she can get her paws on. While many woman believe diamonds are a woman's best friend Suzume finds more beauty in gold, often sporting accessories of pure gold such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Suzumes apparel can be summarized as luxurious with a twist, as if she was royalty to a throne giving those around her the impression she is of nobility. Suzume prides herself in wearing attire for battles, on regular missions she will wear the regular Kirigakure attire and uniform while in missions that require it she will wear a special armor set given to her.

Personality Description: Suzume Kazan; a woman of great pride in who she is as a shinobi of Kirigakure and as a person. She's an 'act first, ask question's later' type of person and is rarely manipulated by her emotions. With these raw emotions comes a stone cold persona of someone who's ready to die for her nation, as the young Kazan prides herself on her clan and her village. Suzume has the utmost respect for her fellow Kirigakure villagers and will put her life on the line to save them. When saying this, Suzume tends to have somewhat of reputation with some of the local drunks and taverns, often being kicked out of places for starting drunken brawls with large men and causing property damages.

As stated above the young Kazan is an individual with a burning wrath, and it is frequently seen due to her short temper/small breaking point. Once Suzume's temper has been kicked off, it's better off to stay out of her way as there's nothing you can say to stop it. It may infact be due to her strange upbringing as a child, or it could be simply due to her birthright of being a Kazan (user's of lava release) who gain the attribute of naturally hot bodies (thus giving the pun that her 'blood begins to boil'). Suzume's temper is more vocal then physical, but at the same time she can control who she directs her temper at so no one gets burnt alive. Due to the Kazan blood that pumps through her veins Suzume has a natural love for heat. The young Kazan takes pride in her appearance due to her being raised in a upperclass life style with her parents, with her golden jewelry and blonde hair running wild atop her head to the rare and exotic fabrics and silks she often wears.

Suzume is a woman of her word, and will never break a promise, this includes a promise she made to Gurai (King of Uchimagi Pride) many years ago. With the title of Lioness of the Mist Suzume has had a massive ego boost but she uses her passion to further increase her abilities to protect what she loves. One of Suzume's utmost devotions to her actions is protecting the will of the mist, and further passing it on to the future generations. She will do all one could possibly do and more to protect her companions and fellow Kirigakure shinobi. With a strong sense of protecting those who can't fend for themselves, Suzume has claimed ownership of the 'Pride of Uchimagi' and declared that whoever dares to touch the pride will suffer death immediately. The love she bares for her pride comes on par with individuals and their families as the pride is practically her family (besides the fact their actually cats). Literally having to baby sit a kitten from the pride of Uchimagi, the tiny companion offers Suzume a side of happiness throughout everyday life, but you'd never see her admit it, as she's too damn proud.


  • Loyalty: After learning about loyalty from the Pride of Uchimagi and from her experiences of being a Shinobi Suzume see's loyalty as one of most important factors in a persons life.

  • Felines: Being raised as a child by a pride of Lion Summons Suzume has grasped a great fondness of the Feline species. Ranging from small feeble kittens to large exotic beasts such as Lions and Tigers though above all would be her love for Lions, a species of animal that are both loyal and blood thirsty much like Shinobi.

  • The finer things in life: Living with her adoptive parents Suzume has had a taste of the good life and its something she isn't ready to let go of any time soon, after leaving the care of her parents when she came of age, the young Kazan has managed to procure herself a decent amount of money to afford the lifestyle she enjoys living, working hard to earn the things she wants. Ranging from lavish gold jewelry and an assortment of silk garments to barrels of top quality wine. Suzume enjoys living like she is royal, and why not? She is in fact a Lioness, a Queen.

  • Children: Children have always been a huge softspot for the Kunoichi, even since she could remember she has always wanted to be a Mother but due to being a shinobi and her loyalty to the Village, Suzume has instead decided to look after the children of Kirigakure in order to quench her wants. One could even say a child is one of Suzume's biggest weaknesses as she would do anything to protect a child from harm.

  • Bars, Taverns and Brawls: One of Suzume's favorite pass times, though she may act lady like is to spend time within the local taverns and bars, drinking to her hearts content after a long day. During her time drinking Suzume will often pick out the largest muscle head guy in a bar and pick a fight with him in order to gain some thrill and excitement and will often cause large amounts of property damage in the process due to the fight resulting in a full on all for all brawl. This is how she earnt her nickname 'The Prowling Drunk'.


  • Fish/Seafood: Despite being raised by felines who hunt for their food and being raised by the owners of a Fishery, Suzume has a great distaste for fish and seafood. Once when she was a child her parents tried to force her to consume some crab and Suzume ended up throwing it back up. Since then she has vowed never to eat anything from the sea again.

  • Dishonesty: Being a huge believer in honesty, the young Kunoichi cannot stand when people tell lies to her face, especially when the matters concern something of great importance. Even the smallest lies will annoy Suzume and more often then not she will confront a person when she believes he or she is lying even if that person is a child.

  • Con-artists: An obvious observation but Suzume hates all Con-artists and swindlers due to the amount of lies that is expressed from their mouths.

  • Canines: Being a lover of the Feline species, Suzume dislikes dogs, she believes its because of the smell and how wild they often can be though those around her know she is just being biased due to her love of cats.

  • Traitors: Being a loyal subordinate of Kirigakure and the Mizukage, Suzume has a great hate for those who betray or even think of betraying their Village. If she had it her way she would hunt down all those who have betrayed The Land of Water and sever their heads.

Catch Phrases: N/A

Nindo: I take pride in protecting those I hold dear, even if I have to lay down my life for my Village I will take every step with privilege, honor and complete loyalty. I will die so our children may live and continue the future of the Will of Water.

Element Affinity: Yoton {Lava Release}
Sub Element Affinity: Doton {Earth Release} / Katon {Fire Release}


Genin / Chuunin / Jounin

The Legendary Kazan
~500 years prior to the current plot:

Through a tyrannical dictatorship one of the many Villages had been split up into a diverse collection of clans, with the stronger clans having a high rule with the lower/smaller clans having low to no rule what so ever. One of the lead clans being the Kazan, would be lead by the strongest, 'Tohzu Kazan.' He was not only the strongest Kazan that had ever lived but had perfected the lava release and created his reputation not only for himself but for his entire clan as being one of the strongest clans in the shinobi world in terms of raw power. It wasn't long till he claimed the epithet of 'Apocalypse' and had the ability to summon volcanoes from the earth and burn bone into ash. Known for his golden plated armor and his brash decisions, the legendary Kazan would bring forth doom to those who opposed him. On the day of his death his body would sink to the earth where a volcano would form from his decaying corpse due to the raw nature of his volcanic chakra. The volcano would become dormant and a folktale would spread across the land that one day Tohzu would be reincarnated as a Kazan, and the volcano would erupt for the final time.

The Pride of Uchimagi
~100 years prior to the current plot:

By the jungles of Konoha lies the home of the cat summons, a clan of cat's who are on par with the Toad summons of Mount Myōboku. Priding themselves on summonings for tools of war between opposing countries, the cat summons served shinobi as great assets to modern warfare. A young lion would be born into the world and was raised as a future 'king to the cat tribe.' His powers would progress immediately and would soon be named Gurai, the future king of beasts. Years would pass and the young lion would become an adult, a living weapon with enough power to level mountains and pillage villages, Gurai would soon see how summonings only brought chaos to the world. For Gurai hated wars, thus hated pitiful human wars, why couldn't people just get along? Telling the king of beasts his theory (his father) he would be mocked and exiled from the cat summonings. Gurai happily left and brought with him a large number of cat summonings who agreed in his ideals. Taking his new 'group' into the plains of Kirigakure it wouldn't take long for the young lion to take refuge in the caves of Uchimagi, and thus named his group 'The Pride of Uchimagi.' Their hatred for humans grew stronger, that was until they paths would cross with a certain Kazan.

When two paths cross:
~23 years prior to the current plot:

After 10 years of solace and harmony a small colony of Kazan clansmen who had completely secluded themselves from the outside world would face a dire threat. The tyrannical dictator of Kirigakure at the time would piece together a plan to launch an assault against Kumogakure. The small colony of peacemakers would be located directly between their warpath thus having their tiny village amongst the middle of the battle between the Water Country and the Lightning Country. The battle would only last a single night, but the entire colony would be completed eradicated as there were no survivors. The once heavily influenced mountains that camouflaged their colony would now be nothing but rubble as the mountains themselves would shift whilst a sea of magma would flow across their village. But as all had seemed lost and forgotten a mother would stagger from her underground domain whilst her arms would rap tightly around her two year old daughter. Her movements were quick whilst keeping fear in her heart if her grip were to loosen as she tred 100 meters atop a small pipeline that would hang across a wide expanse of molten lava. She would soon make it to a small well atop a cliff where she would slowly hoist the toddler down whilst whispering to her baby girl. ''Survive my child. For you will bring these nations on their knees. Bring out our memories in each action and display our wrath so that all shall fear you. Survive my child..... Tohzu, Kazan''. A smile would develop across her lips as she swiftly let loose of the rope that had her daughter's life on the line. A scream of terror would fill the air as a kunai would force through her chest, gliding through her heart whilst ending her existence.

Week's would pass and the once peaceful area had become a baron wasteland with only the molten lava to consume the empty battlefield. As the magma would slowly cool allowing it's form to harden into a stiff molten rock floor shadows would flicker across the ground, leaping across obstacles before making their way to the well. Two golden eyes would glare down before grabbing the rope and jerking it backward allowing the rope to hoist the toddler upward out of the well. As the frail child's body would be lifted upward, her crimson gaze would meet the twenty iris's of a pride of lions. One would stand afront the mix, with golden eyes and scarred white fur, his presence could be physically felt as it's chakra was more dense that the air itself. The lion would slowly make it's way toward Tohzu, grabbing the back of her shirt before sprinting away from the area allowing his pride to follow behind.

Savage Rebirth:
~18-22 years prior to the current plot:

An entire year would pass for the lion pack to settle and civilize allowing the Uchimagi plains to now be named their home. It was a desolate expanse which offered a natural defense, this being Xiuhcoatl's Maw located on the far north west of the Water Country. It would seem the Volcano which so happened to be sacred to the now scattered Kazan clan was the biggest volcano and mountain peak across the nation, which provided imminent danger to those who would trespass. However the pride of Uchimagi had a natural resistance to heat, and to their dismay so did the baby (as she was born a Kazan). For having no idea what the baby's name was, (for she was named Tohzu, after the first ever recorded Kazan) they were to give her a new name, so the leader of the pack, who was named Gurai would name the girl, Suzume, Suzume Kazan. Suzume was an obvious name for Gurai to choose, for it was the name of his sister who had been maimed and killed in the acts of shinobi duty. So for Gurai to name the child Suzume, he would feel this new girl would carry on their will after them, and shape the world into one less chaotic.

Growing in the wilderness was unusual for your average human girl, however Suzume grew to it increasing well compared to others. Thanks to the high temperatures that the Kazan bloodlines offers, she would have a natural ability to keep warm whilst her fellow brothers and sisters (which let's not forget, are all members of the cat family) had fur. Manners and general etiquette were out of the question whilst growing up, as the main focus on her learning was pointed at survival. Catching wild beasts to feed her and her pride, it wouldn't take long for Suzume to quickly grow accustomed to her new found families way of life. Gaining skills of speed and strength, whilst her perception and her ability to remain silent flourished, her social skills went out the window, as silence was a key element in her relationship to the pride. But she would still adore her family, as when she reached the age of 5, Gurai would tell her of his origins, and how Suzume came to be within their pride.

As Suzume had never known better than to act like an animal, upon her sixth birthday she would begin hunting on her own. Catching wild boars and conquering unexplored habitats, the Pride of Uchimagi would expand their dominance across the Water Country, but Kirigakure would soon catch wind and the Mizukage at the time would send a fleet of shinobi to exterminate the Pride. With Gurai catching wind of the assault and Suzume unaware, Gurai would send Suzume away a few kilometers from Uchimagi to hunt, but the reason was in fact to keep Suzume away from harm. Whilst Suzume was away, the battle would rage on for days, with countless lives both human and cat, however the Pride of Uchimagi lacked in numbers, however had the strength to overcome the shinobi, which therefore caused a truce between the two sub-nations, however with terms that the Pride could not expand their dominance, and Kirigakure would not enter Uchimagi.

Lioness to Human transition; Rags to riches:
~11-18 years prior to the current plot:

Growing up differently than most, Suzume was under the care of the king of the lions Gurai. Suzume, being brought up in the dark with no other choice adapted to the life in eternal darkness, feeding on the rich fruits that would come from the outskirts of Uchimagi. Adapting to the given lifestyle her perceptive skills became animalistic , having keen senses was essential for a lion. Teaching her in basic ninjutsu, Gurai taught her a special jutsu allowing Suzume to transmit her thoughts to a lion by simply touching it and implementing her chakra, allowing Suzume to communicate with others. When Suzume turned the age of eight, Gurai finally found it was time to set her free and let her weave her own path therefore sending her to Kirigakure to live as a human. Suzume having no choice in the matter went along with Gurai's plan.

Suzume was adopted by one of the wealthiest young couples in the Land of Water that were non-shinobi, the two were entrepreneurs who had amassed a hefty fortune by running and owning one of the largest fisheries in the Land of Water and sold their stock across the different provinces earning a considerable amount of clients. Growing up with Humans as a human girl was a struggle for Suzume at first, her life style had completely changed, replacing old rags with only the best of the best clothing and jewels. Everything Suzume asked for she was given, a luxurious and carefree life was all a small girl could ask for, being waited on night and day by maids and butlers. Living in a large mansion in the outskirts of Kirigakure. Suzume had all she could ask for and more but she began to feel alone. The two who had adopted her were always travelling and she rarely saw them and caused her to miss her pride and Uchimagi. A year passed and Suzume asked for the opportunity to enrol into Kirigakure's Academy. After a month of pleading her parents finally agreed to their Daughters enrolment.

Lioness of the Mist:
~2-11 years prior to the current plot:

After spending three years within the Academy Suzume excelled in her classes and passed her test to Genin. On the day of her graduation Suzume received a letter attached to a large scroll from an anonymous sender. The letter and scroll both were engraved with Kazan clans symbol. Written in the letter was Suzume's true origins, the story of her scattered clan, her destroyed small village and her deceased birth Mother. The scroll held information on the Kazan clan, its history dating back to the time of Tohzu Kazan and went into detail on the clans Kekkei Genkai. An academy child no more and the knowledge of her clans power Suzume was assigned to a Genin Squad of three other Genins and a Jounin Squad captain. Under the supervision and advisement of her Jounin Sensei, Suzume and her two peers began vigorous training in the arts of being Shinobi. Often Suzume would train alone on the outskirts of Kirigakure to practice and train her Kekkei Genkai. Time progressed and her use of Yoton/Lava Release became natural to her and it wasn't long before she had mastered the basic jutsu of the Kazan Clan.

As an acknowledged shinobi Suzume found it easier to bond with her Kirigakure kinsmen, the wild child who had first arrived in Kirigakure as nothing more than a beast had began maturing into a respected citizen of the Village and even became a well known shinobi with her use of Yoton. After only a year and a half of travelling with her squad on various missions ranking from D to A, the squad was finally given the chance to take the Chuunin Exams. Passing with flying colors the three moved on to begin the next stage in their lives. After years of loyal service to the village, various missions and tasks accomplished Suzume made it to the rank of Jounin by her 23rd Birthday. Over the years Suzume earnt herself the nickname of Lioness of the Mist.

RP Sample: Rue waved her hand over a warm fire, trying to keep warm in the nights cold air that drifted over the forest where she sat. The night was silent, only the noises of coyotes and owls could be heard talking in the darkness alongside the snores of Rogue Ninja whom were sleep within their tents. Rue looked around the place she called home, a camp hidden deep within a forest in the outskirts of Iwagakure, a place that was yet to be found by pursuing Ninja. ''Still up hm?..'' a deep voice said startling Rue towards its direction, a large shadowy figure slowly emerging to show a large buff man ''Oh Big Bear it's you'' she sighed in relief relaxing her once tense body.

Rue brought her eyes back upon the fire as she heard her large friend continue to speak ''Your time here has been long and hard Rue, you have always fit in with us here but you have also always been the black sheep. I'm not saying this in a bad way but we are Rogue Ninja, it isn't up to us whether you stay here or not as you must make that decision for yourself by experiencing the life of a Shinobi'' he said placing his large hand upon Rue's shoulder. Rue's eye widened in shock with every word he spoke, not once had she thought of leaving the Severed Chains nor become a Shinobi but here was Big Bear offering her the chance. Clearing his throat the man continued to speak ''Everyone here has put in ryo to get you into Iwagakure and start yourself a life there, as I said earlier the experience must be your own'' He said placing a pouch of coins into Rue's lap. Once again Rue was in shock, was this really when she wanted? It was her decision to make whether to have her own life experience or not. Rue grabbed the pouch of coins clenching it tightly in her hands, tears dropping down her cheeks ''You realise if I become a Shinobi I may have to hunt you all down'' she barely blurted out as her voice trembled. Big Bear produced a nod with a large smile as he listened to her words '' So it's decided then... goodbye Rue'' he said hugging her tightly, as he let go Rue felt a thud to her head and her eyes go dark, there was no mistaking it that he knocked her unconscious, knowing she would change her mind in the morning and decide not to leave.

Rue awoke in the back of a wagon being pulled by horses, quickly she spun around to see the forest in which the camp of the Severed Chains once lay now surrounded by fire, smoking drifting into the sky. ''Noooo!!'' Rue screamed as she watched the forest get smaller and smaller as the cart rode further away until finally all that was left was a small smudge of red.

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2 Re: Suzume Kazan on Sun Dec 28, 2014 6:02 pm

Ready for review I believeth? Please and Thank you :)

Edit: Increased my Looks description WC to 349 as I'm unsure of the WC requirements and wanted to be sure it wasn't too short.


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Approved! welcome to le blue squad!


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