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Avicus Draculesti

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1 Avicus Draculesti on Fri Dec 26, 2014 9:32 am

   "You are my friend, and the person I care about. You are also my prey, my food source and nothing but cattle to me. "


   Name: Avicus Draculesti
   Nickname: The Lord of The Hidden Mist, more to be added later
   Age: 15
   Gender: Male
   Village: Kirigakure
   Village Rank: Genin
   Skill Rank: D

   Weight: 180
   Hair color: Black
   Eye Color: Hazel
   Looks Image:    

   Looks Description: Avicus is slightly taller then your average Ninja, being only acouple of inches taller then the infamous Kakashi Hatake, the Copy Cat Ninja, but weights about 40 pounds more of sheer muscle. He is never really seen around town anymore, atleast not when it is a clear day outside due to his sensitivity to the sun, so if you do see him he is a Porcelain complexion. Going to his hair, it is often combed and slicked back hair that often shines with a very odd shimmer as it catches light. As we go down the body, the same color as his face is apparent, but what is very clear is when you look closely you can see what looks like hundreds of small scars that run over the entire length of his body. All of these scars are never bigger then two inches in length, but what makes them more clear is that they often run over each other making cross shapes and X shapes. There is very few people who have ever seen this part of Avicus, and there are most likely even fewer that ever will because of what he wears around. When he is simply sitting in his home, he sits around in a black shirt and a black pair of dress pants but when he is in battle he moves out of that into something more standard for most Ninja.


   Personality Description: Avicus was born with a very powerful gift, and an even greater curse and he looks at it like that. He feels that his powers and abilities that come from his Clan are both a blessing and a curse. It allows him to be a better warrior and a better ninja for Kirigakure, but if he were to lose control then he would be a threat to the very village that allowed him to live because he was useful, if nothing else. He realized that over years that if he never used those abilities when he was inside the village or near his squad, he would be able to stay in complete control. Outside of that, it allows him to kill and release what he needs to... to allow him to better defend the village.

Outside of how he views combat, he is extremely nice to his villagers and the other members of the village, more so children because they are innocent. Some people believe that he does this to try and keep the remaining of his humanity because every person that he kills is another way for him to lose control permanently. He often takes a lot of his money, as much as he possibly can, that he gets from missions, and uses it to feed those who can't feed themselves but that never stops people from committing crimes, which makes him feel very sad that people feel the need to rob others to get by when they don't have to.

Outside of the village, he is constantly on high alert, and becomes very quiet. He does this because his inner beast is yelling to come out and he feels that if he opens his mouth and he doesn't need to then he will lose all control he has and he will succumb to the blood lust of his family.
   Likes: Kirigakure, Remaining in Control and innocence.
   Dislikes: Losing any form of Control over himself, People who are incapable of controlling their actions and accepting the consequences, and Traitors
   Catch Phrases: People do not fear men, they fear monsters.
   Nindo: Remain in Control


   Element Affinity: Water
   Sub Element Affinity:


   History: Sadly, most of Avicus's history and past is unknown to him, more so where he came from in the Country of Water and how he came into having this unique abilities. Most guess it is because he is simply repressing the memories but even as some try to go into his mind they often leave soon after, not finding anything at all in there. The Village Hidden in the Mist found him in an abandoned building, his mouth and hands covered in blood from a dead body nearby. This is Avicus's first memory, at the age of 15.

After this point, he was taken to one of the jail cells and taken for questioning. Apparently the guy was a known 'problem' in the community, they never told Avicus what he was but it is not important as they realized that he was healing from the blood. Word quickly spread to higher ranking  Kirigakure, specifically the ANBU and they quickly came in and took 'ownership'  of Avicus. They ran a massive array of tests on him, and it only came up to one conclusion. He was a member of the Draculesti clan, a extremely rare clan that is suppose to be extinct in every way shape and form. No one has apparently seen one in a very long time, but here they have a fully grown member right infront of them. Not fully sure what to do, they held him in their prison they used to store high ranking criminals for execution, a nearly impossible to get out of cell, due to the fact that the criminal has both his hands chained to the other side of their bodies, preventing all forms of justus, and the major fingers are seperated and prevented from coming together, preventing single handed justus. To make matters worse, their legs are chained to the floor as well by cuffs that attach directly to the floor.  They figured out what it would take to feed and allow this new 'weapon' to function.

Avicus is still required to come to this room, and get strapped in when he feeds on his 'victims' other criminals sent to Death. This gives Avicus some peace of mind, knowing that he is removing a problem from the village by doing this. He is helping.... right?
   RP Sample:

Avicus opened his eyes, his eyes easily looking into the darkness that surrounds him. Normally, no one can see outside into this but as he looks out into the darkness his senses are heightened to a point that he could hear the breathing of the other ninja in the room, all charged to watch him and make sure that he stayed in check. As his eyes glazed over, turning black in color, he looked and saw all of the blood that ran though them and he got a rough count of them all. 12 Ninjas in this room. They have 12 Ninjas sitting here watching him, and as he looked back down at his knees he saw the dead prisoner laying at his feet. His throat was slashed open, with what looks like teeth and oddly enough there is not a single drop of blood left on the floor. Avicus licked his lips, and he felt the juicy liquid run over his lips, feeling the rush again from the blood running though him before he felt something hit his neck. Avicus felt his eyes slowly close before falling over passed out from the knock out dart.


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2 Re: Avicus Draculesti on Sun Dec 28, 2014 2:30 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin
- You wanna resize your looks image to something smaller? Can only see half of the pic.

- Also, you mention that your Genin wears the standard ANBU gear while in battle. Are you applying to be a Genin or an ANBU?


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3 Re: Avicus Draculesti on Sun Dec 28, 2014 6:39 am


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4 Re: Avicus Draculesti on Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:30 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin


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