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Yunalesca the 3rd |Yuki| |Konohagakure Jounin| |WIP|

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Name: Yunalesca the 3rd |Yuki|
Nickname: n/a
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Village: Konohagakure
Village Rank: Jounin
Skill Rank: A-rank

Weight: 137 lb
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Looks Image:
Looks Description: (One paragraph if you have a picture)

Personality Description:
Learning: Yunalesca is an intelligent woman and enjoys pushing her knowledge by reading, studying ,etc. Although, this also has come to bite her in battles and such, her curiosity makes her lose track of the goal in battle.
Winter: Yunalesca is a Yuki, which are ice manipulators. Thus, she finds herself more comfortable in colder climates. Such as winter.
Storms: Yunalesca has always found comfort in storms and rain. She claims that they are calming.

Arrogance: Yunalesca is extremely intelligent and is a realist in a sense. She doesn't really enjoy when people try to create false hope or ignore problems as if they don't exist.
Summer: Yunalesca being of the Yuki blood, is naturally more comfortable in colder climates. She often times complains about heat.
People who don't know their limitations: Yunalesca is a strong believer that everyone has a limit, she often times claims that people are foolish when they attempt to reach a goal that is impossible in her eyes.

Catch Phrases: "Don't be foolish."
Nindo: We can only bring a short calm to the world. The flowers of evil will blossom in every generation, no matter how much they are pruned. It's foolish to think you can stop hatred in this world.

Element Affinity: D-1 , C=1 train 1 , A=2 , S=2 train 1
Sub Element Affinity:

History: (Please try to make this large enough considering your rank or skill levels in question, this means that if you have a higher skill level you need more history in order to have that skill level in the roleplay. If you don't you probably won't be accepted.)
RP Sample: (This will boost you're chances on getting an higher rank)

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