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Chikara Shurajo [Anbu]

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1 Chikara Shurajo [Anbu] on Thu Jan 01, 2015 7:26 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Basic Information

Name: Chikara Shurajo.
Nickname: Project Gremlin: Subject 0032. The Crimson Princess [Former]. The Crimson Queen. Major. Chi. Falcon.
Age: Thirteen.
Gender: Female.
Village: Kirigakure no Sato.
Village Rank: Anbu.
Skill Rank: B.
Elements: Doton. Katon.

Looks Image:
Looks Description: Over the course of three years, Chikara has managed to grow seven inches whilst gaining twenty-six pounds in the process, a definite win for the Shurajo for she has gone from pint-sized Genin to an Anbu member that is just shy of hitting that five foot even mark. Besides having grown taller and gaining several pounds, one should know that the Crimson Queen hasn’t changed all that much aesthetically for she still retains her long crimson hair and red eyes. The only difference to her hair is the simple fact that instead of two pigtails, she now wears a single ponytail though not all of her hair is tied into the neat black bow. Especially not with hair pulled over her shoulder, coming from the back of her head. Her bangs are still long though set more to the middle and left of her face, leaving the right side of her forehead exposed. It should be noted that her hair has grown darker over the years, but has otherwise retained that just shy of passing the knees length, though hardly noticeable since she wears her hair in a high ponytail. As for her skin, well she still has porcelain skin, which a fancy way of saying that her fair skin remains unmarked thanks to Crimson Regeneration.

As for attire, well that has changed drastically since three years ago, having since discarded her orange hooded sweater, white dress, and shin-length boots for a more mature outfit. For starters, Chikara now wears a white and red colored shirt, with hints of black here and there. With a single sleeve, she has the best of both words, the shirt being considered both sleeveless and long-sleeved, though not much attention should be spent on that.  At the front of the shirt, directly in the center, is the red color that was spoken of earlier, a black tie print running down the middle of that. There are three black straps with metal buckles on the shirt as well, one serving as a choker, whilst another is set at the top of her endowed chest, the last one resting at the bottom. The single long sleeve she has is simple enough, there being a red line running down the side with an interruption of a black band before continuing and stopping right at the red cuff with golden trim and buttons. Simple black, fingerless gloves are worn upon both hands with a long red belt looped around the waist.

As for the bottoms, well she wears a rather short black skirt with gold trim, underneath that being a white slip of the same length. Not concerned with people seeing her panties thank to some red stockings the same shade as her shirt, one can see why she isn’t all that concerned with the length of the skirt. Upon her feet is a nice pair of boots, which are mainly black in color with undertones of white and red. An item bearing a great deal of resemblance to her belt is worn upon both shoes, which concludes the appearance portion of things.


The Good:
[Shall be expanded upon through role-play]
Chikara hasn’t changed all that much outwardly when it comes to personality, but she has definitely changed inwardly. In the eyes of the village, she’s a sweet individual who likes making friends and tending to the needs of the people. She fights for justice, holds little tolerance towards those who disturb the peace, and is pretty much an excellent role model for villagers and shinobi alike. Loyal to those who are within her inner circle, the chances of her betraying her friends is rather low. She has grown for the child who could barely express herself properly and had limited knowledge of the world, to an individual in control of her emotions and actions who is frightfully intelligent. She’s also very creative, having come up with quite a few techniques over the pass three years, techniques she has taught Kurumi and Shinku. She is also very observant and highly analytical, the sort of person to assess the situation and come up with an appropriate way to handle it. Strategic is something that is apart of Chikara, having been developed over the years, and the ability to take charge of a situation has also something to note.

The Bad:
[Shall be expanded upon through role-play.]
The bad, well unclear motives, hostile and highly suspicious of outsiders, and probably her apathetic ways would be just a few that would make their way onto this list, though the last of the bunch should be thrown in the ‘ugly’ pile. This steamy pile of mess that’s her bad side is never seen by anyone within the village, and if they do witness it, well the usually agree with her actions. Foreigners haven’t really been that good to the village in the past, and thus viewing them with suspicion and showcasing faint hostility is to be expected, especially on the part of the one who has a low tolerance towards those who disturb the peace, only outdone by Erwin tolerance or lack thereof.  

The Ugly:
First and foremost, Chikara is a killer, plain and simple, something that she had been bred to do though she had initially fought her murderous side for dominance. She hadn’t like the thought of taking a life when she was younger, and when she did, she was weighed down by the guilt, that’s until the death of her makeshift family. With people falling left and right, she had been plunged into depression, and the side that she had fought for an entire year was beginning to surface more and more frequently. Soon enough, that murderous attitude that she had possessed before going under the care of her father had returned, leaving a trail of blood and her wake. Berserk Chikara, that was what the ten-year-old at the time labeled this murderous persona that she didn’t want anybody to witness, but now it’s simply apart of Chikara. She has gone from a child that wanted to suppress the darker aspects of her personality, to somebody who has embraced it, and has become a better killing machine because of it.

Death doesn’t bother her, it hasn’t since the death of her uncle, it has simply become something that is to be expected within her life, something that she can talk about in a joking matter over a cup of tea. She never talks about her kills though, especially since many of them are conducted whilst she dons her mask, but she isn’t afraid of vengeance being seek against her. She is rather, uh, efficient at her job, the sort of person to kill off an entire family, women and children just to ensure that they don’t decide to take vengeance on her or Kirigakure. If she doesn’t kill the entire family and those associated with the entire family, having adopted her sensei’s way of tying up loose ends, well she shall definitely hunt these individuals down and finish the job. Make sure there are no loose ends and upon completion of the mission, walk away, that’s what she had learned over the years.

Another thing that she had been able to learn over the years is how to lie convincingly whilst leaving little room for the truth to be discovered. It had been something that she had been bad at, something Erwin had noticed though one would probably attribute that to her being only ten at the time. Knowing the importance of lying and how to do it well, she had been taught how to do so which consisted of making sure she had a solid lie with no holes, to knowing how to cover up the holes if any were to appear, and probably most important, how to bail herself out if she were to be caught in a lie. Since learning how to do these things, and after much experience, Chikara rarely has to bail herself out of a lie, knowing how to weave a web so complex and complicated that her target eventually gives up or simply believes what she is saying. Not the sort of person to drop the lie simply because some unfortunate circumstances arise, she is a master of covering up her lie with another lie, something she does with ease and seamlessly. So the chances of distinguishing the truth of her words from the lie is rather hard.

Now along with lying, one must know when somebody else is lying, and that’s something that comes naturally to Chikara. Being a master of lying in her own right, knowing when others are lying is simply something that people should assume she knows. And to be frank, lying to her is a very hard thing to do. With eyes that seem to see all and know all, and after many encounters with liars of various skills, lying to her is rather futile. You see, she’s naturally suspicious of the intentions of those outside of her circle, and thus her mind automatically dissects the words of an individual quickly, looking for any signs of an ulterior motive. No matter how hard one tries to mask it, she shall see through it, the exception being those who themselves are master liars. Yet get caught lying to her, do expect yourself to be viewed with even more suspicion, your movements scrutinized, and her ready to pounce at the first sign of hostility, though she can restrain herself. Now she doesn’t do this to those within her inner circle, for honestly there’s no reason for them to lie to one another. So once again, lying to her is rather futile unless you are a master liar yourself, and if one cannot lie, well one may as well tell the truth or not speak at all.

Another thing Chikara is a master of? Well that would definitely be facades, learning at a young age the importance of an exterior mask, and quite frankly she wears one on a regular basis. Living a double life calls for her to keep her Anbu duties separate from her public duties, and thus the need for a better constructed facade was brought forth. Under the guidance of her former sensei, she had learned to construct near perfect facades which was significantly better than the one that she had constructed on her own. Not only does she do this to keep her lives separate, she also does this depending upon the mission and/or situation, having become rather good at making facades that she could switch between them at the drop of a hat and construct one within seconds. No matter the situation, Chikara can construct a facade to fit it, rather this be an innocent village girl or the daughter of an important figurehead.

She’s as ruthless as her sensei, an individual not above lying, cheating, blackmail, and other things of its kind to get what she wants or what the village wants. An individual who doesn’t feel a shred of guilt for any atrocities that she has committed over the years for her betterment or that of the village’s, and to be frank, killing is as natural to her as breathing. A conscience is something that had been done away with, it being nothing more than a hindrance to the Shurajo, and so sleeping soundly without the gnawing feeling known as guilt eating her up is done. In her own words, who cares if several children are swiftly murdered, a home burnt down, and adults brutally murdered so long as it’s for the benefits of Kirigakure? Only those who can’t live with themselves of course, otherwise no one does, and those who do should honestly stop. There are cost to total peace, and the new administration were okay with paying those bills, and so is she. Besides, in the end you only answer to one person and that’s Erwin, well and those who are of his Anbu corps.

Quotes: “The best way to keep a secret? Keep it to yourself. Second best? Tell one other person - if you must. There is no third best.”
“Clean up the mess that you make.”
“When the job is done, walk away.”
“Leave not one loose ends.”
“If you are going to lie, be convincing otherwise you simply look like a fool.”
“Facades are a nice thing for no one knows what lies underneath those veils of deceit.”

Nindo: “Protection of the village comes before any personal desires.” - Fake.
“?” - Real


Kaguya, Nikolai:
Kaguya, Nikolai: Chikara had spent a lot of time with the former Mizukage before his untimely demise at the hands of Ōsharu Kōkkai. Being very close to the man, having trained with him on several occasions as well as having tea and cookies with him on more than one occasion, she was hit particularly hard when the Juudaime Mizukage announced his death, and she was angered when his body wasn’t treated with respect. He may have been accused of atrocities against the village, atrocities she didn’t believe he had committed, but that didn’t mean that his body should had been presented to the masses, his name slandered, and his body discarded as if it were trash. It had been due to the death of Nikolai that Chikara had begun to see the residents of the village in a different light, which would later lead her down a dark road though the journey had been brief. To say the least, Chikara had considered Nikolai an uncle, or perhaps even an elder brother, in her makeshift family.

Kōkkai, Ōsharu:
Kōkkai, Ōsharu: When she had first laid eyes on the man, she didn’t like him immediately though it wasn’t like she had seen him under the right circumstances. Having seen the man for the first time when he had a big village announcement that had him presenting the body of the deceased Nikolai, slandering the names of the Mizukage that had come after Mei Terumi, and proclaiming his accession to Mizukage and his plans for Kirigakure, it had certainly not been the best way to meet the Juudaime. From that day forward Chikara hated the man with a burning passion, he having slandered the name of the Mizukage, the mostly because he had ended the life of Nikolai. Not knowing how she would react to seeing him, for at the time she didn’t have as much self-control as she did now, she avoided the man as if he were the plague itself. Though such a game came to an end when she visited his office with a red-haired child that looked eerily similar to her except for the mismatched eyes. Having before the meeting learnt to let crap go, she was able to have a civil conversation with the man, throwing away her hatred for the man so that her sister could have a nice life within the village. Albeit in exchange for her sister’s citizenship and induction into the shinobi forces, Chikara was expected to join the Anbu corps, which she had no problems agreeing to. At the moment she would consider her relationship with the Juudaime as being shaky at best, but she doesn’t hate him nor does she wish death upon him any longer, a huge step on her part.  

Hozuki, Hakai:
Hozuki, Hakai: Chikara had learned to fear disobeying Hakai from day one of their meeting, having witnessed him murder a Jounin and his own subordinates for not following orders given by someone of superior rank. Taken to the Zabuza Hideout, which now lies in ruins, and introduced to Akio, she had been inducted into his team as an Anbu in training. After their initial meeting though she had become close to the man, considering him to be an older brother of sorts, though one she still feared nonetheless. But such an image of him as the older brother that wouldn’t want to cause any unnecessary harm to their sister was shattered when he had ordered an unassuming Chikara to kill a man who’s face was obscured by a bag, which happened to be her uncle Genesis. Her mind put into shock, Chikara hadn’t said much but the days proceeding after the death of her uncle had left her in emotional turmoil. It was at that moment that she suspected Hakai of murdering her papa as well, and from that point on she no longer considered Hakai family. Instead she wished death upon the man, and coincidently the man would end up dead.

Kazan, Genesis:
Kazan, Genesis: Chikara’s uncle, an individual she had met through her papa and an individual that she had grown very close to despite knowing him for all of a year though they had seen each other frequently. She feels guilty for calling her uncle down to Kirigakure to keep her company until the return of her papa since his trip only ended in his untimely demise at her own hands though she had unwittingly done so. Torn apart emotionally by his death, but she has managed to get over during those three years. As for what she had done with the body of Genesis after that meeting with Hakai, well she had cremated the body, keeping his ashes in an urn on the fireplace mantle in the living room of her house.

Takanashi, Shinji: After that fateful meeting with Hakai, Chikara had begun to expect that the Hozuki had something to do with the absence of her papa, a man that others would know as Shinji Takanashi. She was very close with the man, having been placed under his care when she had been released from the hospital’s custody. She hadn’t trusted him at first, having grown weary of adults, but overtime she grew very attached to him. The two shared a father-daughter relationship, this being quite obvious by the way Chikara refers to him. The last time she had seen her papa had been three years ago, he departing the village under the pretense of a mission though he would never return. And noting the fact that Hakai seemed to derive much enjoyment in taking family members away from her, she suspects her papa to be dead.

Teras, Cole:
Teras, Cole: Chikara’s first sensei, an individual she had trained under for a little under a month before he was killed for deserting the village in its time of need. Her respects for the man had been lowered the moment he had left them to fight the invaders themselves, and since he had once wielded Samehada, which Hakai coincidently had upon arriving on the field, she believes she knows what has become of Cole.

Ekkehard, Erwin:
Ekkehard, Erwin: If Chikara had to pick who she would consider to be the best sensei that she ever had, Erwin would win without any contest. Having served as a mentor throughout the years, as well as being the one who had helped Chikara construct proper facades that were a hundred times better than the flimsy ones she had made on her own, he is one of the few people that she trust completely. So much is her attachment to Erwin that one could find her loitering around his office, engaging in idle chitchat with the man during her spare time. Though she may no longer need a sensei, or at least not in the opinion of her peers, she still goes to him for advice as well as help when she’s stuck on a particularly hard rock. Yet though she may go to him for advice as well as lounge around in his office, she views him as a mentor rather than a sensei, but that status hasn’t affected her relationship with him. One should note that Erwin is the only person that Chikara has shared her experience as a child solider with, pounding in the fact that she trusts him as well as feels close to him.

Redfox, Shiro:
Redfox, Shiro: Chikara would consider this man a mentor before she considered him a cousin, having learned a good deal of techniques from him as well as having exchanged techniques with him. She may have known him no longer than a year, but she likes him anyways, though this may be for the simple fact that he is a Shurajo and that there really wasn’t a lot of them around. Being the sort of person who isn’t quite willingly to put all of her trust into somebody that had come from another village, she hasn’t really allowed her cousin to get to know the real her, having mostly displayed one of her various well constructed facades around him with a glimpse of the darkness that lies underneath. Albeit this fact doesn’t matter much since her cousin hasn’t been entirely honest with her either.

Kaguya, Akio:
Kaguya, Akio:Chikara isn’t really sure what sort of relationship she has with Akio. She would like to think them close, but than again the two had never actually seen each other outside of training sessions. She would like to consider him a brother, but she isn’t all that sure he would like that status any longer due to her straight up lying to him about the whereabouts of Executioner. So until the relationship is defined she shall consider him a teammate, but she does miss him.

Ryujin, Amatsu:
Ryujin, Amatsu:A childhood friend turned sweetheart, Amatsu is the boy who had stolen her heart. With the two having been apart of the same program, and having become friends during said program, the two have a deep understanding of one another. So much so that she had planned to run away with Amatsu and Haruna, but that was before the appearance of her sister. Since Amatsu isn’t deem a threat, and since she wouldn’t be able to kill him anyways, he is the only one who is fully aware of her plans prior to Shinku. And understanding why she had changed her mind, didn’t desert her, instead he became a resident of Kirigakure once again, a surprise to Chikara when she had found out. The bond the two shares has grown stronger over the three years, so much so that she considers Amatsu not only her best friend but her boyfriend as well.

Oshiro, Haruna:
Oshiro, Haruna: Haruna was Chikara’s mentor for a short period of time, the person who had introduced her to a life of crime. It’s obvious that the two girls weren’t very close since the younger of the two had so easily decided to murder the older one upon the arrival of their sister. But Chikara did learn plenty from the Oshiro while she was her student, and applies them regularly. It should be noted that Chikara had cremated the body of Haruna and that she feels not a single ounce of remorse for taking her life.

Shurajo, Shinku:
Shurajo, Shinku: It should be obvious what kind of relationship the two Shurajo share, being that they are sisters. Despite only knowing her sister for four year, which is significantly low when compared to Amatsu, she has grown a strong bond with the child. Having shared the same experiences, though they had dealt with them in a different way, the two have a deep understanding of one another. With Chikara as the older sister, she knows Shinku is her responsibility and is very protective of the child. Having decided to stay within Kiri despite all that had occurred there shows the amount of love she has for her sister, as well as the fact that she would put the wellbeing of her sister over her own desires.

Hozuki, Kurumi:
Hozuki, Kurumi: It has nearly been four years since Chikara and Kurumi had met, and to say the least, the Shurajo sees Kurumi as an older sister. A fun individual that is also a refined lady, she couldn’t help but come to love the Hozuki who was much different than Hakai. Seeing as Kurumi is one of the few people that can be considered close to Chikara, the Shurajo does all she possibly can to help out Kurumi, rarely turning down a request from the Hozuki.

Sakumotsu, Katashi:
Sakumotsu, Katashi: Chikara cannot say that she shares a close relationship with Katashi, despite him being a former teammate. She knows of him, knows of his capabilities, and somewhat knows his character, but again she cannot say that she knows him. Thusly so she doesn’t consider him a friend, but as an acquaintance.


[Short, but the application is long as it is now, and no need to bore you with an extensive look of what has occurred over the course of three years.]

Chikara has been leading a double life since joining the Anbu corps, something which she has handled and continues to handle surprisingly well despite her age. Known for disappearing for long periods of time and suddenly returning out of the always hiding blue sky, she has managed to keep questions of her whereabouts during her absence a secret as if expected of her. By her own words, whenever she was out of the village for a lengthy period of time, it was to conduct a secretive mission that took the lands one step closer to peace and one step closer of being rid of crime for once since its conception. Something that the people believed since the decrease of pirates, marauders, gangbangers, and those like them. It had also helped alleviate Chikara’s status within the eyes of the people as a champion of justice. When not conducting missions, she was fighting crime or spending personal time with those within her inner circle, this circle consisting of Shinku, Kurumi, Amatsu, and Erwin, the absence of Akio sorta hinders her time with him. When on Anbu missions, well she was conducting them under the guise of taking down a drug lord or something to that effect.

Throughout the years, Chikara has sustained injuries that are sometimes so severe that they are life threatening, something that has helped her become insensitive towards pain. Constantly being stabbed, limbs severed, bones broken, and other acts of violence would do that to a person, and quite frankly she’s alive thanks to her medical skills and that of others. Currently she is building a special task force, knowing that she shall be recruiting Kurumi and Shiro, though she isn’t sure about the third member of the group, her sister having been placed onto the Mizukage squad not too long ago.

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2 Re: Chikara Shurajo [Anbu] on Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:56 pm


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Need a stamp on this. Personality is sort of incomplete when it comes to the first two spoilers, but I am looking to expand those through role-play. I simply want this off my creation list so that I can stop thinking about it and work on some stuff that need my attention now.

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Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin


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