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Akira Kaguya 2015 Version! (Done!)

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1 Akira Kaguya 2015 Version! (Done!) on Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:14 pm

"Do whatever it takes..."

Name: Akira Kaguya
Nickname: Aki
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Village: Sunagakure/Akatsuki
Village Rank: Kazekage/Akatsuki Leader
Skill Rank: S

Weight: 115lbs
Hair color: White
Eye Color: Amber
Looks Image: At Top
Looks Description: Over the course of three years, one is expected to change even in the slightest. However, this woman has continued to look the same. (Here's a recap.) Akira's body structure fits her rather well considering her height and weight. She is rather skiny and a bit small around her stomach area. Her arms and legs are not too small but not too big either their also sort of short, which makes her rather quick. Akira's hips stick out a bit at the sides and makes her stomach and hip areas look flat in the front. Her neck is small and her shoulders are as well. With her body structure comes great posture it almost makes her seem professional, which is good for the positions she has gained.

Akira's attire has changed slightly due to the change in area as well as climate. The Kaguya still continues to wear a black dress however, the style has changed from one of fluff to one more similar to a sun dress. She has also decided to wear black shorts under her dress considering the wind and sand. Akira has decided to ride herself of those dreadful flats because flats and sand don't particularly work well. So, she has decided to wear black Shinobi sandals. Since becoming the "Kazekage" of Sunagakure, the woman has even taken the liberty to wear the robes as often as she can. (Though, she dreads it dearly.)

Akira's hair has continued to keep the same style, however the girl has decided to shorten it since her move. The woman's hair is about elbow length, where before it was about waist length. Her bangs are still spread across her forehead covering those Kaguya marks she dreads so much. Often, she can be seen with her hair down but occasionally she may throw it up.

Personality Description: In the time of three years, Akira has changed from her more childish ways. No longer does she walk around acting like a small child instead she acts like the loving Kazekage she is expected to be. Around the eyes and ears of the villagers, Akira tries to stay looking happy, kind, and warm. She will do anything she can to help the elderly and keep them happy. (Don't want no crazy old people ruining anything.) Her eyes are always focus on those that are in their teen years or older because those are the troublesome ones. (They do pretty much make up the shinobi of the village, which is a big factor.) However, there is one group Akira is honestly loving towards. This group would be the children because to Akira they are the most innocent. To her, children are everything. (Especially her princess.)

In her mind, this is the best way to keep their trust as well as keep the village under her control. Her acting almost seems flawless and real, which is why she enjoys it so much. The woman may look sweet on the outside, while on the inside she is very much enjoying making a fool of the village. She likes to see how much they need to depend on a ruler because of their own ignorance.

Although the Kaguya likes the village to see her as kind, there are times where she must take care of business. This means a more serious or secretive side of the woman comes out depending on what type of business she is dealing with. Of course, the village has no idea the wonderful people who have returned the village from the hole it was in are apart of the Akatsuki so she tries to keep those matters secret. However when dealing with village issues, Akira has to look strong and act like she would do anything to keep it in the state it's in now. She tries to keep the impression all of her antics are for the village and the village alone.
Likes: Zero (her "daughter"), Acting, and she still has a soft spot for children.
Dislikes: Major Villages (Funny right), People trying to get in her way, and love.
Catch Phrases: "They don't even see they're nothing but pawns in my little game."
"I'm counting on you."
"Silly children."
Nindo: To accomplish her goals no matter what.

Element Affinity: N/A (yet)
Sub Element Affinity: N/A (yet)

History: A while more than three years ago, Akira had stumbled upon a sort of cave, where she would find a child and break her free of the ice she was in. Akira would soon come to know this girl as Zero. This child would become the girls pride and joy. This child would be known as Akira's princess and she would follow Akira everywhere. At first, Akira didn't believe it would work between the two considering the woman thought she needed nobody. Plus, this child kept calling her mother something she believed she was not ready to be. Eventually, she would warm up to this child and let her in, which Akira doesn't regret still to this day.

Soon after finding this child, Akira would stumble upon a village known as Otogakure, where she would meet a man that would become what seemed to be the love of her life. With him, She saw things that she hadn't before. He made her feel emotions she hadn't felt before or even know that existed. Akira felt like she could tell him anything and that they would be together forever. However, her silly dreams were only just that because there came a time where she started to feel weak. There came a time where she knew that she had to leave because she needed to be strong. So, one day Akira left without warning. She left without a goodbye or a single tear. The girl felt no regrets and believed it was for the better. Akira may not admit it but to this days he still thinks of him. Secretly, deep down she's afraid of meeting him again because of what he might say. However, no matter what she still loves him even if she does try to deny it.

The reason for the girls leaving came from one person alone. It was someone she liked to call Kami. However, she didn't hold any anger for him nor did she blame him. Instead, Akira was grateful to him because he invited her into the Akatsuki with the chance of her accomplishing her goal. There was only one this she had to do and that was to serve the Akatsuki. As long as the two benefited, Akira agreed to do whatever it was to help, which is why when this man came to her asking her to be leader for a while she accepted. Even if Akira knew that meant more work and leaving her lover she still accepted. Akira trusted Kami after having knowing him so long. So, she'd do anything he asked of her.

After becoming leader, Akira would call a meeting, which everyone in the Akatsuki would attend. At this meeting, Akira would tell them of her ideas, which would obviously be accepted by the group. The idea would be to take Sunagakure for the Akatsuki and build it back from the hole it was in. However, the Akatsuki rule would be kept secret so there was no bad blood. The plan almost seemed flawless with benefits for both sides. However, there would be a slight problem when the Daimyo refused to give them the village of Sunagakure. The Daimyo had stepped in the way of Akira's plans and goals, which of course meant he had to go. So, the Daimyo would be killed off with his death seeming to come from natural causes, which would have been pulled off by none other than the group's wonderful medic Kamina. A letter of ownership of Suna to the group would be forged and very soon the village would be ruled by none other than the Akatsuki.

For the next three years, Akira would be doing her best to bring the village from the deep economic problems it was stuck in. At first, it would seem like quite a challenge but soon enough the villages economy would slowly begin to stabilize. While in the midst of doing this, Akira would be planning for the road ahead and also planing out the new Akatsuki meeting area. Soon enough, Akira had gotten the village set up just the way she wanted it to be and it was very close to being stable. So, for a small while Akira would find a way to get used to the climate and also change her attire so she felt more comfortable in all the sand and wind. She would practice her acting skills so that when people realized the village was open again she could make a good first impression and also seem like she was the sweet Kazekage most expected her to be. Now, the village is open and people are slowly arriving in the village, which means Akira is there to welcome them and let everyone know who she is.

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2 Re: Akira Kaguya 2015 Version! (Done!) on Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:31 pm


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Stamp of approval. All hail the Kazekage.

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