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Shinku Shurajo [Kiri Chunin]

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1 Shinku Shurajo [Kiri Chunin] on Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:31 pm



Basic Information

Name: Shinku Shurajo.
Nickname: Project Gremlin: Subject 0143. The Second Crimson Princess [Former]. The Crimson Princess. Shi.
Age: Eleven.
Gender: Female.
Village: Kirigakure no Sato.
Village Rank: Chunin.
Skill Rank: C.
Elements: Fuuton.

Looks Image:
Looks Description: Shinku has grown considerably over the three years, going from three feet six inches to four feet three inches, and from a weight of fifty-six pounds to seventy-nine pounds. Physically had appearance hasn’t changed all that much, she still has porcelain skin and her hair is also still red, though a shade or two lighter than it had been when she was eight. Her hair has also grown considerably, faster than she’s getting taller for it’s almost as long as her body. She has abandoned the neat hairstyle that is the hime-cut and simply allows her hair to grow as it pleases without any intervention on her part. Her eyes are also still mismatched, not like there’s a way to get rid of heterochromia, and so her left eye is still red with the other being blue, but those who hadn’t seen her mismatched eyes would never guess thanks to the single red contact lens that she wears on a regular basis.

As for her attire, well she has abandoned the dress and hat for something more for her at the point in time. No longer having anything against shoes, she wears a pair of brown shoes upon her feet with thigh-high leggings. A green skirt with golden buttons is worn which matches the green shirt that she dons, which has long sleeves. A paler green bow is attached to the shirt and a sailor collar is also donned, the only thing that she hadn’t gotten rid of just simply changed the color of.


Shinku has matured personality wise, going from an eight-year-old child with interest that changes as frequently as the wind to one that’s more focused. No longer is her mind fickle, her attention span short, or her knowledge of the world lacking. She doesn’t throw temper tantrums when not in the presence of her sister anymore, having grown out of that, and she has also grown out of the typical mouth checks that had plagued the villagers during her stay, having dropped the habit when she was ten-years-old. The only habit that she hasn’t dropped is the one that has her speaking in the third person all of the time, though the villagers have had three years to get use to this odd speech pattern. Thanks to her thirst for knowledge and the guidance of her Shurajo brethren, Shinku has grown up to be an intellectual individual who can make well thought out plans in a second as well as carry an intelligent conversation without fail. She has also become highly observant, the trait having been developed due to the necessity of it.

As an Anbu hopeful, her sister has done well to make sure that her little sister doesn’t end up dead on her first Anbu mission if the Mizukage even allowed her to join, and thus hammered into the mind of Shinku is patience and the ability to adapt to any situation that may be flung her way. Also hammered into her head is the importance of the mission, the importance of a plan, and the importance of keeping her identity a secret from all, including those who are apart of the Anbu corps. Secrets are also something Shinku is able to keep, this not being taught to her just something she’s naturally good at, just like she’s a natural when it comes to murder.

Much like Chikara, though much more genuine, Shinku has a very low tolerance towards criminals, and does well to dispose of them effectively and efficiently. Thanks to her observant mind, she’s quite capable of telling when somebody is lying unless they are a master of the art like her sister. She’s naturally distrustful of strangers, for within her mind people just have ulterior motives sometimes and that it’s simply better to air on the side of caution rather than to trust them wholeheartedly immediately. When she isn’t fighting crime for the betterment of the village, she can be found with either Kurumi or Chikara and Amatsu, perhaps even all three or a combination of the three. She may be a kind individual, or at least as kind as a child of her upbringing can be, but that doesn’t actually mean that she has a whole lot of friends.

She has been Chunin for three years now, though by no volition of her own, but hasn’t really managed to make friends. She’s simply far to busy with participating in Kirigakure’s crusade against the underworld, training, hanging with her sister, Kurumi, Shiro, and Amatsu, and preparing to join the Anbu corps. With all that’s going on in her life Shinku simply doesn’t have the time to get to know an individual on a trustworthy level, and really isn’t all that concern with gaining more friends. Though if she were to make an effort, Shinku believes that she can gain a good deal of friends thanks to her laidback personality and fun loving ways, but again she isn’t all that concerned about how many friends she has.

As for the darker aspects of her personality, well Shinku doesn’t attempt to hide them unlike what her sister had initially done. She can casually discuss the topic of death, having grown up rather close to the concept. Albeit, because she doesn’t have a moral compass, she doesn’t deem killing people to be wrong. And with the upbringing she had received, one would wonder if she even understands the severity of her actions. Death for her is a game, for that was how it had been treated her entire life, and this callousness towards death tends to creep some people out. Simply the thought of a child taking the life of another is enough to make the average Joe’s skin crawl, but this attitude towards death is simply the product of the environment she had been raised in.


Chikara Shurajo: Shinku's older sister, an individual that she admires very much and is very attached to. Not only is Chikara her sister but her mentor as well, having taught her lessons that helped sculpt her personality. She is very close to her sister.

Kurumi Hozuki: Shinku's best friend, an individual that she had come across during a trip to the market that had gone wrong thanks to her. She had become attached to the female that she had referred to as 'Pretty Lady' rather quickly, and thus its no surprise that the two are close. The bond they share has been strengthen over the three years to the point that Shinku doubts it shall be broken.

Shiro Redfox: Her mentor, a Shurajo just like her that she had met three years ago.

Amatsu Ryujin: Shinku knows of the boy's status as her sister's boyfriend, and quite frankly she likes him.


Born the second daughter of a Shurajo couple who should had learned from their past mistakes, Shinku had been dealt a bad hand at birth. Like they had done to her sister two years prior, she had been sent to the local orphanage, albeit the reasoning was different this time around. The couple was married with a steady income, they had more than enough means to care for their child but simply decided that they didn’t want their lives to be ruined by a kid. Thus once again they unwittingly subjected their second daughter to a harsh, early childhood though she would cope better than Chikara had. Yet rather or not the Shurajo couple would regret their decision if they were to know that key piece of information is unknown, and doesn’t matter either.

Shinku’s time at the orphanage was relatively short, having been kidnapped as a baby to be raised as a child soldier under the Gremlin Project. Since she had been taken when she was still an infant and raised by those who ran the illegal operation, she didn’t share the same experience as her sister had. Where her sister was very reluctant to take a life, Shinku did it with little hesitation and under the guise of it being a game. Taught how to fight and mostly importantly kill, the Shurajo definitely has a great deal of blood on her hands, but she doesn’t actually care for she has never developed a right and wrong conscience. And it wasn’t like her caretakers were lining up to teach her, so the sense of right and wrong is still nonexistent.

Deemed as one of the most promising child soldiers of the project, it had only been right that she would be swept away under the cloak of darkness the night of the raid. Thus she hadn’t been one of the children rounded up and sent to the hospital, nor was her caretaker put on trial for her crimes against the nation. Instead, her training continued, and whilst they continued her caretaker would constantly mention another Shurajo that she held a strikingly resemblance to. Of course being curious, Shinku would grill her caretaker for information, and getting the information had only been attained by playing a game. Yet, she would receive the name Chikara Shurajo as well as limited detail of where her sister had bee placed after the Gremlin Project had been destroyed. Now as to how she knows of their blood relations, she can thank her caretaker for that, for despite the project being over her caretaker had plans of examining the data gathered before attempting a second run.

Shinku would spend nine months under the supervision of her caretaker before she would break free, killing the woman before fleeing the scene with her sister’s and her file. She would spend three months searching for her sister, for finding Kirigakure hadn’t been easy for the kid. Garbed in nothing but a long black cloak, she would finally find the place known as Kirigakure. She waltzed through the front gates, stating that she was going to see her sister, which she had been allowed to do, though a single person was sent to watch her from the shadows. When she had arrived at her sister’s residence, she had managed to shock the older Shurajo with her statement, and tackling her to the ground hadn’t helped much.

Yet, Shinku was overjoyed, having managed to find the one she shared blood relations with. It took a good deal of convincing, or really a file and showcasing that she possessed the same KKG as Chikara, before the older Shurajo believed her. And since than, the girl feeling a sense of duty has decided to take care of her. The first steps were registering her as a Shinobi of Kiri and buying her some suitable clothes.

It had become very clear to her sister early on that taking care of a child with a short attention span that was rather fickle would be hard, it becoming obvious when she had wandered off in the marketplace during rush hour, disobeying her sister’s orders to stay by her side as well as getting lost. But than again if she hadn’t disobeyed her sister they would had never met Kurumi Hozuki. The moment Shinku had laid eyes on the female she had dubbed her as ‘Pretty Lady’ and hadn’t been all that concern with asking for the female’s name. She would learn of it when they had been found by a distraught Chikara, and from that moment on their friendship had begun.

She had gone on plenty of missions with Kurumi, so much so that the Hozuki is the first person she contacts if she ever needs help with one. Having dragged Kurumi along on many odd jobs that was assigned to them by the administration, not only to gain money for the household and help her friend on the road to Chunin, but to also have some quality time with the Hozuki. The only mission that she hadn’t gone on with Kurumi had involved the eradication of several gang affiliated groups, but it’s no secret to anyone what she had done. With the administrations new stance on crime, Shinku would perform a lot of eradication missions, showcasing Kiri’s low tolerance for crime though not as much as her sister had. She had done well to go on these missions with Kurumi and Chikara when she could, but preferred to stay behind and maintain the village.

During these three years she, like her sister, found herself under the tutelage of a man known as Shiro Redfox. With the three sharing the same KKG, it was a now brainer to stick them with somebody that could teach them more blood techniques. Yet when she wasn’t spending her time doing missions or training, with or without the help of somebody else, Shinku spent her time enjoying herself either with her friends or by herself. She had also come across Amatsu, Chikara’s boyfriend, on several occasions and though she hasn’t talked to him much she likes him anyways. As for her goals, well Shinku is looking forward to joining the Anbu corps just like her older sister and hopes Kurumi joins them as well, believing that they can be a truly fearsome team together.

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