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Her First, My Second [Shinku]

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1 Her First, My Second [Shinku] on Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:42 pm


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Chikara stood before her sister, a stern expression upon her face as she stared long and hard at the pint-sized Shurajo. Two pieces were held between her middle and index finger of her right hand, being chakra papers that had been brought many moons ago by her deceased papa for her elemental training. It had been a month or two since the two Shurajo sisters had met and come to meet one another, but already the two were glued together. They had a close relationship with one another, so much so that one would had thought the two knew each other for their whole lives and not just a couple months. With the two girls being Chunin, the older of the two had decided that it was time for another element, and upon finding out her sister had none, decided that it wouldn’t hurt to see which one the little red-haired child had.

The two had only just arrived at the training grounds a moment ago, but already Shinku had plopped herself upon the lush green grass beneath her, those mismatched eyes staring up at her with intensive interest that may soon fade as she got bored. It was sad but she had to say it, her little sister had the shortest attention span out of everybody that she knows, there being five-year-olds with superior abilities to stay focused on a task. Her sister could be focused, Chikara knew this for she had seen it when the two had gone out and completed some task, but her sister didn’t really show it often. She didn’t quite understand how her sister’s focus worked, but she knew that improving would definitely be a good idea. The last thing that anyone needs is for Shinku to get distracted by something on a dangerous mission, for that could put her and those with her in serious trouble.

Chikara continued to stare into her sister’s eyes, watching as her sister’s attention turned from her to the sky, and that’s when she knew that she was losing the child. She snapped her fingers with her free hand, watching as Shinku’s eyes snapped back at her before she spoke. “Okay Shinku, keep your eyes on me. The more focused you are, the sooner this entire thing shall be over. Okay?” Chikara said whilst she sat down upon the ground, which was a little damp though she wasn’t all that bothered about it. Upon gaining her sister’s acknowledgement and deeming that she had the child’s full attention, she would get straight to the question. “Do you know what each element does?”

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2 Re: Her First, My Second [Shinku] on Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:53 am



Elemental training wasn’t actually something that grasped the attention of Shinku Shurajo. Why would something as uninteresting as learning what element she had be fun to her flitting mind? So then the question became why she was plopped upon the lush, damp green grass, mismatched eyes staring into that of her sister’s crimson ones at the training ground the village boasted. Well her sister had everything to do with that, just like her sister had everything to do with the pint-sized Chunin missions. This time around it was simple curiosity on her sister’s part brought about by the simple fact that she wanted to see what other element she had possessed, and out of curiosity had asked her what element she knew. Of course having little knowledge on something as common as elemental affinities, Shinku had looked at her sister as if she had grown several heads, and with a simple none, her sister had set out to find out her element.

Now Shinku hadn’t actually asked her sister why it mattered or even what an elemental affinity was, simply watching as the female stated that the two would be going to the training grounds to find out. She had followed without a single word, her mind having become intrigued with her sister’s interest in her elemental affinity instead of the elemental affinity itself. So when the two had arrived, which wasn’t that long ago, and her sister had placed two pieces of paper between her fingers, Shinku had decided to sit down, staring at Chikara as she stared at her. She waited for her sister to say something, anything for that matter, but with Chikara in deep thought she was losing Shinku’s focus. Within a second her eyes went from her sister to the sky that could not be seen thanks to the thick blanket of mist that plagued the village on a daily basis.

She was about to look at something else, but the sound of her sister snapping her fingers had the child’s eyes snapping back onto her sister. She watched as her sister sat down, listening as the older female spoke, and cocking her head to the side when she had been asked a question. She, as usual, looked at her sister as if she had grown several heads, something which she does when confused or in thought, but that expression wouldn’t last for long. “Shinku doesn’t know what a element do. Shinku doesn’t know what elemental affinity mean. Chikara help Shinku understand.”

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3 Re: Her First, My Second [Shinku] on Sat Jan 03, 2015 1:54 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Chikara was silent for a moment, bewildered by Shinku’s question. She didn’t quite understand how the child had no knowledge of elemental affinity. For a moment she felt like some of her brain cells were about to off themselves, but reminded herself that Shinku was eight and that she probably has never seen anyone use Doton, Katon, Raiton, Suiton, or Fuuton in her life. From her understanding of Shinku’s time under the Gremlin project, she was kept isolated from the general population due to her vast potential, being amongst the one percent. She had only been allowed to leave her residence for training, which pertained to killing both children and adults alike without batting a single eyelash before returning to her room. Even if she had seen someone use one of the elements, the chances of her knowing that’s what an elemental affinity was is rather low, so she prevented herself from silently calling her sister stupid for she was not and set out to answer the questions.

“Uh. Elemental affinity is just the element that you have under your command which you use for various things. Example is that I have control over the earth whenever I utilize a technique.” Chikara said, eyes on her sister as she assessed rather or not the child was comprehending what was being said to her. If she did, well she would continue of course, and if she didn’t, she would give the child an example by utilizing Earth Spear. When her sister fully understood, than Chikara would continue. “Katon basically allows you to make fire attacks out of thin air, thus you command that element. Doton allows you to command the earth to perform attacks with them, as mentioned before. Suiton allows you to make water out of thin air as well, thus you command that element. Raiton allows for the creation of lightning. And lastly Fuuton allows for you to control air.”

“As for what each element does. Well, earth is best for defensive purposes. Fuuton for offense. Suiton for both offense and defense. Katon for offense. And Raiton for offense as well. What you can do with these elements… well you are just gonna have to learn that yourself.” Chikara said, handing Shinku one of the two pieces of chakra paper with a smile upon her face. “Suiton wets the paper, Katon will burn it, Fuuton shall slice it, Doton shall turn it to dirt, and Raiton shall cause the paper to wrinkle. Just stream chakra through it like so,” said Chikara as she streamed chakra into the paper, watching as it burned to ashes. She looked at her sister once again, “see? My second element is Katon. Your turn.”

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4 Re: Her First, My Second [Shinku] on Sat Jan 03, 2015 6:04 am



Shinku didn’t think she liked how Chikara went into an explanation of what elemental affinities and what they did, at least she didn’t think she liked her explanation. In the mind of the Shurajo the answer to her question could had been answered swifter than her sister had by simply stating that elemental affinities were the elements one had control over and that certain elemental affinities would do certain things to the piece of paper that now rest in the palm of her hand. She hadn’t know what it was, that didn’t mean she was stupid which also meant her sister didn’t have to over explain things, but she kept her mouth closed as she nodded her head. She streamed chakra throughout her body, pooling it into the palm of her hand as those mismatched eyes watched the paper intensely, wondering what it would do. When nothing happened immediately, Shinku was just about to throw a tantrum, but before she could the piece of paper split in two.

“Shinku has Fuuton. Shinku sad that she didn’t get Katon. Katon sounds prettier than Fuuton. But Shinku knows that she can help strengthen sister Katon with her Fuuton. Right?” Shinku would say, turning her eyes back onto her sister, a curios look upon her face as she waited for the answer to her inquiries. She was pretty confident that she was right since Fuuton sounded like it would do well with Katon, but may as well be sure.

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5 Re: Her First, My Second [Shinku] on Sun Jan 04, 2015 1:20 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Chikara smiled at her little sister, the child being quite right about the combination the two could perform thanks to having elements that complimented one another. She had wanted Raiton, but she guessed Katon would do for now, especially with her sister possessing Fuuton. “That’s right Shinku. There’s a lot of combination that we can do together. As to what those combos are,” Chikara said, standing up as she grinned down at Shinku, offering her hand to the child before continuing. “We shall find that out another day.”


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