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Aerie Locke [Kiri Chuunin]

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1 Aerie Locke [Kiri Chuunin] on Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:02 am

name: locke, aerie zephyr.
nickname: aer, zeph.
age: sixteen (16).
gender: female.
village: kirigakure no sato.
village rank: chuunin.
skill rank: c-ranked.

height: five feet even.
weight: one hundred and ten pounds.
hair color: dark blue.
eye color: brown.

Aerie has only slightly grown from her childish looks. She is barely taller than she was three years ago, only gaining a few inches. Her skin remained just as pale and rosy as before, nothing has truly changed about her since becoming a ninja other than her size, average weight, and usual hairstyle. She still dons petite dresses, kimonos, and skirts as well as cute boots and sandals. However, over the time of becoming a shinobi and the current period, her common demeanor and facial expressions have grown. She no longer spreads happiness though her smile and adorable eyes. No. She now brightens all those surrounding her with determination and strength. Her gaze is no longer innocent and pure, it is battle worn and mature.

During the past three years, Aerie has been forced to do things that have helped her grow and develop. She used that time to find herself and become someone she may have looked up to when she was thirteen. She manipulated those years to not only change her normal facial appearance and body language, but also her hair. She performed the big chop and continues to keep it that way until she feels comfortable with long frilly hair. She now has short, evenly cut locks that frame her face perfectly.  

Despite Aerie's new outlook on the ninja world, she still manages to remain optimistic and happy. Sure, she has to throw her happiness to cause bloodshed, but she's content with protecting Kirigakure no Sato at all costs. Even if it means she hates her own career from time to time. However, as she aged from her early teens, she is beginning to tolerated and she must if she intends on completing her goal; her nindō. Contrary to her love of being a ninja, she doesn't like how violent things have become in the current era. Things are becoming more rampant and physical based instead of intelligence, like the old pioneer days. Sure, some altercations are forced to be settled by chaos, but should all problems be subject to pain and terror? That's just Aerie's point of view.

likes: combat, making friends, fun times.
dislikes: jerks, boring times, sad people.
catch phrase: " Let's have a little fun! "
nindō: " I will make everyone in the ninja world my friend! Not only that, I will protect Kirigakure with my life! "

element affinity: fūton (風).

During the three year gap, Aerie spent her days completing missions and endeavors in the name of Kirigakure. As those years continued, she also changed her views on the ninja world and how physically dependent it is. However, her thoughts were never given a chance as the current blood thirsty Kirigakure officials tossed them out of view like trash. Aerie has also become lonely, for her past Mizukage and current squad leader has gone missing and vanished from her life as well as any form of squad companionship besides her Koeru pets. Her shinobi life has pretty much always been absent of comradery and ninja socialism. However, she has made due with her lonesome life by excelling in her ninja studies. She has gained new skills and a new icon to admire. Erwin Ekkehard. One feature about him that she looks up to is his inborn leadership and responsibility. She also has a love for his Mizukage hat.

Aerie's father is still in the wind and hasn't made an attempt to find or meet her. Her mother told Aerie that he was dead and never coming back before she died, but Aerie has a hard time believing that. Should she? Nevertheless, Aerie continued her search for him with no luck as of now.


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2 Re: Aerie Locke [Kiri Chuunin] on Sat Jan 03, 2015 4:26 am


Konoha Jounin
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